Anita's On Walnut Bakery & Cafe

324 E Walnut St, Lancaster
(717) 208-6695

Recent Reviews

Jonathan Ard

Incredible food! Visiting from Florida and Anitas was recommended. Good decision! Loved it!

Melissa Wagner

Great coffee and food and smoothie!!! Super friendly staff and eco-friendly!!! Awesome local artwork as well.. Ten stars!!

maria russoniello

Prices were alright, and food was nice tasting, but when I went with my sister, they totally ignored her asking for assistance and completely forgot her order! And, when she asked for her full order, the staff acted dismissive and then gave her a cold pastry still in plastic wrap! It had to have been taken right out of a refrigerator! It wasn’t even a to-go order! We were sat down to stay! The cherry on top? A staff member dropped a fork on my sister that had chocolate all over it! Also, my drink was dangerously hot. I used to work as a barista so I’m well aware of what is too hot and what is still okay. I understand making a drink too hot is an easy mistake, but you should not serve it while it’s that hot. It’s asking for a burn. I could barely even touch it! It scalded my hands through a drink cover! Needless to say, we left very shortly after.

Joan R

Food was mediocre, service was terrible. Forgot my entire order; when I pointed it out, I was given a cold, plastic-wrapped pastry despite having ordered to dine in (practically thrown down on our table with no plate). Staff dropped utensils on me while clearing the table. Sister ordered a chai latte that was scaldingly hot and (once it was cooled down enough to safely consume) tasted like it was nothing more than hot milk.

Manda Metzler

Friendly staff. Delicious breakfast food and coffee. Love this place!


Anita’s is quietly one of the greatest cafe finds in Lancaster in my opinion.. It’s not a huge space, but the quality, friendly staff and environment is spot on. I have to admit I’ve only ordered the same thing the last three times I’ve been there, but it’s just that good!. . Plus the chef remembered me from my previous visits and said a special hello, which is always a nice feeling to be treated that way. You can tell they take pride in what they do and their place.. . Order:. Avocado Toast (loaded with a fried egg and bacon). - This is a huge serving for a VERY reasonable price. I’m stuffed to the brim every time I get it. It’s complimented beautifully by the feta and diced tomatoes.. . Coffee. - Very good coffee! I’m not a coffee nut or connoisseur by any means, but they have a nice selection of quality coffee (I think local), including nitro brews and a nice coffee bar.. . Highly recommend you take a trip out here for brunch!. . Top 3:. 1.Loaded Avocado Toast. 2.Environment/Staff. 3.Coffee

Alema Rousseau

Highly recommended if you are in Lancaster PA. Across from the Lancaster brewery. Small shop with eclectic selection of breakfast , lunch, baked goods and beverages. Coffee was superb and so were all menu items we ordered. Pricing was modest and staff was super efficient and friendly. I will definitely come back!!!

Jennifer Sherwood

Glazed lemon poppy seed muffin is absolutely delicious! Salads are good as well. Only complaint would be the hours, I wish they were open past 2:30pm. It's a nice place to sit and relax, but I always get there right before closing.

Chris Laudo

Good coffee and great baked goods. Love the breakfast sandwiches. Nice vibe with exposed brick walls and comfortable seating. Wifi is strong. Friendly service. This is what a neighborhood cafe should be. All the right elements that make you feel at home.

Patrick Novecosky

It’s my first time in Lancaster, and I found this delightful place for breakfast and lunch. Excellent food, excellent prices, phenomenal service, and Christian music playing in the background! I’m hooked. Easy five stars.

Jillian B.

Coffee was delicious but the woman behind the counter seemed stressed, rude, and like she didn't know what she was doing. It took multiple attempts to get the order right and it was just two drinks. It was frustrating at best. Customer service training needed severely

Susan F.

I recently stopped in for lunch. Its a great spot in the Northeast part of Lancaster, almost across the street from the Lancaster Brewing Company. Small menu with great choices and you can get a small side salad. Staff was friendly and my BLT came out in good time. Probably the best BLT I've ever had and with a side salad it was plenty. I'll be back to work my way through the menu.

Adriane Logan Freeman

Finally got a chance to try out Anita’s. Well worth it. Atmosphere is lovely, the employees are super friendly and accommodating. And food- amazing! Tried/shared the Cherry Almond bakes oatmeal, chocolate chip muffin, lemon cookie, and lattes. Perfection! Truly, Adrienne and Thumper made us feel like family. We will definitely be back. Oh- and there is a “pay it forward” board where you can purchase an item for someone in need, or use one when you’re in need. Pretty place in a nice location

Patrick Novecosky

It’s my first time in Lancaster, and I found this delightful coffee shop. Great service, great food, affordable prices, and Christian music playing in the background. I’m hooked. Easy five stars!

Patrick N.

It's my first time in Lancaster, and I found this delightful place for breakfast and lunch. Excellent food, excellent prices, phenomenal service, and Christian music playing in the background! I'm hooked. Easy five stars.

Diane B.

I stopped to buy a dozen bagels. They rang me up and then brought out frozen bags of bagels telling me, "I just put them in the freezer". I didn't know what to say, I was standing in a bakery that had no problem showing me they freeze yesterday's bagels to serve today. Or freeze today's bagels to serve to another person tomorrow. Either way. . . not ok, not for $1.90 each. Here's a tip: don't serve customers bagels that have been baked and then frozen, ever, ever, never, not even one time NOT EVER. I'm not suggesting each bakery bakes their bagels every morning but I am pretty sure they don't buy them prebaked elsewhere and then serve them after they've been frozen. When I asked for my money back, I got a curt answer and "Have a nice day!" as he gave me my money. He was literally stumped why I wasn't willing to buy those bagels. Lol, good luck in the land of many great coffee shops. Copper Cup, Mean Cup, Square One, Café One Eight, etc. etc. etc.

Jennifer Palow

Went here today for coffee and some lunch. It was a great little spot with good food and drinks. Pricing is very fair. Had a nice talk with one of the employees and felt very welcomed. I will definitely be sharing about this place and will be back!

Chris Norton

Consistently awesome breakfast options, coffee is great, every employee I've spoken to has been super friendly. Love this place.

Jeff Diciaccio

Friendly staff, good food. Skip the wedding get the bagel if you want the horse of the century.

Lisa T.

Before going I read the reviews.. This is local to me so I thought I would give it a shot although I felt a bit dubious. I was greeted by two staff members as I walked in -always a good sign. I ordered the egg sandwich with cheese and bacon on a croissant - bacon extra crisp. I had time enough to admire the clever biscotti display on the wall and my order was ready. I'm thinking no way is my bacon crisp as I open my sandwich on the spot. Sure enough it was! The sandwich was very good and I think I'll be going back. Sometimes you need an egg and bacon sandwich in the morning.

Dandy B.

Just had a piece of the best chocolate cake with the best buttercream frosting I may ever have tasted. Anita's made a birthday cake for a friend to give to me, and may I say that I have just found the bakery that will be making cakes for me for a great long while? Can't wait to try their other offerings! D. Barrett Lancaster

Aaron Sandel

Nice little place. However, freshness and quality just isn't there like the rest of the breakfast/brunch places in Lancaster. Avocado toast was very bland. Not much taste. The egg sandwich seemed like a precooked frozen egg patty. The order took 10-15 minutes. If it was fresh and of quality, I would understand the wait time. Very disappointed. I will likely try again in the future to see if anything has changed.

Dominic Eubanks

The barista Skylar was very nice.

Joel S.

Since I work next door I eat here often. Yes, they are a new venture and as such they are going through probably the normal growing pains. The restaurant business is a tough one and they are improving all the time. Their coffee is great and they have a wide variety of breakfast and lunch choices. Lancaster city desperately needs a coffee shop on this side of town so I will continue to go here and watch them improve each week. their salads are very good too.

Tyler S.

I've eaten at Anita's literally 10+ times because of sheer convenience. I keep telling myself "it'll get better next time" but it never does, and then I'm kicking myself for spending the money afterward. 1. The food: Isn't terrible and they have a good menu, but it's just SO inconsistent. One day your sandwich will be hot, and the next day the cheese won't even be melted on the grilled cheese ("the Roberto"). If you order soup, there is no consistency in how much you get. I came in with a friend and we each ordered the choose two option with a salad and a bowl of soup, to go. My friend got two heaping scoops of soup in her to-go container. A different employee did my order, and I got two measly half-scoops of soup. My container was barely half full. The man in front of us was having a bowl of soup and eating in-house, and he got one scoop (I heard him order a bowl and not a cup). Another example: the bagels are doughy, chewy, and NEVER toasted. I ordered the bagel with lox one time and my bagel wasn't toasted AT ALL. It was disgusting. If you order a bagel and cream cheese, you can count on your bagel being barely even warmed. 2. The customer service: The service is ridiculously slow. I've waited 30 minutes before with 2 other people in the restaurant for my food. The employees have zero sense of urgency and honestly they don't even act like they care that you're there half the time. They seem like they're there to hang out, and not to work. The only friendly employee is Hannah. The rest seem untrained, immature, and like they don't want to be there. 3. Prices: Seem kind of high, especially for the coffee. If you watch them make your food and see the ingredients they're using and how EVERYTHING is pre-made, you'll be disappointed. Nothing is locally sourced. They use the same bag of arugula from Giant that I buy. I would understand the prices if the food was consistently good and had some local ingredients. Overall.......I had SUCH high hopes for this place and have been let down over and over. Not letting myself go back. I'll walk an extra 5 minutes to a different cafe in town.


I was pleased. The coffee was very delicious and full bodied and was served in a large ceramic mug adding to the homey feel. The space was urban with interesting lighting. I did not check out the full menu but did get a scone. It was tasty. The muffins and cookies looked delicious and I will definitely be back to try the quiche.

Aaron S.

I was excited to try out Anita's on walnut. I pass it every day coming home from work. Looks like a great place with good reviews. Unfortunately, my wife and I left disappointed. I had an egg breakfast sandwich and my wife had avocado toast. The egg in my sandwich seemed to be premade, frozen and cooked. It had the foam like texture to it. My wifes avocado toast did not have much flavor. It was very bland. Comparing to the competition such as the bread pedaler (everything is made fresh all the time) and cafe 18, this place does not match up. It is tough competition in a growing breakfast/brunch market in Lancaster and quality needs to be there. We also waited about 10-15 minutes for our food and there were 2 other people in there when we got there. If the food was fresh I would have understood, but it was not. I hope that it continues to get better, and will try again in the future.

Hannah W.

Very cute coffee shop in the Northeast section of town. There has definitely been a need for a cafe for a longtime. Simple menu, reasonably priced, quaint, free WiFi and friendly staff. You don't always need an expansive menu, especially when there are so many other coffee shops downtown. I appreciate a no frills spot where I can grab a coffee, having a meeting, or get a breakfast sandwich to go.

Rodney L.

Great spot to get a pure cup of coffee , add and try the banana , oatmeal walnut cake also it was delicious on top of great cutomer service. I really enjoyed the experience as I've been to a few coffee spots and this one is on my top 5 so far big thumbs up for coffee heads

Marissa G

Comfy, cute, and fresh this is exactly what the east side needs!!

Héctor Nina

Very warm and excellent customer service

Melanie Garcia

amazing place. the cappuccino was perfect and the service A+. love it .

Tonya W.

Hidden Gem in Lancaster City! Their open face avocado breakfast toast with an over easy egg is SO yummy! Their stuffed french toast was light fluffy and full of flavor! Such an inviting atmosphere to relax and enjoy their food & coffee. I pick up two of their homemade oatmeal raisin style cookies for later, I wished I would have bought a dozen. They were SO good! I would recommend stopping in and check it out for yourself! Hidden Gem I tell ya it's a hidden gem!

Owen Hansen

Must stop, great people and food!

Ben M.

Anywhere else I would have given this place 3 stars, but comparing it to the many other cafes in Lancaster, I just can't justify it. The rest really do it much better. Fiancé and I stopped in on a Saturday morning for breakfast. We were so excited to try this place because of its location as one of the only breakfast places on the East side of town. I got a bagel and coffee. She got a bagel and hot chocolate. Her hot chocolate was very good. There are 2 sizes/prices of house coffee. I didn't specify the size but was automatically charged for the more expensive one (somewhere near $5) and was given a latte/hot chocolate mug. I filled it up about halfway because it's a huge mug. Because it was the wrong mug for coffee, it went cold quickly. Coffee was brewed strong and was good. I asked for my Asiago cheese bagel toasted very dark with cream cheese. My bagel was barely warm when it got to me. Barely toasted. Ample cream cheese. Fiancé got a bagel with cream cheese and jam. A trace of cream cheese (like skimming toast with butter). Also barely toasted. Bagels were very doughy and chewy. Bakery case items looked good and I would like to try them. I hope this place is just going through some growing pains. It looks the part of the other rockstars in Lancaster (Cafe 18, Prince Street, Chestnut Hill) but doesn't live up to the standard.

Tracey Rice Mousley

Stop for my morning iced coffee, easy access great friendly service! Definitely worth a visit if you haven’t tried it!

M K.

It's too bad that their foods so good. Every time I went there seemed to be a lack of customer service and organization. It felt as though I was bothering the employees for ordering and they often forgot something or took a really long time to get food out. The last straw is when I went with my partner and they gave me my food 20 minutes later than his and left it in a to go box on the counter. I got a forced apology from a manager who said they were busy, but half the staff was sitting down talking to tables. It's sad because it's the only coffee shop on this side of town, but probably the worst customer service.....


Stopped in looking for a quick bite to eat. Had an egg sandwich and the loaded toast. Great food, the coffee was excellent too,

Pete Smith

Lancaster's newest and best(imo) cafe and bakery. The coffee and pastries are fresh and out of this world. The cafe itself has a perfect ambiance for reading or catching up with friends. This is our go-to place for Saturday morning coffee.

Travis Cogle

First time visiting Anita's, and won't be my last. I had a delicious croissant breakfast sandwich and a mug of coffee. The atmosphere is great for working or enjoying friends. We will be back.

Anita's On Walnut Bakery & Cafe

324 E Walnut St, Lancaster, PA 17602
(717) 208-6695