146 Acorn St, Providence
(401) 572-3911

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Sirr Cumcizer

Never been here

Elvis Mujić

Classy place. Good for date night. ElvisComedy(DOT)com

Elvis Mujić

Classy place. Good for date night. ElvisComedy(DOT)com

Hawraa Aldouri

Such a friendly environment with great food and music. Their hookahs are the best.

Dennis Williams Jr.

Good place until it shut down.

African Girl

Just found out that this place is shut down for 60 days! ð??? been there always over crowded, water down drinks.

Chantel B

Horrible place owned by shiesty Lebanese cocaine addicted gangsters. It's a sad excuse for a decorated hole in a wall on federal hill. Becareful in there because the owners and security are known to do shady and harmful things to customers. Not a safe place for women to be at all, ladies it's not worth your safety! Most of the people giving positive reviews work there or are friends with the owners. Enter at your own risk.

k cox

Nice atmosphere. Good food!

JC Alexander

Great Place Great tines there Awesome Staff, drinks Venue is amazing a Providence Federal Hill Staple in Night Life entertainment!

Zeidan Ata

The food is close to bar food. Nothing to ride home about. Went there for what was supposed to be $85/person night with a singer, the bill was close to $130/person while no one almost in a party of 13 ordered alcohol, but 4 hookahs. They supposedly revised the bill and was still $130/person. Will never step a foot back in there again and would never recommend to others.

Tuere C.

I searched high and low for a restaurant that actually cooked lobster mac n cheese with actual real lobster in it!!! I went there specifically for this dish and I was not disappointed. The service was 5 star, their ingredient come from local produce and vendors, and during our meal we got to meet their new amazing chef Greg...he not only cooked a great meal he gave us a taste test of other entres since it was my first time there. I will definitely return and be a frequent guest!!!! Nice to know there is s restaurant clise by that serves exactly what I like!!!!!

Kat B

This place is trash !!!! Donâ??t waste your time going here. The employees and especially the owner are very rude. I walked out of there fast.

Elton Moreira

Great service but could improve on noise reduction.


A really nice place but the cigar's are very overpriced! And one had mold on it. The food is pretty good but I wasn't impressed with the cigar's at all. Low end cigar's for too much money. Hookah's we're nice but $35 per hookah is tough.

Lauren S.

We had our wedding rehearsal dinner at DaVinci on October 26th and they couldn't have been more accommodating to all our needs! The food, the music, the service....it was all AMAZING! Our guests are still raving about it. I highly recommend it for any event!

Silkia Gigi Rivera

My best friend was trying to get me to come here forever! She loves coming here! We finally decide to go! It was about an hour drive from our home. It wasnâ??t that great of an experience, our pasta was undercooked the ladies bathroom was broken vomit in the sink toilet clogged, the music wasnâ??t inviting and people were smoking cigarettes gross! I was satisfied with my Mona Lisa drink

David G.

This was my first time here at DaVinci and probably my last. We drove almost an hour to the restaurant because our friends have had previous good experiences. We decided to dine upstairs where they have music and more of a club scene, so I did understand that it would be a bit of a different dining experience. We ordered drinks which were great, our waitress, phantom, was great and as busy as she was she was very attentive to us took great care of us. We decide to order 3 frutta de mare and 1 shrimp scampi. We were so looking forward to the frutta de mare when our waitress returned and said there wasn't enough seafood for the 3 dishes none the less for 1. We were disappointed the chef should of told the waitress from the beginning not to offer the plate like any other well managed restaurant would do. Thank goodness we didn't order the calamari for an app! After an hour waiting for our food, we were disappointed again. I ordered the Gnocchi and it wasn't good at all the gnocchi were hard and definitely not like it was described or looked in the menu. Our friends shrimp scampi was dry and the pasta in all the dishes were so under cooked it was not edible. On one our friend's plate they tried to put what ever of seafood was left in the back in his plate which were some shrimp, bay scallops and a few mussels that weren't properly cooked bc all but one were closed. Once again we had no choice but to complain to our serve, I felt so bad for her because this was not her fault but as a server she gets the brunt of it all. We left all our food because it was just so bad, we continued our night there enjoying drinks on an empty stomach and their hooka music was good. I will not get started on the bathroom let's just say there were out of order a porta potty was cleaner than what they provide. In the defense of the restaurant the manager did come over and apologized to us about the experience and gave us a $200 gift card to return. We did ended up paying for part of the bill bc atleast the drinks and hooka was good. My hat off to Phantom our waitress bc she was excellent and if it wasn't for her we probably would of just walked out of the place. We heard they got a new chef, well what ever chef they have back in the kitchen they need to get rid of and go back to school to learn how to properly cook a basic pasta dish!!

Beatboxinbear .

A really nice place but the cigar's are very overpriced! And one had mold on it. The food is pretty good but I wasn't impressed with the cigar's at all. Low end cigar's for too much money. Hookah's we're nice but $35 per hookah is tough.

Kevin Santos

Paul & Trevor we're great and walking in was just positive energy. Food was great and so were the people.

Ahmad A.

Nice setup and the nightlife was great when I was there for the Halloween event. Very well lit and I don't recall the drinks being to expensive but than again I didn't buy any drinks that night lol

Amber M.

Came here for a birthday party and experienced a lot of cognitive dissonance. It's an Italian restaurant with many Greek/middle eastern options like hummus and skewers. They were out of a couple of drink options which was annoying. I'm not a hookah smoker so this may be a bit unfair, but it wasn't great having hookah smoke around me while I was eating. Food itself actually wasn't terrible. Maybe on par with Olive Garden?

Robert B.

I would not recommend this place at all for people of color. If you come here they'll let you know you're not welcome.

Leelee G

Been here a couple of times and can't complaint about their service and food! Eat like an Italian, party like a Dominican!! ð???ð??ð???ð???

Rebecca Shannon

It was great! My hubby and I went for Valentine's day. It wasn't packed, we got a seat. The music was great, the food was great, and the service was good. We loved it! Will definitely go back.


Best Afrobeats spot on Friday night. Saturday is more Middleastern and nice. The owner brings singers from abroad to sing most weekends, which is nice.

Thomas Griffin

The wait staff at the night club is phenomenal, attentive and friendly. Yet the music on Saturday night they need a real DJ not just someone pressing play . I asked him to play some Latin music at least a mixture and he could not accomplish that. Ending on a good note the VIP service was outstanding!!!

Ashii WIlliams

Great place to hang out with friends and love ones. The staff are great also

Donnell M.

Came here with a group of friends and it was a pretty awful experience. The security guard told us all to get out as we were trying to check in because she stated the door was open due to the line we had from all my friends. It was cold outside and I did not see the reason to be kicked out because she was aggravated. Anyway we go upstairs to vip and it was crowded. I ordered a drink and it never came. After a little while of hanging out we left due to the bad vibes. One male security guard was very cool. He had long hair. That's the only reason I'm giving it a two star rating.


It was great! My hubby and I went for Valentine's day. It wasn't packed, we got a seat. The music was great, the food was great, and the service was good. We loved it! Will definitely go back.

Holly L.

I don't like leaving these kinds of reviews but I find it a must. Came here for a friends birthday after seeing Nara was under construction. My husband tried to order a draft beer, which 6 or so were listed on the menu only to be told they don't have draft beer... you can charge 10$ for a crappy house wine but can't update your menu? Hookah was $35, the most I've ever spent. I don't understand the markup on all accounts. Cocktails were tiny. They started having live Lebanese type music which was ear piercing for no reason. It's not like it was packed... I'm leaving two stars because our server was attentive, even though they have forced gratuity. I added a second star for the beautiful interior decor. I wouldn't recommend it, nor do I see myself coming back.

Sean V.

This resturant does not deserve low rating. The food as good, the staff were friendly and the atmosphere was cool. I recommend this resturant.

DJ OHH Original Hip Hop

Great spot for a date night. Not too expensive and always a safe fun environment. Be prepared to dress up and look like money. #JustSayin

Staci I.

The owners of DaVinci are pompous morons. Seriously, these "men," will literally push women aside to walk their 5'2 asses around. However, they are very reluctant to stand up when being called out for their arrogance. Tonight, a "shorty," aka the owner or pretend owner pushed me to walk through the crowd. My guy politely told the little man to be careful and this power hungry midget called security on us! What a coward. His actions were completely unnecessary. At no point did anybody get aggressive with Tiny Tim. Never again, the owners of DaVinci need to pull the g-strings out of their vagina-holes. Grow up. Literally.


The food is correct, I particularly liked the $1 mini tacos they launched (eventually those tacos will be available every Tuesday). The music/ambiance is good, not to loud. The service is amazing, Mohamed was taking care of us and he did great, it was high quality service, friendly and professional. The place is a perfect spot for group, after work and a couple. They also have a bar and two tv screens, one with sport, the other with news. I forgot to mention: it is expensive!

Marco A.

only 1 other table in the place & service was slow.Drinks overpriced even for the Hill. $14 Martinis served in plastic cups.They were "out of veal"so I ordered a Caesar salad,added steak&chicken which were listed as separate sides with their own price.menu did not say I could add only one or the other. I got charged for 2 FULL salads.$28!! "owner" told the waiter not to change it.No apology for not giving me a warning on the double charge.His solution"take it out of his tip" Won't be going back!


Rollatini and calamari and olive bread and casteveltrano olives were absolutely exquisite, best we ever tasted and hookah with berry and mint was perfect. We have traveled the world and lived in NYC, and Da Vinci knows what they are doing! Nadine our server was fantastic and we will request her next time!

Louise C.

Hey there-if anyone is going here, beware! I found a legal parking space in front of the cones that the valet parking guys had put out. A thug from the restaurant tried to intimidate me by telling me that the space was only for Davinci customers. At first, being a newly widowed, vulnerable 60ish woman, I was going to move. But I KNEW the space was legal and told him I would be parking there. He threatened me by telling me that my car would not be there when I got back. I may be old, sad and vulnerable, but I'm not stupid! When I got angry, he called me a psycho. Nice guy. I must say that when I went back to put more money in the meter, a lovely young woman who I believes works at the restaurant came out and was very kind to me. So not EVERYONE who works at DaVinci is a thug. I will be following this post up with a call and a letter to the Providence Police Department.

Michelle C.

Regarding a visit on 8/19/17. The location is in beautiful federal hill-providence. Both floors are beautiful in design and spacious enough to accommodate people comfortably both in restaurant and lounge on second floor. The two stars are for the service provided in the lounge upstairs. Several tables were "reserved" for those who called ahead. we asked at 11:45pm if they would be opening up for no shows. We were told in 15 minutes they'd open up, which they never did. After 15 min, we asked a waitress if they were opening up and she stated that they would not be because they were reserved and if we wanted service go to the bar which was inaccessible due to amount of people ordering. Mind you, she was pushing her way through us and dismissing us with her hand as she pointed to the bar. Location closes at 2am so how long do they wait for a no show? We eventually were seated at a table for a no show by a gentleman there (12:15 am) and several tables were still empty. From 12:30 to 2am, the waitress who denied us the table walked by us and went to every table around ours and did not ask us ONCE if we needed to open a tab or wanted a hookah or anything. She was seen whispering to the other two ladies there and neither one came to us. A waiter kept walking by us as well and never stopped to ask. I find it rude and insulting that you could all stop at the table two feet away from ours to the left, get them drinks after drinks and look at us, walk around our table and go two feet to the right of us and provide service to that table but ignore us completely. For an hour and a forty five minutes this happened until they closed. Had it not been for the birthday girls choice to go here, we would've walked out but unfortunately it was too late to go celebrate elsewhere. That's the two stars you're getting. Beautiful place, horrible service.

Leandra R.

This place overcharged me and my friends a bill that was only supposed to be two hundred. They charged us 400! for a hookah and 2 bottles of champagne. There was five of us. One of my friends who is luckily math savvy and takes no shit t! asked the waiter to explain why were we overly charged. The waiter had nothing to say but she ended up adjusting the price from 400 too 223 HUGEEEEEEEEEEE difference. It felt like this place was trying to scam us. I wouldn't come back here because I am not confident that they wont try and scam us again. If you go to this place I would suggest reviewing your total price of the check. Pay attention!


Calamari was really good.