Shalom Pizzeria

7598 Haverford Ave, Philadelphia
(215) 878-1500

Recent Reviews

Shayna Poe

The pizza, 🍟 fries, Greek Salad & Whiting Fish were all good.


In the neighborhood? Need to get somewhere, but you are hungry? This is a good place to stop in and get a quick bite. There is very limited seating, but the staff is nice and friendly.

Yosefa Wood-Isenberg

The pizza was great! Loved the Greek salad as well! Such friendly service.


Delicious, small, well priced pizzeria. Sicilian was the best value for us.


I was able to tell that they worked hard on making my Greek personal pie, it looked great and had nice fresh vegetables and Fetta cheese. However, I did not like how the slice tasted over-all, because disturbingly, even though they describe their Greek Pizza as having only Mozzorella and Fetta cheese, it turned out having the cheap yellow American

Daniel Hirsch

Food was pretty good- personal pizza and a Greek salad. Friendly service. Needs a cosmetic upgrade.

Yoni Zagdanski

We had an amazing experience at Shalom's. We arrived from Baltimore starving. Rochel and her husband kindly waited for us and insisted we eat at the restaurant even though it was almost two hours after closing time. They rock! And of course the pizza and salads were delicious! Yoni Z

Devorah Avrukin

Stopped here after a conference in Philadelphia, before driving back to NY. Great food! Nice staff.

S G.

Checking out the old shop under new management. I still like the pizza and I'll be back for the yogurt and bourekas and whatnot. Small shop with good pizza and immediate service.

Shlomo Klapper

New management. Great pizza. Don’t trust any bad reviews before May 2019- those were different owners.

Charles Bates

The Pizza was really good and it helped bring my appetite back.

illBlanca Me.

The owner woman is very disrespectful she stays in the front and answers the phone. Their pizza isn’t so great the sauce is to thick including the cheese they use I rather just eat crust instead. 😯

Ruben Imaizumi

Best pizza I ever had

Rachael Starkman

Friendly staff and tasty pizza ready for pickup when I arrived!

Darnell Young

The pizza was good very well made pizza.

Chayah Rivka Beck

Vegie cheese steak was great!!


Food is very fresh. Tasty food made to order in most cases. Service could be a little better, I felt like I was burdening the guy taking the orders.

Knowles Laverne

The pizzas are very good not full of oil

Udi Sharabi

Best food best service

David Snyder

pizza get a pie

Yeedle Gruen

Great kosher pizza store! Best service nicest people ever!!!!! We used the outside sitting area... and even made us a delicious free Caramel ice coffee

Allan Nadav

Good pizza

Daniel Goldman

Good food for a good price.

israel kroizer

great kosher place vegetarian menu everything fresh

Eli S.

This pizza is acceptable, but you can find better. Very oily, and somewhat on the expensive side. They have some weird combinations that do not work.

Ron Miller

Great kosher food. They have great pizza and other Italian dishes. They also have great hummus חומוס ובורקס. Great place with friendly service.


The pizza was decent and service was friendly. However this place is in dire need of a deep cleaning and purging. It is unappetizing walking through the door. Take a few days to clean this space and you’ll attract more people.

Blake F.

A client was in the office today, who is strictly Kosher so we brought some pizza in from Shalom Pizza. In the past, I have had Shalom Pizza. I wasn't really a big fan of it and found it to be a bit too greasy. Today, I wasn't looking forward to eating their pizza. When it was time for lunch, I took a slice of the pizza. To my surprise, it wasn't as greasy as before. I took my slice of pizza to the lunchroom and began to eat it. To my surprise, it was actually very good. The pizza was seasoned very well and had delicious cheese on top. I wish they had a bit more sauce on the pizza, but the pizza was still good. It was also a bit surprising that the pizza was Kosher. Other Kosher pizzas I have had were pretty bad and even tasted like Kosher quality. However, this pizza did not. Altogether, I had a solid slice of pizza from Shalom Pizza. If it is at my work again, I would not hesitate to get another slice.

Michele Stulman

Friendly and fast service. I placed a large order at the last minute and they were wonderful.


This is a take-out only place. The counter staff was cordial and we very much liked the baked ziti and Greek salad. Second time we've ordered it there. Also ordered a calzone which was fine.

Michael I.

When the falafel bug bites, there is another restaurant very close to me whose food is, "feh" (sorry, millennials, "meh" doesn't cut it). Since the food is the whole reason I go to restaurants, I go to Shalom Pizzeria to sate that falafel feeling. Whether the sandwich or the sandwich deconstructed in platter form, a falafel meal hits all of the right buttons. Sometimes I'll commit gluttony and have a slice of pizza as an appetizer or chaser. Always happy! Ah...and those carrots!!!!

Millie H.

I would have loved to review Shalom Pizzeria. However, they decided to close a full hour before their posted closing time on the Sunday night when we visited.

Isaac H.

Terrible. This has got to be the worst pizza I have ever had and the store is dirty as hell.

Judah R.

I genuinely enjoy going to shalom pizza - the employees are helpful and fun to hang out with while you're eating a meal. My favorite dish is the cheese and spinach bureka and if you get a personalized/specialized pizza pie it usually comes out really good as well as good Israeli drinks and French fries Not just for those who keep kosher but for anybody who enjoys Israeli food , I advise everybody in the nearby area to try

Taylor R.

As someone who works nearby, healthy lunch choices are hard to come by. I decided to get takeout from Shalom upon reading the "Vegetarian food" inscription outside. The husband and wife who helped me were very friendly. I ordered hummus and being the finicky eaten I can be, wanted vegetables instead of pita bread. Although this isn't a menu item both the husband and wife went out of their way to cut up vegetables for me to dip in their homemade hummus. I received large portions and everything tastes fresh. Other people seem to be complaining about the lack of cleanliness and attitude of employees. I encountered neither of those two issues. They had several pizza bread things in a case and if I ate bread would have partaken, they looked delicious! I'll be adding this accommodating spot to my lunch rotation.

Gabriel D.

There is a short, disrespectful and rude Jewish guy that works at this pizza place. I have felt disrespected by him on multiple occasions because he does not know how to talk to people. Instead of yelling back I decided to take the higher road and not start a fight, although he pushed me to my limits. The only person here that has any decency toward others is the lady but the rest of the Jewish people look like real jerks. They really give a bad name for Jewish people, so now the stereotypes are cheap and disrespectful? That is just unacceptable to me.

Naomi A.

Had really good eggplant parmesean tonight, my husband had the whole wheat greek pizza which was great. Menu has a lot of new options on it.

Julia C.

Went on Sunday afternoon. It was crowded and people coming in and going out. I ordered a Bourekas Platter: You get a choice- I had spinach. The Platter comes with Egg, Pickles, Israeli Salad and Tahini on the side. I have never had Israeli salad without the sauce (Tahini) .I put a little Tahini on the cukes/tomatoes. I was filled up although not satisfied. I wanted a coffee drink - Caffe Americano but they only have coffee served with breakfast (for an hour 11am-12pm). They do have free wifi but the place is too small to linger and since you can only get coffee for one hour, I don't see the point. I think the price is a little high since it is really not Israeli Salad you are getting.

Suzy G.

No one can understand why this place is still in business. As my cousin went from Brooklyn on a business trip to Philly told me, "that place is like Flatbush 30 years ago." The pizza is simply AWFUL worse than camp pizza. It is pricey. It doesn't taste good. Forget about the decor, totally dirty and gross. Clearly they have a monopoly on the Main Line Philly pizza network and this needs to end . Likely politics of the kosher overseers is keeping this place in business and preventing good pizza from being made.

Henry T.

Charged a $12 (!) delivery charge for a $16 pizza. The huge delivery charge isn't mentioned on their website, nor did it get brought up when I ordered on the phone. (The delivery was to the Penn campus---farther than a typical pizza delivery, so I understand if they charge a fee, but 1) it should be disclosed honestly, and 2) $12 is ridiculous.)