Dutch Bros Coffee

810 Lancaster Dr SE, Salem
(541) 955-4700

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Karli Jennings

The service at dutch brothers is always amazing, super friendly and efficient staff. Their coffee however...I have had it 4 different times/places now and it's never good. It tastes like the crumbs from the bottom of a lucky charms box mashed up and mixed with milk and a half shot of espresso.Food: 2/5

brandi lopez

For the life of me i can't remember what i had but i think it was a hazelnut hot chocolate with carmel...i really don't know. Let me tell you, this was the BEST drink i have ever had from anywhere!! I'm not a fan of chain coffee places especially when i can make the stuff at home for pennies on the dollar. However, whatever that drink was (i could kick myself for not paying attention) I swear it was touched my hot chocolate God's!! I went back to try to get the same thing and nope! Since i don't remember what i had i can't order that specific drink. ??? So good!! So damn good!!!

Jody Gonzalez

Good coffee. Great customer service!Service: 5/5

Joseph Johnson

Staff very friendly funny willing to go out of their way. Do their very best to ensure the weight is never long no matter how long the lines are. Always approach with a smile.Food: 5/5

Melanie Blair

By far the worst ever customer service I have ever received from any Dutch. Every Dutch I have ever been to and I go a lot they always greet you, they make some sort of small talk and don’t forget what they have or haven’t given you in you’re order. They were to busy talking to each other and not busy at all so that’s not the case so they should if been able to remember what was made and what was ordered instead of me having to tell them.

Aboubakr Abdallah

Great service. Suggest to serve something stronger than a latte and equivalent to a flat white.

Monze Diaz

I love every dutch location but THIS one is so underrated , like the best customer service ever !! I always ask for extra stuff and they give me EXTRA

Brianna Snow Anderson

They are really nice staff, I love the way they make my unicorn blood drink come out so good a right.

Desiree Metcalf Watts

The workers are friendly but their knowledge on colors are totally off when I go to order an Americano and I asked for it to be blonde and I point at the sign right by their face to show them the color I'm talking about they tell me I need to go to a different coffee shop because they don't sell blonde coffees then they need to go back to school because you can get a blonde coffee that is an Americano blonde is a color not a name even though they keep saying it's a name of a coffee at a different coffee shop well I'm using blonde as a color of my Americano coffee

Brandon M

They made my drink wrong, I mentioned to them it tasted off. I half expected them to just make me a new one.. as a former line cook I'm very aware food can't go back to the kitchen after its left ( the place it's prepared.)The young lady inside asked for my drink back...after I put my mouth all over it.I then watched her put my USED drink thru the process again.Let the Buyer beware.

Kenkire Knight

Always great coffee. The rebels are really yummy. Friendly staff and as always the music is too loud. If I have to yell my order out the window, the music is too loud.

Todd Chrysa Downes

I always enjoy going to Dutch they are very friendly and fast to make your drink

JOHN MILLER (Papajohn)

Got blend caramel coffee and Thai tea. Cool a lady knew asl to communicate. Thumb ?

John Jennings

Dudes were incredibly nice. I'll be going there every day during my work trip here for more delicious coffee. Thanks guys!

Angela Macias

I gotta say Dutch is always poppin super friendly they do their best to keep the wait moving

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