O Fado

Largo São João Novo 16
919 710 157

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Jeremy Girardin

Très belle soirée passée dans ce superbe restaurant ! Le décor et le fado vous plongeront dans une ambiance traditionnelle typique portugaise. Les différents plats étaient savoureux ainsi que copieux et les serveurs agréables et de très bons conseils.

Lorraine Brophy

From the moment we walked in I knew we were in for a treat. The staff were amazing and I had mixed up my booking but they still managed to fit us in. The food was the best I’d had in Portugal and the recommendations for wine were great. The best was the fado itself. There were 3 performers and I was so impatient with the music and the emotion of the songs. I would definitely return


A ce niveau ce n'est pas un restaurant mais une maison où rien ne manque, je m'explique de notre arrivée à notre départ de cet établissement nous avons été accueillis avec attention, un personnel disponible et d'une gentillesse il nous ont enchanté, quand à l'assiette il est bien connu qu'au Portugal quand tu commandes pour un tu en as pour deux et bien ça se vérifie, non seulement on en a dans l'assiette mais c'était extrêmement délicieux, des St Jacques nacrées comme je les aime, une mousse au citron vert un pur délice. Des chanteuses et chanteur de fadoExceptionnelles, bref si vous passez à Porto et que vous voulez de l'authenticité c'est l'endroit où aller. Attention il faut réserver à l'avance.

Nuno Alexandre

Amazing small restaurant, and a must if visiting Porto. From the moment we checked in for our reservation and being seated on the VIP table, front and center of the stage, it was nothing short of a wonderful evening of Fado music and great cuisine. The service was Impeccable and the staff very friendly, knowledgeable, and provided great suggestions that were nothing short of delicious. The food was fresh, professionally cooked and presented. The Professional Fado singers, and a quartet of Portuguese guitarists and a cello made for an unforgettable night in Porto. Strongly recommend. 5⭐️s

Raquel Morson

Run, do not walk, when in Porto! 10/10 experience from the kind staff helping us with a night before reservation, good sense of humor, attentiveness, and excellent recommendations throughout the night. The Fado performers were also fantastic. Be prepared for a long evening if you want to stay for the full lineup, but it’s absolutely worth it!

Julia Gaboian

AMAZING! We just returned from an unforgettable evening of soul touching music and great cuisine. Impeccable service, very friendly staff, delicious food, and FADO. Professional Fado singers, quartet of Portuguese guitarists and a cello. Best night in Porto. Don’t miss this place when in Porto. Strongly recommend.

Laury Goncalves

Definitely the best restaurant we had in Porto!!The welcome, the atmosphere, the service, the cuisine, everything is spectacular!We will come back for sure!

Samuel Vaz

One of the best Fado Houses you'll ever visit.Truly the best Porto and Portuguese experience with this restaurant, prepare yourself as you'll stay here for hours, there's no table rotation, just an experience of eating and listening.You'll enjoy 3 or more Fado singers in regular intervals where everything stops when the Fado starts.The food is great with lots of Portuguese classics from Cod to Octopus and Beef to Pork. It will not disappoint, trust me.Service is great, the waiter will talk to you, help you decide on your wine and food pairing as well as explaining the Fado itself, they are very helpful and nice people.This should be a must for any foreigner and for any local.(You should expect 40€-100€ per person)Parking: Parking is very limited near the restaurant but you have options around the area for paid street parking and paid parking garages.

Kaśka B.

The best fado restaurant I've ever been to. Wonderful music and singing, cello adds climate. Food tastes like heaven! Waiter service admirable. Air conditioning. It's definitely worth it!


Joli cadre pour dîner en écoutant les artistes chanter du fado.Plats très bons. On sent que la qualité et la fraîcheur des produits sont là.Accueil et service agréable.Point négatif : prix excessif.À faire quand même si possible financièrement et exceptionnellement.


An incredibly special experience. The fado band and singers were fantastic. The food was amazing, and the restaurant is very intimate with the friendliest servers (thank you Andre & Ricardo!) A must do when in Porto, thank you!

Paul Heineman

Beautiful food, beautiful Fado.Not even knowing portuguese you could feel the emotion in the songs. And together with the wonderful food, wine and service the best recipe for the evening. Very good musicians especially the cellist. Obrigado a todos

Tornike Bolkvadze

The best Fado restaurant in Porto (possibly in Portugal). The only Fado performance with Cello. The experience starts with Ricardo greeting you at the door and providing most friendly welcome and recommendations.If you want to try the best of everything this place has to offer, go for the tasting menu with wine pairings. Amazing food (including mouthwatering deserts) and flawless service. Of course, Fado is second to none!

Sarah M

Reply to the owner's comment:Hello,I am not surprised at your reply as when I complained about the wait time for our food-nearly 1 hour from when we sat down-I was told it wasn't as long as I had led myself to believe! Gaslighting at its finest. You guys clearly don't take criticism well.Regarding prices, they're not on your website (which is entirely in Portuguese). I should have researched it better but we came on the recommendation of a local guide; I learned my lesson to be more discerning after that.But you're right, we should have left when we saw the ridiculous prices but we were hungry, it was quite late and I don't mind paying over the odds if it's worth it (spolier alert: it was not worth it).There were only 4 musicians on the night we visited, not 6. They played 5 songs before we were finally allowed to leave. I had no idea we had to remain completely still and silent during the performance, where I'm from music is to be enjoyed, not endured. It was an interesting experience but not one I'd like to replicate.Regards,Sarah.Extremely overpriced by Portuguese standards. The food was not bad but we ate in better restaurants for far less on our trip. The music was fine but you dare not make a sound or leave during the performance which I found a bit uncomfortable.

Carolina Maciel

A Porto must!! Entire experience made for a lovely evening. Andre was our server & made the perfect wine recommendations. The food was fantastic. The fado performance was incredible. Highly recommend 10/10

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