Club Fantasies

28 Sims Ave, Providence
(401) 272-4126

Recent Reviews

alan andrade

Brought my fiance here the other night. She really enjoyed herself. All the girls made her feel very welcomed.

Charlie Lux

This place has a lot of improvement that it needs to make, but in general the girls here are all pretty awesome, The dances are affordable, there is a pool table bartenders and waitresses are hot.

Fauve D'accord

This club is quiet, but it has good dancers and decent staff. Kind of a hidden gem, not far from Atwells ave. Dances are decently priced.

Tim Ryan

This Club is honestly a Hidden Gem! the average girl here is about a 6 or 7, with a couple of 8 and 9's in the mix. I like that it's diverse, something for everyone. I really appreciate the low key atmosphere, not too much pressure. The club itself has a nice layout, 2 bars with the games always on.

Sophia Wasserman

Had the Best time here! The girls are all so chill... it's a super relaxed vibe. def coming back!

Anonymous Name

I dont often go out of my way to review a place but I actually loved this club. I go during the week when I have my days off and weekends when I can. The girls are good looking I'll give it that all day. Only thing is the drinks are a bit pricey, and during the week most clubs let you in for free but I've had to pay on a Tuesday, local clubs dont charge week days. But they'd probably make the argument that the girls are significantly better. Fair point. Last time I went there was a girl who was honestly really sweet, really nice, insanely gorgeous with some serious talent. If prices came down just slightly I would have given a 5. Awesome place though, totally reccomend

Kyle Morrison

I went with Jasmine but I was bejewled!

Leeann Hardsog

Over priced drinks 14$! place smelled like piss and the girls were not good looking and was pretty dead, played pool and it was &3! This place I wouldn't recommend for anyone it was a RIP off and a disappipntment. Only good part was no cover charge

Trippy Taco

Club has changed a lot definitely worth every dollar!

Felix Eric R.

Don't waste your money or time here. This is certainly one of the worst places for service, no matter the type of establishment in Providence. The Good: The space is open and clean, and there's a pool table which is unique to strip clubs in RI. The Bad: Just about everyone here acts quite entitled. There is no customer-service focus. I assumed there might be some effort to please customers as but this wasn't true at all. The dancers are quite rude and finicky. One dancer complained about the cold air conditioning to me. That's something I can't control and don't want to hear about. With everyone so rude, there is really no point to coming here. There are just ok many options in Providence for drinks, dancers, fun, and entertainment. If you're a man and want any of the above, try the Foxy Lady, Club Desire or Wonderland. Don't waste your time or money here.

John D

Been here a couple times ,always very disappointed. Figured id check it out at night see if it was any better. Paid 10 dollars to get in. The girls working where all horrible, then they kicked me out because i didn't want to buy a $7 dollar can of beer. Dont waste your time or money here this is the worst club in Providence.

Taylor F

Great atmosphere, girls were very nice, full of energy to my boyfriend and i, it was a great time, especially compared to some of the other clubs in the area we went to, these girls were nice and actually fun to be around.

richard cocksman

Wow what a great night, sucha different atmosphere compared to the other places packed with sewer swine Eesh

SEO Service

had a great time here, place seems to have new design and girls much nicer now

Emerald Green

Nice place, underrated, the girls are not hairy or ugly, but most are amateurs and walk around weirdly in their heels

chuck khmer

Waitress hounds you to buy a drink and when you refuse. Some guy threatens to kick you out. Old and ugly girls with scars and tattoos.

D.Lucille S

Gorgeous girls and a fun atmosphere. I love the pool table in the back!

Chris S.

I live this place only cause of Bambi she's the best there . To bad she only works on Saturday would have been great to see her everyday lol.

John Smith

For a 10.00 - $15.00 cover you may enjoy the company of pudgy (FAT) girls ranging in age from 30 - 65+. If you enjoy a game of pool , each game is $3.00 and a can of beer for $6.00. The most attractive girl is fully dresses at all times and she is probably an 8 out of 10. The rest are probably a 6 or less and full of green ink for the majority. Upon entering the club you will probably notice not one girl on stage and the place is dead, Gentlemen, with little too no effort, you will find at least 4 or more places in Providence charging like prices with young voluptuous, alluring young ladies. Good look gentlemen.

Nicki Nicki Nicki

Love love love Ashlynn and Aloha! If you go to this club i highly recommend you ask for one of them! They are more then generous with their time and also have great conversation! I never post reviews but after seeing all the negative, I felt a need to. Yes some girls are not good dancers and some do most definitely look high! But thatâ??s every club isnâ??t it?... anyways, ask for Ashlynn or Aloha and I promise you wonâ??t be disappointed!

Dan F.

Don't waste your time. Went here for a bachelor party and regretted it from the moment I walked in. When I say the place is full of ones and twos I'm not lying. I'm pretty sure one of the girls was pregnant, that's bad for business.

Rodney S.

Rosalyn provided me with some great sex in the CR, sure she may be a little older, but definitely lots of fun

Chuck K.

I went in and the waitress asked if I wanted a drink. Since I just had lunch I passed on the drink. The few girls dancing were either over 45, gross tattoos all over, fat and just plain homely. So I passed the time waiting for a better girl by checking my messages and emails by the table. Just then the waitress came by and asked me to order a drink because one drink was the minimal. I told her I'll order a drink later. I was planning to get a drink after I am done with my emails and messages. But the waitress storm back with the bouncer and in a loud harsh tone demanded I either order a drink now or get out. I am not going to be talked to like that. So I left.

Dingo D.

Went there on a Saturday evening at 6:00 pm and stayed until 7:30 pm. There was no cover charge and the behavior of staff was nice. It was pretty much dead. The place looks pretty boring and dancers were not so good. A few ppl told me it was cheaper. I know other places where you get better dances for same price. I don't drink. So, I don't know if that's cheap. Or may be , I went in there too early. Far better options available in Providence.

Steven F.

It wasn't even OK at all. First of all, I'm not really into strip clubs at all anyway. That being said, a club can get a good review from me if they have an attitude that helps their patrons be welcome--even if it is only about feeling welcome at their dingy, gross place of sin and vice (no offense if you do like strip clubs, because, well, you probably are on the same page with that anyway). So, I was there for a bachelor party for someone really close to me. The place seemed alright, and I could tell many in our entourage were having fun, and nobody was being shaken down. Until...a stripper punched me in the throat. Yup. I was plenty in control of my state of mind to know that there was nothing I did to deserve it (just withdrawing some cash and politely telling an overly pushy stripper I wasn't interested in her offerings). Right after she hit me, a few of her colleagues who saw it calmly told me to leave because I was gonna be forced to leave anyway. It was weird--it was like this had happened before, nobody was blaming me, and they were trying to help. So I went down the stairs and on the other side of the stairs, I could see the bouncers who were looking for me coming up. When I woke up the next morning it hurt, but not that bad. Sort of like when you have the flu and a gland in your neck is really tender. I called their establishment to let them know. The guy was apologetic and sympathetic but never asked me who assaulted me. My guess is it doesn't matter. It just happens there sometimes, even if you do nothing to deserve it. To me that is ultimate disrespect that goes beyond the amount one can ever assume you deserve just by attending a place like that.

Michael F.

Not the hottest girls in the city but they are a lot of fun! This place is clean for the most part, friendly staff and fairly priced drinks. Also the atmosphere is very laid back compared to a lot of the more upscale gentleman's clubs in Providence. The dancers here are hit or miss looks wise but if you get a dance from any of them you'll most likely have a great time. Very "hands on" place.

Catherine M.

These girls have no energy and look washed up. The dancers were changing in the bathroom, they didn't even have dressing rooms. Very tight security. Real shady. I should have just went to the spot in Webster, MA.

John T

Wash your hands ;)

Michelle L.

Okay, so I lied...I DID in fact go back to Club Fantasies last Wednesday evening despite the fact that in my previous review I vowed not to. The main reason being is that I found a free admission card in my glove compartment and I was in Providence with the boyfriend and I said to myself, "screw it, why not? Maybe I did in fact go on an 'off night.'" Boy was I wrong...I should have trusted my gut instinct. Though I am not known for doing so. So we arrived just after 6PM and the admission is in fact $10, not $20 dollars like I had previously thought, and one of us obviously used the free admission pass. This time we stayed on the main floor and sat at the main stage most of the time to tip the girls. Other than that, we were at the bar ordering drinks. Anyway, I will just jump into the pros and cons like I so creatively do in my reviews, since I do not want to keep you all on the edge of your seats....because I am sure you all are. Well, I will cover the positive aspects first, though they are unfortunately few and far between in my personal experience here. The cover is $10, so that is not so bad as I (for some odd reason) thought of it being $20 before. The drinks are a good price as well, considering it is a strip club, or at least the Bud Light is, which is what we both got that evening. Also, the wait staff are extremely helpful and attentive, and asking every so often if we needed anything else while we were sitting at the main stage. They even come over to you to see if you would like to exchange larger bills for singles, which is something I have never experienced at one of these establishments before, so I thought that was pretty cool. That again goes under the arc of the wait staff being on the ball, or at least they were that day. The girls this time around were more attractive than the ones I saw during my last visit to the aqua palace. Of course you have about 3 or 4 that were overweight, but you have to have something for everyone I suppose. Oh yeah, and the other thing I liked was the fact that the little building across the street has my pal Freddy Kreuger painted in black and white on the side of it, and rather well I might add...but that has nothing to do with the club itself, so I digress. Okay, well that just about covers the for the cons (wot wot wot...). As stated before, this place is INSANELY dark...even for a strip club. What really irritated me were two things: how standoffish the girls seemed to us, and the clientele. Yes, standoffish. Perhaps because we are a couple and they felt odd shaking their rear ends in our faces, thinking one of us was going to be jealous/offended? Obviously not, otherwise we would not be venturing to one of the sleaziest strip clubs in Providence, RI...which puts it at one of the sleaziest in the country. All but 1 or 2 of the girls that we saw on the stage that evening pretty much ignored us sitting there waiting to tip them. Ah well, more money for us to save I suppose, but it's just the principle. Also, the clientele are sleazy as all hell, which is not a huge deal seeing as how I felt safe as I was with my boyfriend (who hails from Glasgow, need I say more), but it still bothered me a bit. In conclusion, I PROMISE this time I will not return to Club Fantasies aka the Aqua Palace. Though I do realize it is for some people, especially if you like your strippers to pretty much be prostitutes or on the aggressive side and you go to these establishments wanting "extras." Otherwise, head over to the Foxy Lady. Fantasies, 2 strikes and you're out. Sorry.

Trung B.

What happened? This place has ladies working, like in their 50 plus. I know everyone needs a job and gotta pay bills, but come on!!! They should have a sign that reads: "Young ladies, upstairs" "Retired dancers, downstairs". Enough said...go check it out if y'all do not believe.

Joseph L.

I would have given this club 5 stars but the advertising is poor and there is a decent amount of dancing with the pole instead of pole dancing. That said, Fantasies has a wide variety of girls. The food is very good and the drinks are reasonably priced. They also have a lot of 2 for 1. HERE IS THE BIG ONE GENTS: this club offers a wide range of "services" along with private rooms and great "conversation." Nuff said. While this may not apply to most people looking for a gentleman's club on yelp I wouldn't be thorough unless I mentioned that the Staff is one if the best I've seen and I've seen a lot. Providence has a number of clubs. I feel like Fantasies is a great compromise between totally ghetto and far too classy or at least the appearance of class.

Aubrey P.

This place is great! Yes, some of the dancers are not the best looking, but others are absolutely gorgeous! And they are all super-friendly. Today, I visited with Bruna. I highly recommend her! If you want a club where there are no holds barred ( and no body parts off limits) check them out!

M T.

I enjoy this place a lot... The girls are friendly for the most part, and they allow most touching... The right girl allows a lot of touching and will do the same in return. The average girl in my opinion is about a 7 with some better and other at a min. of 4. However, I never had a bad experience in there. Cover is reasonable, but you will have to pay again if you want to go to the 2nd floor for all nude. Some of the girls will charge you more then $25 for a lap dance, don't take the bait. Other will give you a deal where they will give you two lap dances for $40... Saving of $10 bucks. Overall, at a busy night (Friday and Saturday), it is a lot of fun.... What happens in the champagne room stays in the champagne room... BUT Not cheap.

Elishevah G.

Not the most exciting strip club in the world, but not the worst ever, either. Came here with my cousin (we decided that we go to too many strip clubs together... so awkward) and our friend and had an alright time. I did get to watch my friend get a lap dance where he *could* touch the stripper, learned to punch (see below), and watched the Providence PD not do a damn thing about all the shady activities that go on around here. So, the regular strippers are kind of boring and honestly slightly too raunchy for my taste. They like lick each other and stuff. I'm personally just not into it. The dancers were really boring and one in particular couldn't dance at all. She just kept adjusting her underpants. The stripper who gave my friend a lap dance was *adorable* and she wasn't pushy at all, which was nice. She definitely let my friend do pretty much whatever he wanted to her... There is a punching bag game thingie here, and my friend taught me how to punch. That was pretty exciting, since all girls should know how to punch. I am only marginally okay at it, in case you were wondering, but my friend duly impressed the strippers with his navy-man strength. Finally, the cops are hanging out here and do not give a shit. Many illicit activities were proposed in my presence, and the PPD just sat around enjoying themselves. It's pretty obvious that the city was once run by the mob. Not that I care, but I'm just sayin. Anyway, don't really think I'd go back, but I'm glad I got to see Providence's finest sleaze at it's most mediocre. The end.

Debra G.

Where do I begin?!?!?! LMAO Nightmare on Stripper Street!! This place was horrible, terrible, dingy, dirty, unprofessional, boring and gross! I've been to my fair share of strip clubs over time for birthdays, get togethers, and nights to just kick back and relax. The night started off by paying $20 for entry, for two. We waited on a drink from the sloppy mess of a waitress for about 20 minutes and paid another $15 or so for just two drinks. After receiving our drinks, I decided to take in the sights... I thought I was in a bad dream! The things my wandering eyes absorbed in less than 3 minutes The cop on duty was eating pizza, leaning up against the wall and chucking it up with the doorman who himself was about 60+ year old and still rocking that creepy guy vibe who still works there to get his rocks off on staring at younger, females. I look over to my left and there was a group of boys (Not men) standing around in a circle, awkwardly observing around the room as if they were transported from time and had no idea what to do but stand in place in fear that someone might notice them. In the midst of it all. I finally take notice that all the girls working there (Dancers NOT strippers LOL) are looking like they all just clocked in to work after a late slumber party, drug fest. Deciding last minute to keep on their dirty lingerie that they had used the night before. Makeup all over the place, lingerie not even on straight. Buttons open, straps broken, Heels as high as the sky that they cant walk in. Pure shame and utter mess!! I understand a lot of people think strip clubs are nasty and gross and most people are morally apposed to going to one.......I WAS COMPLETELY ON THAT PAGE THIS NIGHT LOL. Strip clubs are great for group parties and get togethers, or a night out for some adventures with your significant other. I Don't mind going to them when I know their being managed in the cleanliness department. I get that some people & Places are more dirty than others but MAINTAIN YOUR SHIT A LITTLE! and you will have returning customers. Its pretty simple. Have a little higher standards in your hiring process and pay for after hour cleaners. I dolled up and spent energy into a gathering for this place and was at least hoping for a semi good night...I wanted to bathe when I got home and did just that. I was there with a friend sitting at a table with a corner view to see everything. The DJ kept announcing woman to come out to the stage and........tick tock.......20 minutes later of having not one girl on the stage...than randomly two pop out of no where like ninjas!!! and they start chit chatting on the stage with eachother as if they forgot they were AT WORK. The Two came on and starting dancing as if they were at Royale Boston for Dubstep night. I had no idea what the hell was going on!! I had to blink a few times quick and rub my eyes because i thought i was hallucinating. There was only one heavy set girl working there, Gyrating on another overweight girl (customer) in the corner of the stage. But that was about all the action we saw....Oh and that someone kept ripping ass that smelt like a low tide mixture with eggs. Upon smelling that we quickly ran out the door!!! I joke you not. NIGHTMARE! I will never ever go back...EVER! All in All, we wasted $40 just to experience: 1. No One Dancing 2. Girls Hobbling around on Heels 3. A stage that had Clothes, Purses and Alcoholic Beverages on It. (During and after the two girls got off the stage (Which no one cleaned up) 4. Smelling Egg Farts 5. Heavy set Woman Gyrating on Other Heavy Set Woman 6.......The list goes on. ALL SET, No Thank You!!!! We left and headed over to the foxy lady..... And the Night was quickly made up by gorgeous woman and a crowded strip club with high energy and flowing drinks! Stick to what you know. If your in Providence, Go to the Foxy Always! LESSON LEARNED Best Nights to Go: NEVER Noise Level: Obnoxious Alcohol: Wait and Wait some more Price Range: They Should Pay You To Go Accept Credit Cards: Pay with Monopoly M

Ron DeCosta

Wash your hands before you leave

Dee E.

If you're gonna take a trip to Prov, I wouldn't stop her first...there are 5 other clubs that trump Fantasies easily. That is all...start with Cadillac Lounge.

K M.

Went here on a rather spontaneous trip to Providence and got hammered with my boyfriend. We had fun, watched some nudity, drank, watched guys watch the nudity, which is always full of unintentional hilarity, and I had that always weird experience of being in the bathroom with the strippers. Can you maybe put a toilet for them backstage or something, All Clubs Everywhere? God. Anyway, obviously the RI clubs are way better than the MA clubs, and for obvious reasons (lapdances!), so you'll get your money's worth out of a trip down. Have fun!