Mizumi Buffet

13500 SW Pacific Hwy #17, Tigard
(503) 747-4447

Recent Reviews

Belle S.

We came on Monday for dinner. The food was good and filled up quickly. Excellent service.

Jeffree S.

The most disgusting place I've ever dined. Horrific looking food, cups that look as if they're cleaned once a year. Dirty plates and bowls. Over all a 0/10. An extra slap in the face was paying 50$ for 2 to dine. Save your time and money and eat elsewhere.

Lavender Clouds

Went with a group of friends and the cost was over $100, about $20 per person I’d say. They have lots of seafood options and sushi. Also have Mongolian grill and you can pick which sauce you want as they are two options. Also watch the worker cook your food right in front of you, which is pretty cool I thought. They have desserts such as ice cream, cookies, and cake as well. The strawberry ice cream was my favorite, it was so yummy!

Angelica C.

The food was alright. However the service was not the greatest. The lady at the front, I'm assuming the owner was extremely rude.


Lower quality food. Sushi was lackluster. Head on shrimp were overcooked & shrimp meat was mushy. Sesame beef was chewy. Orange chicken was mushy. Both types of chicken wings were good until I almost choked on a shard of broken bone. Baked white fish was spongy & flavorless. Steamed clams were good as were the mussels. No crab on lunch buffet. All the romantic environment of a Golden Corral.

Mark M

Overall very good. My family hasn't been in a while, and noticed the prices have increased by about 20%. BUT they were so busy, all tables were full, so I guess the value is still there. We were seated fairly quick and service was fine. The food selection was good, hot food hot, cold food cold, all fresh. Used a Groupon and it was easy to use, which helped with the pricing. Love the assortment of sushi they have. I see they have take-out and may have to try this one day.Kid-friendliness: Kids love to choose their food and plenty of options for even the pickiest of kids.Parking: Plenty of parking.


The food is best when you head during dinner. The foods hot and the waiters are attentive. Biggest problem would be the bathrooms, they're a mess compared to the rest of the place. But as long as you use your bathroom at home before you arrive, you'll have a good time. I will be returning, the sushi really shines compared to other buffets

Felicia D.

This place needs to be shut down. The egg flower soup was GREEN and smelled completely rancid. all the food was BARELY room temperature, there were FLIES over most of the seafood selection, and buzzing all over the rest of the establishment. ALL the food was dried out like it had been left out for over 24 hrs. they want to claim that they are health conscious and sanitary?! NO! I'm 8 months pregnant and did not feel safe putting one bite of ANYTHING in my mouth. I was terrified of my son eating anything because I didn't want him getting food poisoning. The price they charge is insane for food that is literally unsafe for consumption! Its my birthday and I got a free meal which was good because I didn't eat a single bite of anything, and even though I paid full price for the rest of my family to eat, after one walk around the selections we all walked out without eating at all. Please stay healthy and DO NOT EAT HERE.

Dorinda F.

Husband and I love coming here. We have a few favorites we go for and always go for lunch on the weekdays when it's less busy. A regular place for us.

Taylor B.

We went to Mizumi buffet and were very underwhelmed. Like any buffet the food is plentiful but did not seem incredibly fresh. Our waitress did not speak English, and could not understand us. After asking the sizes between small and large, she brought us a large of one of the drinks. It wasn't what we wanted to order but we didn't say anything because we felt the effort would be useless. Overall, the meat was overcooked and over battered and the sushi was dry, with a strange, well water taste on some of the rice. The dessert option seems like they were frozen. What I will compliment them on is that the place was very clean for the amount of people who were there. We do not plan to return, but could maybe see the appeal for those on a stricter budget or those with a large family who don't have time to cook at home.

Kevin C.

this is by far the worst buffet and food that i have ever consumed. I have had fresher food come from the freezer at home. no flavor to anything not even salt or pepper. i do not understand how there are so many people in this place. needless to say we will not be returning unless it is bulldozed over and a proper restaurant is built in its place. shame on you Mizumi, shame on you.

Elizabeth F.

They have sushi and the crab had a good flavor, but overall the food is just mediocre. Some of the food was cold despite being under heat lamps. For the price, I would just choose a decent restaurant and get some really good food rather than come here.

Kallie E.

went here in july and the employees stole $300 from me, cash. it was on the chair and they claimed to have not took it but have the envelope and card in the trash but not the money. DO NOT GO HERE AND SUPPORT THIEFS & LIARS !!! THE FOOD IS ALSO SHIT AND NOT MUCH TO CHOOSE FROM ANYWAY.

Angel Nomakchteinsky

Good food, price affordable, good attention and lots of on site parking.

Jack V.

For the prize of the buffet, it is awesome, lots of seafood choices. The food taste good and the always refill it, customer services is excellent. Will come back when we are in the vicinity

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