205 Church St SE, Salem
(971) 283-4478

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maria fisher

Just spent 18 minutes getting one drink. They absolutely prioritize the drive-through and leave in-store customers to wait.

Golden Milk

I like these sparkly keep cupsVegetarian options: Soy milk mocha

John Wood

I ordered a caramel Frappuccino with no whip and an extra shot of espresso. I asked them to redo it because they used whip. They were quite unhappy about this. The drink I received afterwards was water down hot chocolate. There was no caramel in the drink except for a light drizzle on top. It was like drinking quick instant chocolate milk. It’s too bad that the service at this particular spot has become so awful. I will be going to other coffee shops from now on

Foxlet Little

Super busy, place priority on drive throu so inside walking orders are at the bottom. Don't come here unless You ordered online or are at drive throu.

Kay38Dsheldon Peterson groff

The Drive Thru Lady her Name is SYDNEY was extremely rude and refused our receipt and wouldn't scan our rewards.Not professional

Bill O.

A very refreshing interaction with Riley with a black apron. Starbucks often makes me and my family feel like customers and nothing more. Today, even through the drive lane Riley made us feel like we've always belonged. Looking forward to stopping by again soon :)

Rachel LeMar

My favorite Starbucks in Salem. The customer service is very good and they always get my drink right. There's a long wait, but I think it's because it's so awesome.

Wendy Rudy

Great service Macen is the best! Fast, courteous and clean.

G Washington

Check your drink before you pull away.The venti drink I ordered felt very light, turns out it was 2 inches short of full. This is my fault for driving away. Far far away never to return again. $20 for a sandwich, drink and pastry. I knew better so this is on me. You’ve been warned.

Mariela Dominguez

Hugo’s personality definitely rubbed off on me. So full of energy and positive vibes. Thanks Hugo for the excellent customer service.


Apparently only drive through is open at 5am. I went around 5:55 am and the girl just watched me walk up to the locked door and then continued to look at me as if I should have known. No clue when they open their lobby, but I was not going to wait to find out.

Jens Weber

This Starbucks has horrible acoustics. With just a few people in here, the noise is very loud and makes it close to impossible to have a conversation. They were out of Pike Place coffee, and the blueberry scone ended up being the dry one from the display case.

Dennis T.

The hot green tea latte was hot and good. Friendly service . I recommend this Starbucks

C H.

This store is decent ! Parking can sometimes get tricky but the staff was nice, inside tables were clean and well kept and customer service friendly, and fast!

Breanna Hirth

I was just in the Starbucks a few minutes ago. It is my normal mobile order pickup starbucks and I love the convenience of that! This time tho there was about 200 college aged kids also waiting for their orders. Quite a few of the baristas recognized me as a regular and asked me what my drink was to get me out of there asap, as I'm sure the group had all kinds of food and drinks on their order. The person who ended up making my drink was a taller woman with blonde hair and glasses, and I just wanna say thank you so much!! I appreciate you getting me out asap to get to work ? love you guys at church st! ???

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