Mexigrill Express

3499 St Laurent Blvd, Montreal
(514) 543-3499

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Jason Kelleher

Fairly standard burrito. Also had cookie and a drink. Not bad, not great. WiFi was welcomed!Food: 3/5

Richard Stay

Am giving 2 stars as I paid nearly $14.00 plus a tip for a veggie bowl which was 95% rice. This place has potential to be much a much better value for money. -Vegetarian options: Sparce amount of fajita veg. No veg protein option. Tiny scoops of beans and salsas on a large portion of rice

Massimo Colarusso

Horrible place, 150$ for 12 unsavory tacos, 1 burrito and 1 "taco bowl"!!!! ?ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY DOLLARS!!! It's theft, plain and simple. Don't go there, save your money for dozens of better taco places in Montreal.....


Ordered a rice bowl through Uber eats, but received a burrito instead. The burrito arrived very cold and it tasted super weird… It wasn’t prepared properly either, all the rice and meat was on one side and the rest of the toppings on the other.

Wendy Belisle

Incredibly disappointing burrito bowl. I ordered it with the vegetables and guacamole (there was no guacamole in it). the food was very salty, the rice undercooked, and everything was very much without flavour. Maybe its a different experience when you go in person...but I do not recommend. (oh and the chips were so salty, I had to physically rub off the salt to be able to eat it...)

Annisa Vincent

The portions of the bowls were good, the spicy salsa was really spicy which was enjoyable! The overall taste was good, not very flavourful but good.

Emily Woods

Horrible, horrible quality. Missed half our order and what we received was stale and gross.How do you not send guacamole with an order of chips and guacamole ?The quesadilla and burrito was inedible. Never again

Vicky Do

Al pastor burrito: this is a must try (in restorant, not delivery), small burrito but fills you up. Not very generous with guacamole (2$ extra) and sour cream (see pictures). But still satisfying.Quesadilla: SO NOT WHAT THE PICTURE ON THE APP LOOKS LIKE. Each piece of the quesadilla fits in the palm of your hand because it's so small, but they are very generous with the sour cream.Churro: also small, but crunchy.Ordered it via doordash. Service is fast, but portions are ridiculously small for 14-18$/burrito (the size of my hand) and 6$/quesadilla (literally a tiny tortilla).So, not worth it if ordering via an app (unless you are hungry because it hits all the right spots). However, the seasoning is perfect, ingredients are perfectly cooked and although I've seen bigger burritos, I was full at the end.

Sara Elizabeth

Okay, in all honesty, this place has really good food. The problem is that, for what they charge, you do not get your value's worth. I ordered tacos, and in each of them had maaaybe two or three tablespoons of filling; they came no where close to filling up the tortilla. I asked for sour cream and lettuce on mine as well, and in each of them there was a few strands of lettuce and a teaspoon of sour cream. It was really sad, especially because it was very very tasty. The chips and guac had a pretty good portion size, and I was pretty happy with that. The churros are good, and they come served with nutella, which is fine with me. Overall, this place really doesn't deserve a 1 star, but they really need to reevaluate their portions, or their prices. You can probably find better valued Tex-mex food in Montreal, but this place is pretty tasty, and if you're nearby and hungry for a taco, it's not too bad.EDIT: Okay, I've given them another chance, and while I still stick by my original review, I've added an additional star just because the quality of the food has been pretty consistent each time I've ordered from this restaurant. It's tasty, reliable, and in all honesty, with the option to add extra meat, they're on par with the prices and portions of similar tex-mex restaurants. I do genuinely feel like I'm paying too much still, but I haven't been able to find better quality for less money in the Montreal area. So they're on par with their neighbors.

Amanda Hemmings

Quesadilla was drenched in grease, no cheese was detectable in it and the meat is very clearly old meat they slapped on. The churro is inedible. It's so old I only managed to nibble the end off of it. I always support small local businesses and was excited to try this one. Unfortunately, I should have read the reviews first.

Harsimran Kaur

I like the food here and order almost every other week, BUT how the bowl is made depends upon the employee working. As sometimes the quantity is good and the other times it’s way too less. Today I went to make the bowl. I ordered a veggie bowl (which has guacamole included) and the guy charged me EXTRA for veggies and guacamole!!!! It took me 10 mins to explain the guy about their own menu and tell them again and again that I didn’t get any meat, even when they made it!!! Also, they charged me 1.5$ extra for getting hot sauce on the side, which has NEVER happened in my any other visits. I am disappointed!

Roya Wafa

Uncooked riced. Over priced for what they receive. Charged me $3 for guacamole and there was barely any in it. Waste of money. Will never try it there

Shirley Lam

I forgot to take pictures but I should have. The Chicken Tacos was dried and empty. The Guacamole was done in a rush. Beef burrito was full of rice and not much of beef. What a waste of a meal

Rita C

Do yourself a favor and AVOID this place.Ordered a 16 dollar bowl, got 2 chunks of chicken, no cheese, the wrong type of rice, soggy lettuce, and the whole thing was cold.


I can't believe how bad my meal was. I ordered tonight from DoorDash so couldn't return it. I ordered a bowl with rice and everything was EXTREMELY salty, it was NOT eatable. It must have been the salsa, since everything was affected, unless the cook is that clueless that he over salted every ingredients (brown rice, chicken, fried veggies). And on top of that the rice was hard, obviously very undercooked. Just a disaster, and a total waste of 16$.

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