Porky's Pizzeria‎

302 W 8th St, Erie
(814) 454-5000

Recent Reviews

David Thaler

First time, came reccomended. Just had pizza with onions pepperoni and banana peppers. Great pie. Staff was polite and food was quick. Hard to find good thin crust in Erie. This is one of the good ones

Steve McKenna

Order many times and the food it always correct and really good.

Paul Butler

Came inside the shop to pick up my order… stood there watching cooks touching food and only God knows what else with their BARE hands. Asked why my food wasn’t ready yet and the guy mumbles a remark at me… didn’t seem like they were busy as they were standing around playing on their phones upon arrival. Overall poor experience, unsanitary conditions, rude service, won’t be coming back

Holly Rekitt

Ordered extra sloppy Buffalo wings and got the driest wings I’ve ever seen and they only gave me three wings and the other seven were drumsticks. Highly disappointed and wishing I could take back my 50% tip.

Andy Howland

Had a good pizza, a bit on the greasy side.

Francis Notoro

You guys are something special. Beat wings on earth. Kind. Considerate. And you never leave hungry or disappointed. Absolutely Legendary

Lau Flores

Super delicious! One of the best pizza I have had, we had the Diablo and they mean business it was spicy and those meatballs were super good. Highly recommend wings we got Parmesan Gatling

michelle Cropper

Visited from Pittsburgh and randomly ended up at Porky's due to most restaurants being closed and bars no longer serving food...BUT PORKY'S WAS!! Pizza was good and lil pepperonis were a hit. Everything else was good as well. Appreciate that they were open late!

Jesse Sl

Pizza looked and smelled fantastic, tasted great too! We got a large Ham, Pineapple, and jalapeno pizza. We both got sick!

Turtle Queen

I loved the little pepperoni that they used! It was so delicious!

Damian Orsini

West side one is my favorite all the food is good delivery is awesome best in the city

Lee M. Simmons jr

I cannot say enough about this fab pizza spot. Wings. Pizza, fries, special orders welcomed. These guys really know how to do really really great food on a budget. Give them a try, the wings here are fantastic.

Sarah Love

We found Porky’s while on vacation in Erie last year so we knew exactly where we wanted pizza from this year. After reading some negative reviews I was a little worried but ordered anyway. It was perfect again.. so whoever these bad reviews are coming from must have got pizza elsewhere :)

Mitchell Kowalczyk

Tonight we ordered food from Porky's Erie and let me just say how impressed and happy I was with the quality and the service they provided. I would say I was hesitant at first considering 3 times I had Porky's Wesleyville I was disappointed. Long story short Porky's Erie delivered our food quickly and it was fresh however the wings were not correct. Upon calling though they corrected it and delivered the correct wings quickly and without an issue or questions asked. I definitely will be ordering again.

Aiden Morrow

Food showed up quicker than expected and was delicious. The delivery driver was also super nice.

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