Dutch Bros Coffee

1150 Ford St SE, Salem
(541) 955-4700

Recent Reviews

Amanda Deyerle-Olney

Love swinging through this one to grab a 9-1-1 when I need a boost. They're always friendly, and great at getting people through with the order they ask for as quick as they can.

Day Marshall

Always fast friendly and fun. Yummy coffee as well.

Christie Bush

I've never had a bad experience at a Dutch Bros. As usual, the employees were rockin' it, super personable, and made me the perfect drink. I was traveling home to Illinois and needed to stay alert. I wasn't feeling coffee though, so they made me an orange dreamsicle kinda energy drink w/soft top. I wish I could have one now! How they manage to brighten my day while working that fast...maybe they get free coffee!


Ive been drinking DB since the late 90's....usually love the coffee and staff, but this location-!!! A 4 car line took upwards of 15 mins because the staff wouldn't stop talking to one customer (situational awareness??). holding up the entire line. A couple of the staff look like they rolled out of bed, hair and all, and just drove to work. (grooming??)Had to have my coffee remade because it tasted bitter, (burnt shot. ) Get a Manager out here!

Josh Butterfield

Always friendly quick service, I prefer dark black coffee so I don’t go here much as most drinks are all high calorie content and flavored overall though once and a while a nice splurge is good especially on one of the hottest days of the year.

Doryan Shoemaker

I adore Dutch, just skip this location at all costs. The same blonde lady running the front is so fake, it's such a cringy experience. Like how hard is it to be genuine? They offer a walk up window but don't offer you service at the walk up window. They make you wait for the guy in line to take your order. He's busy with 30+ cars. The only reason I use the walk up is because I can't fit my truck through the drive through. Like what's the problem? The terrible service and thrown together drinks are a sure must to never visit this location.

Charles McLain

Chris was extremely helpful. Very patient when he was taking our order. Even asked all the right questions to get our order correct. When we left we realized one of the drinks that we ordered was not the right size. So we went back through the drive threw and Chris helped us fix the issue with such ease and professionalism. Definitely made my experience feel great and I will be returning to this location all the time now! Thanks Chris✌️

Sydney Thurston

Bro I know what y'all's teas taste like and I gotta say I'm quite sure the cute dude in the Hawaiian shirt tonight made my campfire cold brew with one of the teas. Not Cold brew!???

Tyler English

Great if you love to wear your coffee because the lid is not secure. This has happened enough times that I don’t trust this location anymore.

Lloyd Martin

Faster than the several DBs I've visited on the Oregon coast this week, this DB also excels by having a better drive-through which is a single counter-clockwise circle which, thankfully, behind on a side street in stead of on the highway. This, as you wait 20 mins in line, at least you're not blocking traffic as much.

Lisa Dawn Stabler

Fast and friendly service. Always full of energy

Nadine Boggon

They are always cheerful and make my order correctly.

Roslee Nazario

Carson is very pleasant and makes great drinks 10/10 service.

Dawn Michelle

Super friendly and energetic staff! I didn't care for the drink I chose, but that's ok. I'll try something else next time!

Samantha S.

What happened to all your "pull in closer signs"? I'm tired if fighting customers while there is a business back behind this Dutch Bros, as it's a DEAD END STREET! Please, as someone who shares this street with your company, get your customers OUT of the damn streets AT ALL LOCATIONS! ESPECIALLY this location.

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