Tickle's II Sandwich Shop

17 W 4th St, Erie
(814) 455-5718

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Keri Bowman

What a disappointment this place has become. I got a greek salad, which was essentially a ton of iceberg with a few black olive slices and 4 cherry tomatoes. I could have bought 10 heads of lettuce for the price.

Alfredo Moore

There sandwiches are delicious,the and bread is fresh so good?. I would recommend to my friends.

Todd McGarry

Nothing like Tickles Deli. The menu said a quarter pound of Pastrami. The sandwich had two slices that did not even weigh 2 ounces. Very disappointed. I will never be back.

D. T.

Waited forever. Signs everywhere basically yelling at the customers..."be patient", etc. waited over 15 minutes for their "famous" chicken salad in a lettuce wrap. You can see how FRESH it is...lol. And it was ONLY chicken salad. No onion, no tomato, no cheese. Thankfully I had a packet of pepper in my desk to add some flavor. There are so many better places downtown. Go there, not here.

Sean Davis

I only leave reviews when something is super good, or super bad, and let me tell you this one is super good!I placed a large order for pick up, as I had many, many hungry employees depending on this for their lunches!! They were just finishing my order as I arrived, just like they said. The phone was ringing off the hook and they were still taking calls and pounding out the orders, even though they were definitely and visibly short staffed. Still, they were courteous and awesome. And my order? Well, they NAILED it, even though there was a lot of intricate orders in there! Each item was made exactly the way it was ordered, and they kindly labeled each name on the item! As for how it tastes? Amazing! This is my first time trying it, personally. But most of the employees I was picking up for love this place, and I see why now!THIS is why I try to eat local, right here. The food is way better and there is clearly more effort put into the food and service.Thank you guys!!

Timothy Asinger

Good selection, easy to get in and get out, quick prep

Dave Austin

Disgusting. The new ownership should train employees on hand sanitation. A few months ago a tall bald man attempted to make my sub without washing his hands and without gloves on. I pointed this out and the lady remade my sub at no charge and was very apologetic. Very nice of her…..today the same guy did the same thing. Literally wiped his face then grabbed some ham to put on a sub roll. No washing of hands and no gloves on. Some one said it was the owners husband (not sure it that true). Tall bad guy. I’m not going back that’s beyond disgusting.

Annie Ross

Great food and customer service!

Ben Ehrenberger

Nice people, great sandwiches & chili

David Barrett

Bought at Shell main Street. Scrumptious

Michael Scutella

Maybe the worst service and deli I ever been to. Absolutely the lettuce and tomato were awful and very little meat.

S M.

Honestly I waited 3 long years back home in Chicago to taste that tummy tickling, Tickle's Deli flavor, and IT IS EVEN BETTER THAN I DREAMED OF REMEMBERING. Everything here is delicious and everyone is so friendly and prompt in their service it feels like a second home with a taste that'll keep you coming back for more!

Katherine Blair

Small sizes for the price in my opinion.

Laura H.

I see there have been No reviews for Tickle's Deli for quite a while. We were in town and wanted sandwiches for a picnic, so we decided to take our chances. Sad to say, the low ratings are fully merited. The meats they use are just really sub-par. Fair warning, someone (I believe the owner) got off a phone call and said the caller wanted double meat & told his employee to "throw on another slice". Maybe that's code for a whole new xtra set of meat, but I'm guessing not. Tickles, in general, just seems and tastes like a cheaply run establishment.

Gayle Smith

I had a meatball sub from Tickles last night. The meatballs were good, and the sandwiches just the right size. order one up. pretty good

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Tickle's II Sandwich Shop

17 W 4th St, Erie, PA 16507
(814) 455-5718