Sazon Bandit Truck

1275 Westminster St, Providence
(401) 999-9008

Recent Reviews

Derek Wood

Since the start it's always been amazing and constantly improving...I've had everything on the menu and have not once been disappointed...hands down my favorite food truck in the city...bravo chef

Ben Roth

Really good place to grab a bite, especially late at night. Good prices, good food, and the menu has a wide selection. I got some of the better Latin food I’ve had in Providence here.

Canela Torres

The best!!!! Everything fresh... the salad and steak my fav!

Ossie Ocasio-Falu

Good service food is amazing bomb. Com the plantain sliders 🔥🔥 and I had loaded fries with chicken 🔥🔥

Jorge Lluveras

Good place to go eat they are the best

Darlene Acevedo Cotto

went there for the 1st time yesterday and definitely recommend this place. Food is amazing!

Aidan K

Empanadas and yuca fries are killer

sacha rosado

Awesome food made fresh and service is even better!!! Loved it so much I recommended to my sister and she loved it too!!!!!

Providence Rhode island

My boy chris awesome guy real good food for late night munchies the salmon is the bomb

Rebekah King

Delicious! Will be going back! Wish they were open for lunch!

rohith karnati

Amazing food from a food truck!

Lisa Marie Lunt

The pulled pork sandwich is delicious! They gave me a free empanada for being a first time patron, also delicious.

Judy G.

I have been waiting to have food from Sazon bandit since I saw the truck couple years ago. I never seem to drive by at the right time. Today decided to order via grub hub. Well worth the wait! The arepas (beef) were perfect if a little messy, the natural juices we ordered (parcha and Lima) very yummy and actually natural (limenade not from concentrate) and the Tres Leches to die for and not overly sweet. Yummers, looking forward to ordering again!

Simon S.

Delicious. I would leave it at that because no words do justice to how good this REAL food is. Fresh with ingredients you can taste, smell and enjoy. The pink sauce for the empanadas is awesome and I sometimes buy just a container of that to take home. The Arepas is one of the best sandwiches I've ever eaten in my life. Respectful and very attentive staff. Just a 5 star experience all around. Quit messing around with those pretend pop up food trailers. Eat here. You'll actually enjoy what you paid for.

Anita R.

I have come here a couple of times and I have to say the food is absolutely amazing!! The Spanish steak is my favorite. The salad with the tangy dressing is superb. I highly recommend this place. Yummy

Andrew H. Meyer

This place is amazing, omg best food truck ever.

Rannason Muth

Really good food. One of my favorite food trucks in providence hands down. This is definetly my new summer spot

Joseph APhillips

If you want a quick bit with EXCELLENT tasty food from a food truck. This is the place. YOUR WALLET AND YOUR TASTE BUDS WILL BE HAPPY.

Peter Capineri

Not recommended. Food took a while and was way too salty.

priscilla melendez

I’m a picky eater and let me just say, the food was bomb! I’m so glad my sister in law brought me to try the food!

Fugao Aquino

awesome food , great people !

Eduardo Nieves

Best flavors... truly delicious food. never disappoints

Troy Gomes

The Food was excellent. I will definitely be a returning customer.

Daira Michelle Arias

Delicious food. Cant believe it they cook it in a truck. I highly recommend it.

Malissa Ribeiro

Everything is so flavorful. Love it

Franklin Avila Mota

Absolutely the best food truck sandwiches I've ever had. Discovered by accident, first night had the chicken sandwich. It was so good I had to come back a second night and have the pulled pork sandwich and beef empanadas. Staff was more than friendly and welcoming. The food was beyond amazing. Strongly recommend.

Edwin Abreu

If you want to visit a food truck at a higher level than the overage ones, this is the one. Their food is sophisticated and delicious at the same time, and on top of it, good prices. They always has a "today's special dish" in their menu, so don't miss out on that. You can also call in advance in case you're in a rush. Check it out!

Erica Guerrero

Food is amazing! The flavor of the bistek is out of this world and service is always fast! Love this place

Al Stokes

Fish of day was salmon excellent also tried the bandit burger pleasantly different and the sweet potato fries the best I hunted this truck down the last two summers note sometimes they are in different locations but that might change this year..dont miss out they sell out of the fish of the day fast

Amy B.

I have been curious about this food truck for ages. I finally tried it and the food is excellent. I had the grilled salmon which was very fresh and delicious. It was a large fillet. I especially enjoyed the yucca fries. They are tasty. Service is very friendly and the portions are large. I highly recommend.

Maureen S.

I came here last night after quite a few drinks on st Patty's day and it was the perfect late night drunk food. The service was prompt and fast. They have a fancy display screen with their menus. I wish I was more sober and bought more food. I ordered the steak and onions with fries and a salad. The steak is nicely seasoned and done well. I just had leftovers for breakfast and they tasted great microwaved. I think my favorite thing was the salad dressing. It let me finish the portion of salad last night. It's tangy and bright green. Fries are also nicely seasoned. There's probably a lot of salt but it taste great. They shine a light at your car when your food is done. I definitely will go back and try the other things like the arepas And ceviche while sober! - oh the address listed isn't quite right. They're actually located down the road a bit in a different parking lot.

Antia P.

I got the Spanish steak and onions with extra onions and seasoned fries. My favorite part of this meal was the salad most importantly, the dressing. The steak was full of flavor and the onions were a nice touch. The other meal was the Butchers steak with side salad and tostones. The steak was very fatty but overall a solid 7/10. I also got the chicken and cheese pastelito. BOMB! Great FAST service. He told me 15 minutes ( I am very punctual. ) it was ready in 15 minutes. Definitely would recommend.

Jay M.

This is hands down the Best Food Truck! I love the ribeye steak prepared medium. It's so tender and juicy it literally melts in your mouth. I even love the salad they give as a side. The dressing is emmazing. Try it with the passion fruit juice.

Adaliza F.

We ordered off Uber eats their Butchers Pick steak and the fish of the day. Amazing a very modern twist on Dominican and Caribbean meals. The salad that comes paired with is amazing. Everything was perfectly cooked. They even called to check how I wanted my steak cooked. Perfect service. Only $15 per entree.

Albert G.

This place has my favorite Salmon and its a food truck yes I said Salmon from a truck but trust me you will not be disappointed the food that comes out this truck is gourmet and the owner Cristian is a awesome humble guy.

Rhode Island Original ..

Wepa, arepas! Sazon Bandit really raised the bar with their fusion arepas. Packed with beef, fresh veggies and rose mayo, it was a delicious combination down to the very bite. The rose mayo is similar to the thousand island dressing sauce but more subtle, so not to take away from the buttery goodness of the arepas itself. We also tried the beef empanadas which packed a PUNCH. Crispy and flavorful for such a little bite. Check out the link to see our video review here:

Timm D.

I keep coming to this truck because it is very close to my home and the continued rave reviews. However, after my third attempt, I'm over it. The owner is SUPER nice and friendly. My first order was the salad with streak on top. It was a good portion but it took awhile for me to wrap my head around shaved steak over a garden salad opposed to a hardier cut. Second time I tried to order the same thing but got home and realized that it was bland steak pieces with a very small salad and sweet potatoes fries on the side. Definitely not what I ordered. Finally, last week I ordered the salmon platter. The boy at the window told me it would be $14. I left to go to the bank, came back, and was told that my order was now $16. Not cool. The salmon, two pieces, was sooo over cooked, flavorless and dry. The worst part of all was that the crispy sweet potato fries were placed UNDER the salad which was placed UNDER the salmon. Result...soggy fries. I really really wanted to love this truck.

Jake M.

Can't say enough about the quality of the food. This food never lacks taste, I'm almost 2/3 of the way through the menu - EVERYTHING IS GREAT. Most importantly - last trip here, I dropped my wallet outside and the guys inside noticed it and held onto it until I drove back from Boston to grab it. It's easy to buy good food from great people.

Sam S.

My favorite burger in town. Cheap excellence all around... gonna want to stop by ASAP!!!

Nicole M.

If you're looking for a gourmet food truck with some Latin flavor look no further. I always order the "Salmon Special" with yuca fries. The Salmon is always fresh and perfectly seasoned. Let's just say MOUTHWATERING! Even the greens on the plate are delectable. I'm telling you, you wouldn't believe it's coming from a food truck. It's that good! The ceviche is also a must try. I'm huge on customer service and I have never had a problem with the service. The owner definitely has a personality. The food is always cooked to order therefore I recommend ordering ahead of time.