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702 Raspberry St, Erie
(814) 218-3313


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Linda D
It's always great to get a taste of homemade - not like the 'generic' cookies in the grocery stores. I have always received quick service and have always been more


Monday 8AM - 12PM
Tuesday 8AM - 12PM
Wednesday 8AM - 12PM
Thursday 8AM - 12PM
Friday 8AM - 12PM
Saturday Closed
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Cookie Gifts‎

Cookie Trays4 doz 4 (3 doz homestyle; 1 doz cutouts)$24.00
7 doz (5 doz homestyle; 2 doz cutouts)$45.00
assorted‎ Homestyle cookies plus holiday cutouts
Cookie Mugs$20.00
6 Homestyle Cookies or Frosted cutouts in a Mug w/ a mini balloon
Gift Hats6 Decorative cutout cookies$28.00
3 doz Homestyle cookies w/ 1 balloon$33.00
4 doz Homestyle cookies w/ 1 balloon$41.00
Decorative Cookie Cutout Hats-Can be made in most any shape or style of event, holiday, occasion.
Cookie Pizzas/Message Cookies3"$3.50
Can choose any flavor cookie
Frosted CutoutsLarge Cutouts$1.00-12.00
Medium Cutouts$0.75-9.00
Small cutous$0.50-6.00
Our Frosted cutouts are toped w/ Chocolate, that's right Chocolate! We can do any shape for any holiday, reason or season.

Our Magical Cookies‎

The Chocolate Chip
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