146 Acorn St, Providence
(401) 572-3911

Recent Reviews

denise pineda

Great entertainment, delicious food, great drinks, great music. Customer service is very professional and servial. Look forward to returning.

Enlightenup Awaken

Over crowding, only 1 staff member wore a mask , no one else had one on. No social distancing

Kia Lapsey

Drink was not tasty pizza wasn't that great either..i probably would've enjoyed dominos and I dont even care for dominos?

Remi Espinal

Love the FOOD, Love the DRINKS and Love how they treat ME!

Justin F.

Very welcoming and great service. Even served up a few dishes from their cultural background. Very pleasant people.

Michael Sierra

I had the most amazing experience the moment we walked in. Our server, "Mo" , made our night worth it, he was very playful with us in making us laugh but also very nice at the same time. The food was certainly fantastic and the ambiance was very pleasant as well.

Sean Ramsure

The food on the first floor was pretty good. Upstairs was extremely overcrowded. Almost sweated out of my clothing that night

Sirr Cumcizer

Never been here

Elvis Mujić

Classy place. Good for date night. ElvisComedy(DOT)com

Elvis Mujić

Classy place. Good for date night. ElvisComedy(DOT)com

Hawraa Aldouri

Such a friendly environment with great food and music. Their hookahs are the best.

Dennis Williams Jr.

Good place until it shut down.

African Girl

Just found out that this place is shut down for 60 days! 😕 been there always over crowded, water down drinks.

Beth Marut

Old world, great stuff.

Chantel B

Horrible place owned by shiesty Lebanese cocaine addicted gangsters. It's a sad excuse for a decorated hole in a wall on federal hill. Becareful in there because the owners and security are known to do shady and harmful things to customers. Not a safe place for women to be at all, ladies it's not worth your safety! Most of the people giving positive reviews work there or are friends with the owners. Enter at your own risk.

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