Silver Spur

1821 Silverton Rd NE, Salem
(503) 371-1911

Recent Reviews

Ramón Aguilar

I recommend this place ? evry Tuesday night the best djs nice lady teaching salsa bachata cumbia. Music is loud. Is to bad they don't allow me to video tape the best salsa bachata cumbia dancers in Salem.

Richard Strait

Extremely sketchy went in there last Saturday night it was pretty dead other then all the cops in the parking lot a young woman claiming the bartender slipped her something.

Kelly Jeffords

If you like to line dance, perfect place for that. But if you want to actually dance country western, not the place.

Rena Corey

Its a honkey tonk dance bar with loud music and a great dance floor. Dont rember darts but the pool tables worked out okThe $5 each cover charge was not expected, but for that dance floor to stay nice, I guess it wasnt bad.


I'm not one to hang out in bars often, but I LOVE the Tuesday night dance lessons taught by Debra Seeck. Definitely great for beginners, and no partner needed. I have not yet tried the food, but I will definitely do so ASAP. So happy I found this place!

Mike Arthurs (Orunj)

Great dance lessons for beginners (coming from a beginner) every week Thursdays! Came here during Halloween and was also a blast! Staff seem friendly had no issues, food was good. Overall a good experience. ?

Drew Carr

You can pretty much bet you'll have a good time as long as you come with a good attitude.

Erin Bickle

As someone who grew up on country music I love the atmosphere. Can't wait to come back and learn to dance

Nicole Knight-Pineda

Had so much fun here! Great drinks, great atmosphere, and fun music!

Rosa Ruiz

The Tuesday night dance classes are awesome! Everyone was really friendly and I love watching all the dancers.

Brian Mick

The best my face the and her husband AR perfect. Staff is great and the vibe and music and just everything it's wonderful

Keegan Gorrell (Keegzorr)

What a wonderful place. I always have a blast at the spur. If you wanna hang out and line dance at a place with an awesome vibe full of awesome people this is the place to go.

Faith S

We had a fun time. The dance taught was not for beginners. Pretty hard to keep up but we had fun.

Maestro Combs

Silver Spur was my favorite Hang from ‘93- ‘99. I learned a lot of great dances, met a lot of great people, made a lot of good friends. I was on Michelle Uttke’s dance team. 20 something years later, I’m wondering if any of my old friends are still around. Love to see you guys again someday. -Q Combs (minus a Hungarian)

Diana Liz Dettwyler

Amazing night of Salsa with friends!

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