Josey's Restaurant

2280 Broadway St NE, Salem
(503) 399-0046

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Frank K.

"MOM!!!  I'm HOME!!!!!" They're BBBAAAACCKKKKkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!! ~
If you've been here before, ohhh, about a year and a half ago, (actually MORE!!) you will know of what I speak.  This was one of Salem's Bluecollar highlites along with "Whites", "Busics, and "Almost Home", these 4 were ALL mainstays and their outward appearance belies their culinary  achievements which are STILL intact despite the Corvid Sybatical.  It is wonderful seeing the re-awakening of the Salem "Breakfast/Lunch" scene.  Now if "The Chateau" could come back with their Truck Driver worthy "Corned Beef Hash" we could claim the Earth BACK on it's axis, and we could gather in a Denny's parking lot and synchronize a mass John Belushi salute....
"See if you can guess what I am, NOW" ~~~

Kristina Frias

The best biscuits & gravy ever! They have great food and friendly service.

Brian McLovin

We stopped in for breakfast today. Great food and service!! Definitely stop in when you are in the area!!

Aaron R

This little diner for breakfast is something I was looking for while I was visiting Salem. Food was good, coffee was good, price was fair but the service was very excellent! Leslie was amazing with handling our order and kept checking up on us.

Gaelan Hardman

I live close to the Ritz which is the same restaurant as Josey's just closer to my house. The best breakfast in Salem... Great food at a great price! the homemade gravy is the best i have had. Portions are large and prices low, the food comes out just the way you order it, hot and quick. great service and friendly atmosphere.

Richard Torres

Exceptional and flavorful food, I loved the vibes the place has, and the workers were helpful. I will definitely come back.

Michael Owen

Service was excellent and staff were very nice however the food was a bit lacking. Chicken fried steak was rubbery and a little tough, exterior lacked crispiness. The gravy was bland, hash browns were a touch watery and slightly under done. Eggs were fairly standard while the biscuit was nice and flaky it had a grittiness to it, almost like whole wheat, that was not pleasant. Overall not a terrible place or value but given the other reviews, which was what drew me to visit, I was hoping for a bit better level of craft.

matthew mccurry

I take my crew here once a month, and we all love it! Great restaurant!

Stephanie T.

We decided to try this place out based on reviews, and it was close by. The menu prices were a tad higher than the current pictures. They were really busy when we showed at 11am on a Wednesday. The staff seem to have a great team approach. It was nice to see, although maybe a bit understaffed. All were really nice.
We ordered a Manhattan burger with onion rings, and the Chicken Fried Steak meal. The burger was good, basic, and the onion rings were amazing. The cook did mess up two parts of that order though. The CFS was large, but thin, and crispy. It tasted good, but I was shocked at how thin it was. The eggs were a perfect over medium.
For covid they are social distancing, requiring masks, wearing masks, limiting how many are in the store and how many are seated, and controlling the flow of traffic. I felt comfortable eating in the restaurant.

Ram A

Great diner. Leslie has been great, the tunes are good and the food is delicious

Fair Cranstone

This was our first restaurant in Salem during our stay. I went specifically for the chicken fried steak breakfast. I like that it was fried on the grill and the gravy was good. Not fantastic, but good. My sister had the hash which was also good. It was made from scratch and had a crunchy bacon in and crisp potatoes.

Tiffany S.

Josey's never disappoints. They have the best biscuits and gravy I've ever had. No other places compares. The country fried steak is also just as amazing. Highly recommend.

Kao Saetern

First bite into the egg i ordered with biscuits nd gravy to go had an egg shell and the gravy tasted a little sweet. Other then the food was great!

Eugene Brown

The most senior-friendly venue in Salem, even for lone or handicapped diners. Best hash browns, best bacon of Salem's breakfast places. Good cut of steak, always cooked exactly as I request.

Erik Josey

great place to eat. great food and the owner is great guy.

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