Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen

7500 City Ave, Philadelphia
(215) 473-3737

Recent Reviews

Shonda Gray

I enjoyed my food & I always gets a number 5. 3 whole wings meal.

yolanda gomez

chicken and the setting at this location is great. fast, efficient, and courteous service. the bill won't shock you.

Sandra Chandler

The food was good and service was prompt.

Nols Pryce

Service is good. Meal is done the way I like it and I notice that the oil that is use in the preparation of the meal is not used over and over again... like some place I have been too.. thanks for looking out for us the consumer's.

Myra Brown

I finally had an opportunity to try the new chicken sandwich. Worse experience ever. The young lady in the drive-through was very rude because I asked for a sandwich with no mayo. I don't like Mayo. She told me that the sandwich was pre made and I could only get it with mayo. Meanwhile I parked my car and asked in the store if I could please have a sandwich with no mayo same girl had an attitude And yell to the back please make a sandwich with no male I asked if the pickles would be on the sandwich and she said yeah and walked away. of course I took the sandwich home and it was just one piece of chicken and 2 pieces of bread no pickles at all and unfortunately the chicken had been sitting for a while so it was lukewarm and pretty dried out. The people who work at this popeye's location are often rude. If they don't like their jobs please switch to another profession and don't take it out on the customers were trying to purchase items to substantiate your salary. I drive out of my way to another location across town just to get a better customer service experience. chick fil a has gained a customer for life everyone there treats you nicely and their sandwich is better.

Lisa Bruce

The chicken sandwiches amazing definitely very needy and an awesome deal

Neil M.

4 stars for the new spicy chicken sandwich. Tried it for the first time here today and did not disappoint. Docking a star because there were no pickles inside (another review also complained about the same thing today). Would've been nice to inform customers. Would definitely rate the sandwich a solid 5.

Dina C.

Hope you aren't planning on having a chicken sandwich from this location. I was very disappointed after coming here today and ordering four sandwiches and none of them were as advertised. The biggest issue...no pickles! It was chicken and bread. I tried calling to speak with a manger and no one answered, went to a full voicemail box and told me to hang up. I will never come back here again.

A B.

The hype is real. This really is a great sandwich! Came in for the spicy chicken sandwich. This is my second time having it at this location. It was perfectly made- the bun is delicious, the chicken is crispy on the outside and moist on the inside. The spicy sandwich is not too hot but I like spicy food so I'm a bit biased. Want to avoid a long wait? Go to the drive thru just before the lunch rush or right after. I've been around 11:50am and 2:30pm and only had to wait a few minutes, with a couple of cars in front of me. The employees are very nice despite how busy they are. I'll definitely be back and tell everyone to give the sandwich a try. You won't be disappointed.

Maria Peacockp

Popeyes chicken is very good, I like it from times to times. At this location, the workers are nice and accomodating. I like it here.

Calvin Howard

Went through drive-thru, customer before me heard entire conversations. Sound like a bunch of high schoolers having way to much conversation rather than serving customers. I had to repeat my drink three times at the speaker, and then again once I got up to the window. Absolutely no customer service and much more worried about what's going on outside of work rather than at work, and it was there for everybody to hear on the drive-thru speakers, as I'm sure it continued even after I left.

Karen James

Great tasting good. Bright, clean atmosphere. Friendly associates.

Niy Mu

Yes, I've tried the chicken sandwich twice! The spicy version, and it was good! Since it's out of stock, my go-to is the surf and turf with an apple pie and buttermilk dressing! Absolutely Delicious.

c m

Popeye's Chicken is delicious, as always; but, to get to it, you have to contend with poor behavior from some of the young girls that work in drive-thru. It is too bad. The balance of it is that some of the employees carry themselves in an acceptable, professional manner... just an observation.

Kenny Mann

Great service...chicken always great place is ran goodð??

Angela Parker

I ordered a thigh and two wings spicy. I received a thigh and 2 drumsticks. So I had to go back. Needless to say, I was not a happy camper. I received no apology.


We went to get the chicken sandwiches and were disappointed that they did not have any...many others coming in had same experience. The fried chicken and tenders were fine. Looking forward to when they finally get it right and have the sandwiches.

Que'Bella Boss

The worst of the worst I live around the corner and I got to the one up 69 st because of the better service and better quality of food. This place always get your order wrong and when I came in to tell the worker about it it was a roach climbing the wall so I just got my money back. GO TO 69TH ST FOR A BETTER EXPERIENCE

Tasha Smith

Love the food and customer service

Leek L

This place needs to be closed down. They never have what I order. The workers are rude. Its seems they enjoy that. They dont even appear to know how to run a store. And it's always this way when I go there. Overcooked food the whole nine. I would not miss this location. And I love pop eyes. But this place gets a Booooooo!

Kirsten H.

This is the worst Popeyes location ever. They don't even answer the phone when you call for questions or complaints . They got my order COMPLETELY WRONG and did nothing to rectify the situation . Not only was the order wrong it was cold and we got a bunch of sauces we did not ask for. i wont be returning.

Aaron Clark

Food and staff are mediocre. Food is expensive for what it is. One would be better served going to Royal Farms, which has better chicken, sides, has better prices and is not a monolithic chain like Popeyes.

Sharif Hossain

The drive thru can be pretty slow at times. Theyâ??ve messed up my orders on a number of occasions. The staff there can be very rude as well.

Nakia Harris

This Popeye's location has the best food. It's always fresh and delicious! The staff are mostly young folks and they are polite & do their jobs well!

Steve Reidell

Popeyes is the best friend chicken anywhere. Amazing fries and butter biscuits. Soda fountain Coke with ice is the perfect refreshing drink to accompany your meal. Try the fried shrimp and new chicken sandwich. Yumm, I've just talked myself into heading over to my local Popeyes at Cottman and Bustleton Aves right now!

W Iris

Went for drive thru, they took my order wrong and forgot part of the order. Of course no apologies.

Davita Nelson

This is a spot to pick up something quick if yo you're riding by, but the parking lot is small & tight. There's usually a line that spills onto the street & jams up traffic. Most people park in the lot next to shopping area next door & walk over. Inside is small too with 1-2 registers open. You'd think going through drive thru is best option, but you can hear person taking your order talking to coworkers (not about work) & you risk your order being incorrect

Monica Finley

A preferred site for tasty chicken. It's so appetizing. The staff was very welcoming and sociable.

MountainMan Vinny

This is some fried slop I would not eat this slop ever I'm sorry but that's what I truly feel about this place!

Dylan Frendt

This location should re-brand itself as "We never have chicken" with a slogan of "Can you wait a minute because I'm too busy texting to take your oder?" Universally bad customer service and options for the money. Save yourself the money; get some chicken at Aldi's right down the road, and cook it, yourself.

Terri Teal

The Best in Chicken and Fish. In Louisiana they have their Southern Fried Cat Fish and Slaw. I hope that they bring it up North.

Wayne Forbes

Always great. Best taste. Best size.no other

Kimara Willis

Went today when I was giving my order at the drive thru the girl yes girl had huffed and puffed through intercom. I only asked her can I get 6 wings she said we have 3 piece duh well can I get two 3 piece orders. Then when I paid n got my food I said thank you she did not say welcome so I said it again no response, really she was suppose to say thank you i am the paying customer!! I

Rhonda Warner

I had the fish first time. Taste was good was hot but the batter on fish didn't hold up it fell apart.


Most of the time the food is very tasty and cooked just right. Love the spicy chicken mild is good too. Sides are usually good and the cashier are pleasant. Depending the time you go chicken is fresh, there has been time when I took food back bc it was a little greasy. They exchanged without problems.

Aaron Merlin

What did expect corporate flavors supposed to taste like? They all the same,of course. Flavors consistency with all the rest.

Dhawal Aditya Tripathi

Spicy mild chickens are yum and delicious.


Great prices, especially the meal packages. I can only eat these meals once in a while because it is heavily fried chicken. Plentiful portions.

Edna Ricks

I really love this place. I went in and was greeted by a pleasant customer service representative and I ordered my food and I was served quickly. I enjoyed my food also!!

Marilyn Torres

Spicy chicken, biscuits and red beans and rice the best