116 S 12th St, Philadelphia
(215) 909-9406

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Michele Rudoi

Not worth the moneyThe cool drinks are not includedWe didn’t get a dessert eitherDefinitely pass on this

Tammie F.

I cant really say from experience cuz we decided to skip Tinsel & go to our reservations at the "restaurant" next door which I'll be reviewing next. Anyway while in line a girl came out & said she waited 2hrs in line & the haunted house thing was literally a 5min walk thru & the tickets were 22bucks after hearing this me & my guy decided to skip it now the reason for the 3 stars is cuz they do refunds so I'll be glad to get my $44 back.

Cleydarys Ortega

I was under the impression that the haunted house would be a tad bit scarier. I loved the actor that walks you through!


For the haunted house, you are waiting in the line for over an hour. It’s cold!! I got sick!

Ju L.

In spirit of Halloween, we decided to check out Nightmare at Tinsel. You have to purchase tickets on their website which costs $15/person. This also comes with a free alcoholic beverage and dessert per person.The drinks menu on their website sounded cool and amazing, and convinced me to buy the tickets.I did not realize we would be walking through a haunted bar with someone scaring you from behind a window (modern COVID problems require modern solutions), and mannequins dropping from the ceiling. It was cool but only lasted probably 5 minutes -- as keep in mind, this is still a bar in Center City. The guy who was doing the scaring was really nice and took pictures for us in the last room before we exited the bar.As we walked outside, we proceeded to pick up our free drinks. We were told the drinks on the menu do not apply to the tickets, instead we could choose from 3 options. An IPA beer, a 'vodka-based' drink and I forget what the third one was. So we went for the 'vodka-based' drink. FYI, you cannot sit in one of their outdoor booths unless you are ordering food. So boo for that. As we walked on and I had the first taste of our free 'vodka-based' drinks, I was disgusted. This drink tasted like jungle juice, which I have not had in many, many years and did not want to be drinking this afternoon. We ended up throwing out the drinks. As for the free dessert, it was a baked dirt pudding cup, with a sour worm sticking out. It looked cute, but tasted like it was made by a terrible supermarket bakery. Ugh.Turned off by the bad drinks and dessert, we walked over to El Vez to pick up some margaritas to wash down the bad taste in our mouths.

M Ch

Shout out to Dave for the hospitality great service good food ???

Krystal B.

This place was okay. The decor was fun but it's extremely small and the drinks are subpar. Not much walking room either and if its packed, forget it. You'll be a sardine for the night. Still worth a visit if you're into Christmas decorations.

Gina Fielding

Cute concept. Decent drinks but overpriced.

Agnieszka S.

I decided to try this place out after Christmas to beat the crowd. It's definitely the perfect pop-up bar for the holidays, despite its small size. Not only does it have cute photo opportunities but there are holiday-themed cocktails and so many beautiful Christmas decorations. When we went there was a 5$ cover charge which we were not expecting since the "Nightmare Before Tinsel" pop-up did not have any cover. If you are looking for a Christmas spirited bar then the 5$ is worth it. The drinks, on the other hand, are overpriced and you're better off taking your pictures and just ordering a drink not on the cocktail menu.

Kimberly Ramsey

Staff was friendly, and made You feel like family! Loved it will definitely go back!

Lisa Murray

Friendly and fun stop on the way to the Nutcracker! Had some time to kill so we stopped for a drink. I read that evenings were crowded, but we visited at 3:30 on Monday Dec. 30 and there were plenty of seats.

Kenneth Felker

Cute place. Bring your patience and wallet. Tight squeeze but everyone seemed to be friendly. If you dont like tight places or crowds I would not go.

Kristin C.

Worst bartenders. It was packed couldn't move everyone needed a drink and all 3 bartenders were eating Chinese food and texting and talking to each other. Took 20 mins to even get the girls attention. She looked miserable and was rude.

Scott Buzzelli

$5 cover charge to wait in a long line for overpriced drinks. I wouldn’t reccomeend to anyone to bother going....very underwhelming.

Stephanie F.

So fun!! Had to wait in line to get in, but was worth it for the Christmas explosion inside. Drinks were crazy overpriced, but the ambiance makes up for it. This bar is great to stop by, have one drink and snap a bunch of photos, then move on. Highly recommend for a laugh and to get in the Christmas spirit with friends.

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