Poulet Rouge Côte-des-Neiges

5520 Chem. de la Côte des Neiges, Montréal
(514) 303-2003

Recent Reviews

Malak Youssef

It was a very good experience, The food was great and the service as well! Thank youFood: 5/5

julianne obregon

Don't have much of a clue about how well ordering food went since my family ordered however, i loved loved loved the food. The proportions are big and the food is delicious ?Food: 5/5

Michael Arevalo

Good alternative for a poke bowl!Update: I picked up an order that I did through their app and they forgot a topping and also put too much salad dressing which my salad bowl became a soup. Called and spoke to their Manager Chris and resolved the issue. Great customer service!Food: 5/5

Sebastien L.

Ordered from them a couples times thru Uber eats for their chicken wraps and never been disappointed . Always been pretty good . Definitely would recommand this place


Couldve had more chicken in this bowl.. also they charge extra for the avocado. Healthy food though.

Rohit Singla

Sleepy service. They do not look at the order slip before making any order. Happened thrice and every time they Set an example of pathetic work. Asked to add Extra Spicy mayo, Imagine what they did?? They didn't even put the regular part. Ruined my weekend ?.

Le Hung

Gril chicken on a bed of rice ... choice of variety vegie ... nice

Andrey Akh.

Very tasty and filling dishes.I love the variety of the selection of the toppings the dish can have. Could be a bit more, but it is fine.Had lemon chicken with bulgur and spicy mayo very good! Delivery came within 40 min and still hot.

Richard Phat The Nguyen

The rice and garnish taste better than the chicken itself. The chicken is overcooked dry to eat and the meat was chewy. The meat was already pre cooked and the post grill likely ruined. For the price it is definitely a bargain. Quality wise could be improved.Service is ok, staff keep getting mixed order from customers. Not the end of the world.I would give them another try in the future which will hopefully change my review.

Aravindan Balasubramanian

Usually, I love it. But, yesterday I ordered two bowls extra meat + tips (cost:46$). The half rice was perfect and it wasn't half, the half couscous (bulgur) was tasteless, overcooked and a lumpy mess, she dumped more of it in our bowls, I think to get rid of it. Hated it in every bite of bowl and did not even finish it and was a disaster.

Adam Khali

Second time i come here and fountain drinks are down. Its not smart to charge 2.99$ for a drink when majority dont buy drinks. Chicken was burnt too. Probably last visit here.


The service was not friendly, the portions miniature for the expensive price. If you want great chicken, just go to farhat down the block. Much better quality for half the price.

Hemanshu Chourasia

This restaurant is my go to place to eat fresh and it's open till late night. Just love their sauces, poutine, fries, rice. The veggies are always fresh. Chicken is grilled in front of you. The staff is always friendly cordial and helpful. Place is clean and serves fast

Gopika Chandra

When I first started eating the food I started loving it a lot and then tried all the dishes there. One of my favourites all the time is poutine and salad. Here staff are so good and friendly and provide very good service. I could say one of the healthiest restaurants ever. Thank you guys cheer up and do it great as always

Jason yuchen Liu

The food is amazing! The staff is friendly too. The restaurant is pretty popular, so during rush hours, it takes quite some time to get your food. The price is also affordable. However, as someone who eats a lot, I feel like I don't get enough (even with the 2 flavours of chicken). Would definitely recommend for most people!

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