2120 Lincoln Hwy E, Lancaster
(717) 291-5712

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Martin Ingram

One of the few I've been too that was very accommodating to what I wanted. And the life hack of cinnamon toast crunch frozen latte was spot on and awesome.Food: 5/5

Jas R.

The customer service we had received was beyond rude! We had 2 orders in the drive thru, and I ordered a chocolate with sprinkles when I received my order I bit into the donut without looking and realized they didn't have it sprinkles. When I brought it to their attention, they didn't acknowledge their error, when the manager (Courtney) come to the window she said that she can't accept it back because I've already ate it, and if I wanted another she can charge me for the 1 with sprinkles. No apology or acknowledge of their error (I took ONE bite), needless to say I will be calling corporate this week! It's the principal that you can not think this type of customer service will keep you business going!


Coffee was ok but little on the burned side.

Susan Hart

Service was very slow, even through the drive thru. Getting out of this parking lot is not very easy.Food: 5/5

Mike H

Hard working staff, good location. When I order several dozens of donuts and jugs of coffee. I expect to wait over 25 mins. They had me in and out in under or around15. I was pleased for how busy they were!

S Clifford

Worse customer service ever. I stood in line for 20 minutes only for every single worker to look at me like I was crazy with a sign that clearly says cash one way and kiosk the other- however they don’t accept cash accept through the drive thru. This was horrible all around. Worse service I’ve ever received

Tom Larsen (Mr. Tom)

Arrived at approximately 10:30am on a Monday to find they were already out of croissants, poppy and plain bagels. Why? It's not tourist season in the area, it wasn't crowded. The staff was very apologetic about the situation and very friendly. They implied mgt. was not bringing in enough stock.Food: 1/5

Richard Burns

We ordered 3 sandwiches and all 3 were correct on the receipt but were made wrong. This also happened the last time we were at this Dunkin.Food: 4/5


Maybe Dunkins fault, but our food was only warm. Driver and his communication were excellent!

myasija Rivera

missed not only half of my order, but we were also waiting for more than 20 minutes in the DRIVE THROUGH. and to top that off, the food we did get, the orders were incorrect. then, when k tried to call they didn’t answer. if i could give zero stars, i would.very unprofessional

maria fonseca

used to work here and i clearly held this place together. went there this morning and my iced chai latte was disgusting they didn’t mix the syrup at all. like at all. starbucks would never do me like that

Crystal Bishop Wiggins

This location is horrible. The coffee is always made wrong and while you're placing your order the cashier is interrupting you to hurry you along but never get the full order right. The attitudes are terrible. 1 out of 10Food: 1/5

Emily Crabtree

I used to drive down to Spring Mills to get my Dunkin' fix, but this is so much more convenient! The drinks are always consistently delicious, which can not be said about all locations. There are times when the drive through line is very long, but I prefer going inside anyway. The team keeps the place spotless, too.Food: 5/5

The Caldwells

Time is 10:46am Sunday-DD Is totally disorganized! They need about double the workforce to complete orders. The line inside is long and they are filling only part of an order then starting someone else’s. The workers are nice but frustrated. This place needs better management.

Crystal Miller

I drink Americanos almost every day from Dunkin all over Lancaster and Delaware County in PA and this location, specifically the blond older woman absolutely doesn't know how to make one. It is like water with a splash of coffee. Kudos to the nice girl in the window for apologizing. I watched her dump the drink and the SAME person made it over again. Still water ? ? someone needs to re-train. Everything is too expensive these days to spend $$$ on terrible quality. Tried to call, went to an invalid VM. Absolutely zero stars ?

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