NYC Village Pizza

129 W 4th St, Bethlehem
(610) 419-8799

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Kutu Q2

I love their cheese pizza with tomato but … those guys have the best real Turkish gyro. It’s not promoted I don’t know why but they have all kinds of halal stuff and very delicious. You can have halal pepperoni pizza as well. Just ask them.

Brian Chen

The best slice of ny-style pizza you can get in a 60 minute driving radius. Crust is actually crispy. Garlic is well prepared. Do not overlook the vegetarian slices, as they are quite possibly better than the meat slices. Large portions.

Farroukh Mohammed

This is a halal pizza place with other variety of items on the menu. I always get buffalo chicken pizza with ranch on it. The pizza is delicious and very fresh.There is no parking available. Only street parking (longer times need paid metered parking).

Ahmad Obaid

Absolutely one of my favourite spots for lunch as a contractor! I say that because the sauce is soo good staff are wonderful the pizza ? is a local gem

Christina Colon

Bad delivery service!! Ive ordered pizza pies several times from here. There were several times i have received messed up pies. I continued to order from here because there pizza is actually good when delivered correctly and they have better tasting pizza then other restaurants around. Its the delivery service and the way the pizza is held during delivery, according to the owner of the restaurant when i call to report about the pizza its my fault and i messed up the pizza. very rude !!! When i received the pizza from the delivery we checked it together. I normally do this since Ive received messed up pies befor, when we seen the pie he apologized. Yes i did still take the pie as my family is hungry but upon calling the restaurant to report about the pie i was told the delivery man said “he never apologized to me“ and the pie was fine and once again its my fault . I guess its my fault that I actually took the pie for my hungry family. If i could post a picture of the pizza pie i would

Carlos Diaz

Popular lunch destination. They have a two slice and a soda meal deal for only $5. Their slices are huge and two of them make for a satisfying meal. The pizza is delicious. Clean dining area and bathrooms. Definitely recommend this spot.

Faiq Wyne (Faiq Wyne)

I asked for Halal pizza nad tgey suggested BBQ Chicken... made it so well that I ended up eating 4 pieces in Iftar ?? Soo good, perfect taste and delicious.The staff was very helpful with order selection, just call and tell you need Halal and they will help you outm

Pedro Dandrade

I loved this white pizza, everything was so fresh and the dough was cooked to perfection. Everyone is so nice here. Thank you for the great food.

Tom B.

Decent place to get a slice or two and a drink. They do have a pretty good special for lunch that is 2 slices and a drink for $5. Pizza is a very thin crust (like a NY pie would be). More crisp than if that is your thing you'll be happy. I like it thin AND chewy, so although I like the place, it isn't my favorite in the area...but pizza can be a very picky thing per person. So you probably should go try for yourself. Mozz also seems not stringy...actually seems more milky (if that makes any sense...if not, go try and you'll understand) It's fine. They have sausage rolls, meat pies/empanada type things too. Kind of more of a Mediterranean slant on the pizza place as opposed to traditional Italian (I want to say Turkish?). Staff is pretty friendly, but it's a pizza place where you place your order, sit down, eat and leave. Place is pretty clean (bathrooms really clean), and can also get pretty busy. Look. You'll probably have better pizza in your life (I hope you do), but for a few decent slices and a coke from a place that is clean and you can trust, it's a functional stop (or better).

Princess L.

Love love their food. Pizza and salads. Good prices, friendly service and free delivery.

Carl Blew

Good pizza, nyc sized slices. Always served quickly, clean, excellent pricing. The two slice special is a go-to choice!

Jaheem Rushum

Best Buffalo Chicken Hero I ever had in my life. Great Service. Great Vibes. Definitely recommend.

Reginald O.

Looking for an astounding combination of dough, sauce, cheese, and love? You've come to the right place. Croickey, my pie was so soft I contemplated taking a nap on it

John Kinney

Excellent pizza with a really nice staff here. The Sicilian pie was awesome..

Kevin M

Great pizza,white not get a gyro!

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