AL'an Ruben's Bar & Grill

2390 Jefferson Ave, Washington
(724) 223-1038

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Sarah Peck

I ordered a cheesecake for an event and everyone mentioned that it was the best cheesecake they have ever had. I highly recommend ordering a cake or cheesecake for your next party/event/birthday.

Joseph Gill

I can't believe it had taken me 15 years in a town I live in to come and eat at AL'an Rubens... The service is something I would expect from a 5 star restaurant. I have dined in many restaurants and have thousands of reviews on them but this by far is the best kept secret maybe in PA. Homemade cheesecake, desserts, sandwiches bigger than anyone could eat. Plan extra space on your vehicle for a take out container you will need it. Casino clam soup words can't even describe. Thank you to the great staff, chef, and friends who told me to visit here!

Tiffianna T

YOU MUST GO HERE IMMEDIATELY! I can't say enough great things about this place! From the moment Lisa met our very large party she was a gracious host! Our server Timmie was so sweet and attentive and the food...OMG was worth the 45 minutes I drove! We started off with a few appetizers and the Bruschetta was the best I've ever had! The bread was crispy yet soft, and the tomatoes were warm with seasonings that made my mouth dance! Since we had a large party I had the chance to taste a bit of everything! The baked scrod melted in your mouth and the scampi sauce was perfect! The shrimp and Lobster spaghetti was so zesty and flavorful. I had a carbanaro dish with a creamy parmesan sauce, bacon, shallots, and chicken that made my eyes close with each bite! Lisa made us a special drink request she never made before and it was amazing, and they even cut my sisters birthday cake after joining us in singing happy birthday! I could go on forever about why I loved my experience here but you should go and check it out for yourself!


Heavenly food with amazing staff! Everyone was so friendly, welcoming, and attentive! Penne Alfredo with sauteed shrimp was out of this WORLD!!! even the simple house salad was amazing. If I could give this place 10 stars, I would.

Nicole Grayson

One of my absolute favorite restaurants. The blue crab ravioli has me hooked for sure. But, I’ve not had a meal yet I didn’t love. My husband is a bit disappointed his favorite spaghetti, shrimp and sausage was removed from the menu but I understand if it’s not selling you can’t keep it for one person. Beyond that the food is always amazing, fresh, and the service is also just as amazing even for a take out order.

Joe Liberatore

I wanted to take a moment and let you know about the experience I had with AL’an Ruben’s Catering. Called and talked with the Chef/Owner about doing something for a retirement party at our dealership for a long-time employee. Chef created the menu for about 60 people and the event was a huge success! Food was ready for pickup exactly when they said it would be ready for the event. We had Baked Ham, Meatballs and sauce, Mac & Cheese(some were saying it was the best they ever had), Penne Chicken Vodka(one of my fav’s), Mixed vegetables - which were awesome and coleslaw. Everyone attending kept asking me, who catered the party? None other than AL’an Ruben’s!! My manager, retiree and everyone attending was blown away. We will be ordering catering from here again. If anyone is looking for a caterer for party of any sort, you should highly consider these folks, hands down! Thank you AL’an Ruben’s for making this party a BIG HIT! Much appreciated!

Nancy S

It is worth the wait time. We had a good time just chatting with everyone around us as we waited for our table. This place just has that kind of atmosphere! The owners and the people who work here laugh and let you know what’s going on all the time as you wait for your table. And boy, do they hustle! We had a party of four. One of my friends got the Reuben with the fries, my husband and our other friend got the half plate of the lasagna and I got the Chicken Collini. Everyone said their food was good. I have to give a RAVE REVIEW for the Chicken Collini it was so delicious!!! The Chicken was cooked to perfection and the sauce was lite, creamy and lemony. My husband and friend also ordered the apple pie. It has too much cinnamon in it for us but my husband still found it to be delicious. The whole bill came in under $100 which included drinks and dessert for the four of us. Definitely a place worth visiting. We will return again.

Gaye Posey

2nd time being here. Was here years ago but didn't realize it til I got here. Was so excited to see that it was still here. The food was as amazing as I remember. I live in Pittsburgh and will make this trip up 79 asap

Mary Duffy

our first time and we all asked what took so long to get there!! the service was perfect, the food was amazing. cannot wait to go back.


I had the pleasure of visiting Al'an Ruben's recently, and I was truly taken aback by the quality of the food here. It's so far and above anything you'd think by just looking at the place from the outside, but honest to God I think if I lived closer to it I'd probably be in multiple times a week. The crab cake sandwich was seasoned perfectly, priced reasonably, and featured their signature "Sidewinder" fries on the side. The service was likewise outstanding, and our waitress was both insightful and charming. Please go here, you're doing yourself a disservice every day you wait.

Bobbiejo Irizarry

Amazing service even when they were short staffed! The food was great ! They worked extremely hard and still gave wonderful service with a smile !


The food is DELISH! the service was just as good! Will definitely return if near while traveling. Everything is made to order. Best ravioli my husband has ever had. Chicken Marsala is FAB too. The cheesecake was also AMAZING! Oh, and the creamsicle martini! ?


The Staff was very friendly, and the food was absolutely amazing. There’s also gluten free options, which I love!


Looks rough on the outside but the inside is a GEM. Clean and nicely decorated. All the food is made from scratch. The Reuben sandwich and lobster flatbread pizza and AMAZING. We took dessert to go and the waitress even wrote down the best way to heat it up at home for us to enjoy. They go the extra mile from start to finish. HIGHLY RECOMMEND. The two entrees and dessert was only $50

becky anderson

First time going and the experience was wonderful. Staff were friendly and everything we ordered was delicious. We will definitely be back!

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