Two Brothers BBQ

1233 N 3rd St, Harrisburg
(717) 234-7719

Recent Reviews

Ryan Peters

Absolutely terrible. I wouldn't feed this to my dog. The chicken was so overcooked it could have been referenced as jerky. The macaroni tasted like it was out of a box. It's nothing short of cafeteria food just hanging in banes for hours drying out until you come about. What a waste of time, money and calories. Based on what we witnessed it's a cheap food trough for the hungry of Harrisburg. Quantity here though doesn't even come close to making up for the lack of quality.

bruce a

They always have some of the best BBQ.

Mark Anthony Brown

Good food every time we go

Michael Tindell

Love the ribs

Owen Lehman

Some of the best ribs ever! Very tender and juicy! I definitely will be coming back for more.

Gary Grant

Great food here.

Eileen H

We love their marinated steak and baby back ribs! They also have baked chicken and other sides. Lines move quickly.

Michael Wright

This place is great. You'll be happy with whatever you order.

Denise Austin

I love the loaded baked potatoe with: pulled beef, broccoli n cheese, mushrooms, butter and sour cream! ( but you can pick your own toppings)

Renee Smith

The food is amazing.

Timothy Mcglynn

??? yumminess

Trina Elliott

Good food i just had to cook the meat a little more microwave it

AD7 Native

Love the market all the food there is worth the wait

Michael E Dearing

Excellent place for Chicken & Ribs

Keisha Ordaz

Great stromboli

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