SHAKER Cuisine & Mixologie St-Laurent

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Tony Hellcat

Went on 03/01 with a group of around 10 colleagues for drinks and supper, it was my first time visiting.First impressions were that the place was nice, but I’m not a huge fan sitting on bar stools to eat food and almost every table is setup this way, I find it really uncomfortable but that is just my personal preference.We started with drinks and appetizers. Tons of choices for drinks, the menu is quite impressive and there is really something for everyone. The drinks are nicely prepared and each have their own unique style. Mine tasted great, and no one had any complaints.As for the appetizers, we ordered 3 sets of nachos. The servings are a lot smaller than expected and probably a little over priced for what you get. If they were anywhere between 3 and 5 dollars less, it would make more sense. Again, taste was pretty decent.For myself, I was impressed with how they presented their burgers on the menu and made sure to point out the “Sterling beef”. As such I ordered their BLT burger and expected to have a really fresh and tasty burger and sadly, was left really disappointed with it.The best part of the burger was the little hot dog wrapped in bacon sitting on top of it but when I went to look at the burger itself, it was sadly not a fresh ground beef patty, and no one can convince me otherwise. It looked (and tasted) exactly like the frozen patties that are processed and sold frozen in a box at your local grocery store. You don’t see the ground beef at all, it’s just a slab or meat that looks processed and shaped into a circle if that makes sense. Fresh burgers have a look, feel and texture to them, this was totally not that. I’ve had better burgers for half the price that were made fresh to order and cooked to your liking. Mine was cooked medium well and I had no choice to take it it this way per the waiter. Toppings were fine and as advertised, house sauce was pretty good. The pickle was a nice touch as well.The fries that came with the burger were the best part in my opinion. They had a nice little seasoning on them, and tastes great, couldn’t get enough.Overall, I’d give this place a 3.5 rating, but since no half stars I felt like it was more of a 3 than a 4 simply due to the burger not being a real burger (in my eyes) and this was what i was most excited to eat and felt let down. Also due to the nachos being slightly over priced for what you get.I would go back, but would probably try something else on the menu when it comes to food.

J Ortega

This restaurant is unique. It has a club vibe, the staff is kind, friendly and professional. Went there my gf and her BFF for dinner. The food is great, they have a good selection of drinks just check their menu. It's accessible from the st-laurent metro station. I ve ordered the fried calamari and the general Tao. The general Tao is unique which is worth trying. Come and try this place.

Noah Dion

We spent a few days in Montreal and on a whim decided to try Shaker. Sure glad we did! Our food was delicious. We got the classic Asian chicken salad and poutine. Food was fresh, prices decent, and service was excellent. Came out quicker than we thought. It was very busy and loud inside (we were there around 6pm), but still had a great vibe. I imagine during slower times there may be more ambience. Our server was nice and kind and the rest of the staff we interacted with were helpful regardless of how busy they were. Their drink menu is extensive as well. We will definitely consider coming back the next time we travel to Montreal. It helped make our last night a memorable experience.

Sylvie D'Aoust

One night in Montreal and I picked this restaurant to take the kids. We were able to get in before the rush. Had the most amazing Salmon and Asian Tartar and fries.They had a great selection of cocktails.Make a reservation

Masha Kalmanovich

We enjoyed our food at Shaker. We were there about 4 pm, so really in between lunch and dinner. There were just a few people in the restaurant. We ordered an onion soup, a tartare trio and a poutine. Everything was fresh and tasty, though tartare was on the expensive side, considering the amount of food you get.

Eliana P.

Le bar et les cocktails sont super. La nourriture un peu questionnable. Tartars manquent de goût. Guédille aux crevettes nordiques et homard était en manque de homard et de goût.


We enjoyed our food at Shaker. We were there about 4 pm, so really in between lunch and dinner. There were just a few people in the restaurant. We ordered an onion soup, a tartare trio and a poutine. Everything was fresh and tasty, though tartare was on the expensive side, considering the amount of food you get.

Erika SH

Nice place to have drinks with friends. Nice staff and nice restaurant however the service was a bit slow. To wrap our evening, we ordered two shots, we waited 20 min and decided to cancel… Good selection of appetizers, plenty of drinks to choose from the menu. We went there on a Monday, it was house music vibes.

Kamelia B

Nothing special just be careful when u sit close to the street or in terass u can bite easily by ???? or u can see one of them in your glass of?don’t be surprised just ask for another. They offer u next drink and you don’t have to pay. We were in the both situation my friend was bitten and i was close to ate one of ? i was too surprised to take a pic when it struggled ?

Angelina Aurora

The place was quite different and the food was surprisingly good; however, the service was a bit slow. The 3 round balls in the picture are the lobster balls. I expected the quantity to be more nevertheless it was tasty. My friend got the general tao, the chicken was quite juicy and tender and had a good flavor. The other main is the Salmon lemon-dill tartar which was a bit disappointing. There was no burst of flavour or rather the flavor was faint. I do believe certain aspects of their dishes could be improved. All in all, it was a good experience.

Brianna Nicole

I am feeling generous to even give this resto club a 1 star. We were a group of 26 told to arrive at 9 pm only seated at 9:15 pm and served at 9:30 pm. Our group got their foods at different times, some of our group started paying and we as a table (7 people) hadn’t even been served yet. They brought a service of the main meal to our group at 10:25 and It took them 50 minutes to get us (our table) our plates, our table only got our service at 11:05. In that time period our waitress didn’t even ask us if we wanted something else to drink. When we asked where our food was, one of the waiters replied “we had a rush”. Worst customer service I’ve ever experienced.

Coralie B.

Went to Shaker for the first time the other day. Despite having reservations, we were not served for ~30 minutes. Our meals were also served cold. Drinks were good.

Mary S.

Service was terrible and food was disgusting. Literally a piece of hair was in there. Definitely would not be coming back.

Jesse Rhodes

I arrived with a group on a Sunday afternoon, 2 hours before a show. We waited forever for any service despite the restaurant being fairly empty. It was apparent that our server could not figure out how to multitask between our table and one nearby where two attractive women were sitting. We ordered beers, a few pitchers of sangria or something like it, and I ordered a burger. It all took forever and we all considered leaving several times so we could get to the show. My burger finally arrived. It tasted a little funny, but I marked it down to beef seasoning being different in different provinces, and in the 37 years of my life I've always been able to eat like a garbage disposal. 12 hours later I was very sick. And nearly a month later, my guts still aren't the same. I wrote this review from the toilet. From the map I see there's another pub across the street - if you're reading this, go there instead.

Vivian L

The overall feeling is a bit contradictory: Surprise, it does not count; Say disappointed and it is not.

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SHAKER Cuisine & Mixologie St-Laurent

3518 St Laurent Blvd, Montreal, QC H2X 2V1
(514) 475-3085