1011 Lancaster Dr NE, Salem
(503) 364-7105

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Daniel Narvaez

I love going to this McDonald's because the food is always hot and fresh and really great service!Food: 5/5

SJ Elliott

I turn away from McDonald's. The drive thru line is too long, so I go to Carl's Jr. Their burgers are better, but kids like the happy meal at Mc D's

Robbie Noche

This Salem McDonald's off of Lancaster offers great service. Good warm food. Strange, they have a double lane drive thru. I take a star away because most of the customers in the morning were older than me. It didn't have a Starbucks crowd atmosphere which might be a great thing.Kid-friendliness: It has a big McDonald's play thing where kids go down slides and jump around the pit with plastic balls.

Fallen One

I have given this McDonald's plenty of opportunity. They have consistently gotten orders wrong. The orders are either missing items or are just completely wrong. I usually come by in the morning so it may be different with the afternoon or evening crew. I highly suggest double checking your order and your receipt. The main reason for this review is I went by this morning for a simple large orange juice. The person took my order and never told me a price. Got to the window to pay and she asked if I had the large orange juice and took my card. I paid, she gave me my card back and never gave me a receipt. When I got to the pick up window they tried to hand me a McGriddle. I said I just had an orange juice. Come to find out they had charged me for a McGriddle without my knowledge. So I paid over a dollar more for my orange juice. I could care less about the dollar. This establishment has lost my business, solely for the fact that they are consistently making mistakes. If I cannot rely on order accuracy why would I come back. I highly recommend a different McDonald's if you're wanting McDonald's. At least for breakfast times.


We decided to doordash at 9pm some food. At 11:30pm we finally got it after 4 other dashers gave up due to the line not moving at all. Our dasher had to argue with the people at the window as they ignored her at the mic. Then when we got our food we were missing 90% of it. Not surprised as my service has been getting worse and worse at this location over the past months.

Sean Stevenson

Very amazing service tonight. Food was great and if I'm being honest the world needs more people like the lady working the drive thru tonight. I doubt you'll ever see this, but thank you.

Rachel Sharp

Specific to this location, the wait is always long. They seem to be constantly hiring and maybe just don't get to the point where their staff is fully trained. It hasn't stopped me from stopping in, but I have left the line here morenthannonce due to high wait times.Food: 4/5

dani thompson

I ordered a spicy McChicken with only cheese, as shown, and it had mayo and lettuce on the sandwich PLUS american cheese. Ruined dinner but the lady at the second window was so sweet and funny.

ash dash

you guys took for so long to get ranch for us have us we got our ketchup but not ranch and we tried to get your guyss attention and you guys weren’t coming we honked and once we knock on the window you guys come and get madParking: mcdonald’s lancaster

José Mora

Usually this McDonald's has no problem with service.But today the manager that is working on 10/25/22 at 6:45 a.m.Has no Good customer service at all she made it hard for me to place an order. I'll never come to this location again. If your Mexican be careful

Andrew B.

I went to McDonald's today for the Big breakfast with hotcakes and when I looked in my bag there was No hash brown which it comes with and No Butter and syrup,so currently I'm eating a dry hotcake .

Christian Hawes

Worst McDonald's all of the people working there just look at the screens and do nothing and throw bag everywhere and they all obviously have never had another job or worked before because they all worked like sloths I ordered my food and it took 45 minutes and 15 minutes of it was the food just sitting there not bagged uo because the lobby people get ignored

Hayden P.

Unreal. I waited 25 minutes inside the lancaster location to be served food which I could only assume was made sometime yesterday. Of course I didn't open up the food until I got back to work. Wrong food (not what I ordered) and it smelled and looked so bad I just threw the whole thing away. The big take away from this is I waited 25 minutes for old gross food so

Aaralyn Absona

Curbside pickup not available when ordering from the app. This is unacceptable when there is an hour long que for the drive thru after you've already taken my money. INCOMPETENT staff charged me twice what I should've paid after app closed my order and made no effort to correct the error after I pointed it out. Management should put their foot down to corporate if they're gonna make local restaurants accept orders from this piss poor app that doesn't integrate properly and drops orders constantly.

JoJo Green

Ordered In with the kids. Two happy meals, a chicken sandwich meal, and a cheeseburger is all we ordered. 30 minutes later I got a wrong order, twice, and then in the end it was all cold. I don't suggest eating here. They all seem to busy and the crew was rude.

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