Cary’s Bakeshop- Japanese Bakery

3170 Commercial St SE, Salem
(503) 602-3258

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Just got the strawberry shortcake and yum!!! I got a few things here, I would highly recommend you try this place, also the lady is really nice.


I know I was in the right area according to maps, but they either have basically no signage or thier maps location is way off. I couldn't find it.

Arthur Mah

Salem is fortunate to have a Japanese bakery. Cary operates from a food truck. I have tried about half the items on her menu. They are all tasty. Our family favorites are the cream filled breads and nut tarts. I have learned it is better to go in the morning. My favorites may be gone by the time she is ready to close.

deb knight

I stopped by Cary's for the 1st time today. what a mistake for my waistline that is. I'd take a picture , but my hubby and I gobbled down the cream puffs and Anpans. yummmmmmmy

Lynn Marie

I Love all the bread they have ❤

Arthur M.

Cary's is a great place to visit. My favorites are the chocolate filled and custard filled breads and the nut tarts. She is so nice and friendly. For those who may not know, Cary's has moved to the parking lot of Fussy Duck Restaurant. I have been a fan for a couple of years. I am glad I found her new location.

Rick Fensler

Best "bakery" in Salem hands down.

i_bleed_ makeup

This place is absolutely incredible. But what is even more incredible are the absolutely amazing people who run it. You couldn't find more kind and caring people than these ladies. They work so hard and put so much love into making all of the food. You can even text them ahead of time to put in an order, and they will even meet you after hours if you're not able to come when they're open. The food is absolute perfection. I always end up pre ordering a LOT of food, hoping it will last me through the week, but I never make it any longer than 3 days it's so good. If you're looking for the best AUTHENTIC Japanese food around this is the place to go. I don't make many promises, but I PROMISE you won't regret going to Cary's.

Jo A

This definitely deserves a review. Their baked goods are to die for. It opens at 9 though and most likely they’ll be sold out by noon because it’s just too good. I want to keep this a secret but I can’t the world needs to know… ❤️❤️❤️

Jennie Morrow-Lopez

So good. I had a curry roll today and it was amazing. The lemon cakes and the custard filled are a regular purchase. Make time to visit….

Angela Oshiro

I’m sorry their bakery is so far from Victoria bc. Our friend introduced us to the family and bakery while in Salem. Lovely people and it shows in their baked goods! Perfect! I felt like we were in Japan.

Bonnie Kelly

I asked Cary what she would suggest for me to try at her bakery and she suggested the cream puff and I must say it was so delicious! The cream was plentiful and the pastry part was perfect! And don’t even get me started on her bread! I will be back! She has limited days and hours so check out her social media to make sure you don’t miss this amazing truck!

Junko N.

I visited this bakery shop for the very first time today. I was so glad to find this little gem in Salem! I bought a loaf of shokupan (milk bread), melon bread and a couple of lemon cakes. I grew up in Japan where bakeries are found everywhere. For breakfast I always loved having thick-sliced milk bread toasted and slathered with butter. I was so excited to find the same milk bread at Cary's. I also enjoyed their lemon cakes. They were not overly sweet (yes, just right!) and yet satisfied my sweet tooth. Their authentic bakery items made me feel nostalgic for good old memories in Japan :-) My husband tried their savory bread (bacon and cheese). He liked it so much and didn't even give me a bite of it. The owner was very kind and friendly, as well. I will definitely be going back for more treats!


Amazing Japanese mochi, and bean bread. There custard bread is excellent and our kids loved it. There breads sell out fast so you gotta get there when they open. Excellent tarts and dessert choices too. Totally authentic flavor!

A M.

My absolute favorite baker! Unlike anything I've ever had; so delicious with the best, kindest service.

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Cary’s Bakeshop- Japanese Bakery

3170 Commercial St SE, Salem, OR 97302
(503) 602-3258