Noodles and Company

5108 Jonestown Rd, Harrisburg
(717) 651-7780

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Mike Burgess

We were surprised by the great variety of cuisines represented!

Ryan Carder

Honestly, a bad experience. I wish I had returned the food and got a refund.It was $36 for two people to eat some very subpar noodles that lacked any real flavor at all.I ordered the pot stickers, and they weren't even real pot stickers. They're called that because the method of cooking browns and crisps the bottom of the dumplings on the bottom, sticking them to the pot, until steam releases them. However, these were colorless with just gooey bland dough.The pesto and chicken pasta was EXTREMELY bland. The chicken looked like it came out of a can, it lacked any seasoning or color whatsoever.The Japanese Pan Noodles were extremely undercooked, and drenched what seemed like nothing other than soy sauce. The menu said it included "marinated steak" but there were 4 small pieces of beef in the entire dish.2/5 and not 1/5 because the staff were very friendly. Would not recommend, would not go back.PS. Their paper straws were actually the best paper straws I have ever used.

Lakeisha Morris

Food is enjoyable if you can get pass the fact that they will mess up your food several times before getting it right. If you order takeout, make sure you check it. Check it right in front of them. I wouldn't even bother ordering delivery from here. You will get your food incorrect. It seems as if none of the workers can follow simple directions. It's annoying that this is the only location in my area.

Matthew Vardaman

Great food, once they got the orders right. They mixed up regular chicken and meatless chicken and not on the same order. I'm glad it wasn't an allergy!Vegetarian options: They have great options. Just make sure you're getting the right protein. They couldn't identify real from meatless.

James A.

Went there once - and never again. Food was seriously horrid and way over priced. Thought I love noodles (I mean I'm Italian and grew up eating as such) the teriyaki dish I got here was atrocious. Not a world I've ever used to describe food...

natalie stramowski

Customer service is outstanding! Gluten free Noodles were under cooked. The lemon herb sauce is a bit bland. The pesto is good. The tomato soup is a bit strong.The Mac and cheese is delicious!Vegetarian options: Options are varying - however they charge for each additional vegetable you add.Dietary restrictions: Gluten free pasta, zoodles (spiraled zucchini) and a low wheat cauliflower blend noodle available.

Jose Rafael Solis Corps

It's obvious this is for health fans. Nothing wrong with that. The problem is that the amount you get for the price is not that great. Great flavor on the zucchini pasta with chicken pesto. However, the people there should know the difference between Splenda and Equal, and know that, since they're into better options, Splenda is better than Equal, which is aspartame.Vegetarian options: The imposible chicken seems to be great, since my boyfriend liked it, and he's so demanding.


Alfredo MontemoreWhere’s the spinach, Mushrooms, tomatoes, & cracked Pepper?This is just plain noodles and shrimp ??‍♀️ Never ?? again

Nate Stevens

Everything I have gotten here tastes amazing and fresh. There's a wide variety of choices and the staff are friendly.

Philip M.

It's hard to go wrong with Noodles & Company as it's a chain that can be fairly compared to something like a Chipotle in terms of the food quality and basic nature of the cuisine, but for noodle bowls instead of burritos. Keep in mind that many of the dishes they serve are very calorie dense, so it's easy to feel a 900 calorie bowl is too small. I came to this location purely out of convenience at the front end of lunchtime and found everything to be clean, quick, and good. The only surprise is that the location isn't busier at this hour, but there were several takeout orders picked up while I was in. They seem to do steady business without any type of rush, so that makes it an easy choice if you want to avoid a busy lunch crowd.

Natasha Pickett

We stopped in for a quick lunch. The food was yummy and service was quick. The woman on the register was pleasant and helpful.

Jacob Ness

Good food generally but pricey and not super filling.

Marilyn Fickinger

fast service and friendly employees. meal was good and would go back again.

Holly Barbour

Good for you food.Pretty pricey buy so is everything else.Call ahead for take out.Had the Leanguini it was very good.Meatballs have real beef flavor.

Courtney D.

My friends recommended I try this place. They have a good selection of entrees and everything sounded tasty. Food was fresh and delicious. Also all staff were very friendly. Will definitely be going back!

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