Dog House Diner

1145 Jefferson Ave, Washington
(724) 222-4103

Recent Reviews

judi price

Haven't been there in years but decided to check it out..breakfast was tĥe best. The service was great and they were super busy. The price was good too. I'll be back!!Food: 5/5

megan marczewski

Cheap great food. Everything cooked perfectly, only problem was the creamer for my coffee.... It was chunky, definitely not usable. Sausage links were huge as well as the pancakes. Server checked up on us regularly. Would DEFINITELY go again.Food: 4/5

corrin Lowry

We got a pick up order for breakfast and was very disappointed. We were missing items and what we did receive was mediocre at best. The home fries and the sausage were still cold (frozen) to the point that the person didn't eat 90% of the breakfast. We thought we would give it a try since we loved the previous diner prior to the new ownership, the new regime leaves a lot to be desired.


I ranked them a 5 it was the best pancake and crispy bacon I have had in a long time. My husband rated it a 3 because his scrambled eggs were not as scrambled as much as he likes making the texture strange. We both loved the hash browns. Service was fantastic, Ciara G was our server. The picture is after my husband starting eating the Superman Platter.

Dee B

Terrific food here.for sure. Never bad service and always clean! These are the highlights found here. Hungry or need a smile visit the Dog House Diner!

Kimberly Smock

Service was good. Food was mediocre at best. This diner was highly recommended a few years back so I finally stopped. I chose a ham and cheese omelet, it was horrible. The cheese was not melted and I opened it up to find 1 piece of cheese in the whole thing. It is my understanding that this place has changed hands and sense that transaction the food is really gone down hill. What a shame cause I thought I finally heard of a good place to eat. My daughter and her boyfriend got subs and they were good & the prices were great.

Etor Ndinyah

I am food blogger and I felt it was important for the establishment to know how they are running their business to their customers. I walked in as a first time customer with no idea that it was self seating. The wait staff took their time approaching me to the table , and honestly I was very uncomfortable. You can tell this is a small town diner based on their actions. I received a waffle that was cold and honestly seem like it was cooked hours ago and hash browns dripping in grease. My advice- you never know who you may be serving always try your best to provide good service.

Laurel Campbell

We’ve been going to this diner 2-3 times weekly after physical therapy sessions at Canonsburg Hospital. The food has been pretty good. The service has been on and off, but mostly on. So we kept going back! I always requested my hot cereal to be creamy, and our servers were diligent about that.But earlier this week was disappointing. The server walked away as she talked, so we barely heard what she was saying. My husband received hash browns instead of home fries, sure, mistakes like that can happen. Home fries were quickly served. The veggie omelette was full of vegetables which was excellent, but like where were the eggs? I was served one slice of toast. I asked if I should’ve gotten another piece of toast and was told that because this particular Italian bread was larger than their standard Italian bread, they were only serving one piece. I think that’s just absurd, and their prices aren’t low. Maybe there was perhaps 1 egg in my omelette because the eggs were bigger??But Seriously, we’d like to go back but this one experience has put us off. I’m sure we’ll give it a try again…and hope our favorite server is there.

Nancy Miller

Very enjoyable breakfast!! Staff was excellent, atmosphere was great! Very cute little diner!! Will definitely return when in the area!

Cindy S.

I stopped in for breakfast and glad I did. The waitress arrived very quickly and brought coffee and took my order. I ordered and received pancakes, crispy bacon, and crispy hash browns exactly the way I like them! The bacon was delicious as well as the hash browns! the pancakes were large and very good too! I enjoyed the space between tables and lively environment. I recommend you stop in!

Bob Thomas

Friendly and fast service great prices

Charlotte Meyer

They do not allow you to get a to go coffee after dining in and drinking coffee you must pay for another coffee!! I’ll buy my coffee elsewhere !

Rachel Wyry

Great food and friendly atmosphere. Our basell team was in from Ohio and they interacted with the boys and made us feel at home. The food was amazing and the service was fast and accurate. Highly recommend!

Clint Helmick

Tried this place twice recently and both time it was absolutely terrible for food. Any place bad once so we decided to give them a second go round. Now we wish we would have gone elsewhere.. Both times some items were cold, some items were over cooked, the brown gravy was unbelievable horrible both times. The waitresses all fight back and forth behind the counter and when 1 goes in the back or outside all the others talk about them. Maybe stop there to play the lottery or get a canned beverage or a piece of store bought pie, other than that DRIVE ON BY AND FIND SOMEWHERE ELSE TO DINE!!Wheelchair accessibility: They only have 1 handicapped parking spot

Becca Shingler

I really enjoyed this breakfast dish (Italian mix) it was so good. The sausage had such a good flavor, so many pepper and onion. This was excellent.

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