Rice N’ Beans

2330 Jacksonville Rd, Bethlehem
(610) 419-6646

Recent Reviews

Jason P.

This place was the worst. I ordered rice steak and beans. They gave me rice, beans, but also some kind of beef and platinum on top. It litteraly looked like soup. So I requested for them to change the order. And then they said they did not see that on the recipt but the recipt was wrong to what I chose. The food also smelled so bad and they refused to change it or give our money back.

Matthew P.

Me and 4 of my buddies all got food poisoning. Don't recommend at all. Miserable experience.

Brenda Risser

Delicious food & lots of it. Highly reccomend!!

Paige R.

This place is disgusting. First the chicken has no flavor whatsoever. It's cooked in a crookpot and completely bland. You are better off spending your money at Taco Bell. Secondly the owners are scamming and taking advantage of their customers just to earn a few more dollars. I ordered my food online on Wednesday and was not given their advertised 15% discount and when I called to ask about it they refused to honor their discount because they said I didn't write it in the comments when I ordered online. Very shady and food was disgusting. Not worth it.

Jamey Jame

Got the monster steak burrito. Terrible. It was 90% rice, and very few beans, and no sour cream or salsa on it as ordered. For $16 this was a complete rip off. Rice was store bought, the salsa was from a jar, and the steak wasn’t steak but steak meat, and it was just plain disappointing and misleading. Would not order again, MUCH better burritos out there. When your name is rice and beans you would think it would be authentic, not the case. Nothing to see here.

Liv Nic

Super good! But really sad that the chicken was shredded in the chicken platter. Why would you shred it?? Just leave it whole!

Rickey Dee

Honestly ashamed of how bad this food has gotten. It used to be mediocre now it has just got out of hand. ?

Pam Eisenreich

Ordered from Grub Hub...burritos and burrito bowls were HUGE and tasty!! Great job!!

Nelson Diaz

I was surprised. The burrito was mostly rice. I would think in a chicken burrito, the chicken would have a starring role. It did not. Change the name to rice burrito. The beef empanadas were light on the meat as well. Disappointed.

Sammy Puppy

They are so afraid of the covid, that over a year later they still don't allow anyone inside. Took my business where it was wanted.

Francisco Rivera

I used to order from here a lot, but stopped once I noticed they cut back on the meat they added to their chimichangas; today was the first day in a few months that I order again and to my surprise nothing has changed. The chimichangas are nothing but rice.. oh well, easy come easy go.

Jaime B.

First time ordering and I got fish tacos. $10. Sadly, it was a cut up fish stick with some sad lettuce and cheese. Not worth it. Also got a beef burrito. That was worth the money. But won't be going back

Lisette Llanes

My first time ordering here and it will be my last. Food was flavorless. Rice was hard. Guacamole did not taste fresh.


Better greeters at the door. The last bunch had toods!

Steven N.

So far I have only in their burritos. They are of great quality and delicious. In addition they are huge! If I try more food there I will probably increase the number of stars. But The price is right and the quality is excellent.

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