Sazon Bandit Truck

1275 Westminster St, Providence
(401) 999-9008

Recent Reviews

Yohance Dunnon

Good food but wait was longer ordering in person than door dash and order had a mistake.

Eduardo N.

Just overall great menu and creative chefs preparing delicious food. Have ordered just about everything on the menu. Been going since day one. The plantain sliders are always a good pick. He has a good selection and always has good specials.

Laura Giusti

First time ordering from here... IT WAS AMAZING! We ordered the pork sandwich, ceviche salad, ham and cheese empanada and tequeños. Very flavorful and reasonably priced. Highly recommend and we can’t wait to try again!

Andrew S,

I love Sazon Bandit. The food is always amazing and they’re always quick getting the food out. Highly suggest the bandit fries with pork, you’ll cry tears of joy and your stomach and tastebuds will thank you.

John Meara

Had never heard of this place but decided to try it as it was highly rated on Door Dash. The food was excellent. The meal was great value for money too. We had the arepa, platano sliders, empanadas, yuca fries, and pork sandwich. Everything was top notch. We will definitely be ordering from them again soon.

Chris Lees

Have gotten Sazon Bandit delivered multiple times and everything I've ever received has exceeded expectations. Currently eating a perfectly cooked med rare steak.. best option on door dash in all of Providence! Prices are low for the quality.. amazing value!

Camille M

Delicious Arepas, super fresh and high quality ingredients creatively prepared. Absolutely addictive food. Good service, orders always correct.

Anna O.

Just a little food truck with a whole lot of flavor. The pork sandwich has become a staple in my take out rotation. The bread is crisp and grilled to perfection. Whatever the yum sauce in the sandwich is is the key to happiness. Only bummer is they are closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. Definitely give this spot a try. OH THEY ALSO DO DELIVERY THROUGH DOOR DASH. game changer my friends.

Ryan Berge

This place is bombbbbb our go-to late night munch. Bandit fries, Arepas, butchers plate, islander....gotta have them now I crave this spot. Keep it up!!

Camille M.

Delicious Arepas! Freshly made, high quality ingredients and super flavorful Arepas served from a cute truck in a parking lot next to Armory Animal Hospital on Westminster Street in Providence. Order ahead online and pick up, as they're made to order. They're totally addictive, be ready.

Ryuzaki ___

this place use to be one of my Favorite places go to at night after work just because it was the down the street from me but after eating one of there bandit burgers just recently I can't no more after bitting into my burger and finding a piece of metal that was gridded with there beef patties I'm extremely disappointed and hope to hell that this doesn't happen to anyone else.

lulu montanez

I must say seen them on IG and had to try it they are amazing too bad they are only opened from 5-1 wish they had an actual resturant cause I would not mind driving an hour for there food may the lord continue to bless them ?

Aldo Segama

Love it!! Very good food!!

Rosaura V.

I'm a regular here, I usually do the ceviche with fried plantains or the Spanish steak and onions with yucca fries and or sweet potato fries. On point every time!

Ollie Montgomery

Excellent quality, superb taste and very quick and pleasant service. Not too expensive and open late despite the cold weather.

Alvin Fernandez

The best pork sandwich in providence. Bests all chimis on broad st.. by a long runn.?

Jennifer L.

I'm from Boston, MA and I'm Asian and I really enjoyed the arepa and the pork sandwich and the bandit fries. We asked for spicy sauce on the side which was bomb and totally worth it. If you like hot sauce- it's no joke! It's so good- I can't repeat that enough. Will come back again!

César Javier Torres Concepción

Excellent! If you want to try something new and very, very good, you have to come here.

jholi santana

Great food/ good price /Excellent services good hygiene

Sarah R.

I got the Spanish steak and onions with plantains..sooooo good! 10/10 would recommend and reorder

Derek Wood

Since the start it's always been amazing and constantly improving...I've had everything on the menu and have not once been disappointed...hands down my favorite food truck in the city...bravo chef

Vanessa B.

We ordered through grub hub. It was delicious. The portions were ginormous. The best part was the crazy fries we ordered. We literally saved them to make a meal out of it the next day and they w ere yummy.

Ben Roth

Really good place to grab a bite, especially late at night. Good prices, good food, and the menu has a wide selection. I got some of the better Latin food I’ve had in Providence here.

Canela Torres

The best!!!! Everything fresh... the salad and steak my fav!

Ossie Ocasio-Falu

Good service food is amazing bomb. Com the plantain sliders 🔥🔥 and I had loaded fries with chicken 🔥🔥

Jorge Lluveras

Good place to go eat they are the best

Amy R.

As a classically trained chef, I will proudly say their food is amazing. I had their beef sliders on tostones and I had their beef arepa sandwich and I was blown away. I love how it's almost a almost like if a hip gourmet restaurant did Dominican food. It's a modern spin on traditional food. It's amazing. You can tell they put a lot of attention into the details.

Darlene Acevedo Cotto

went there for the 1st time yesterday and definitely recommend this place. Food is amazing!

Edwin O.

Best food truck in providence. Great concept and food fusion. Chris and his staff has great customer service. Strongly recommend it.

Aidan K

Empanadas and yuca fries are killer

sacha rosado

Awesome food made fresh and service is even better!!! Loved it so much I recommended to my sister and she loved it too!!!!!

Providence Rhode island

My boy chris awesome guy real good food for late night munchies the salmon is the bomb

Rebekah King

Delicious! Will be going back! Wish they were open for lunch!

rohith karnati

Amazing food from a food truck!

Lisa Marie Lunt

The pulled pork sandwich is delicious! They gave me a free empanada for being a first time patron, also delicious.

Judy G.

I have been waiting to have food from Sazon bandit since I saw the truck couple years ago. I never seem to drive by at the right time. Today decided to order via grub hub. Well worth the wait! The arepas (beef) were perfect if a little messy, the natural juices we ordered (parcha and Lima) very yummy and actually natural (limenade not from concentrate) and the Tres Leches to die for and not overly sweet. Yummers, looking forward to ordering again!

Simon S.

Delicious. I would leave it at that because no words do justice to how good this REAL food is. Fresh with ingredients you can taste, smell and enjoy. The pink sauce for the empanadas is awesome and I sometimes buy just a container of that to take home. The Arepas is one of the best sandwiches I've ever eaten in my life. Respectful and very attentive staff. Just a 5 star experience all around. Quit messing around with those pretend pop up food trailers. Eat here. You'll actually enjoy what you paid for.

Anita R.

I have come here a couple of times and I have to say the food is absolutely amazing!! The Spanish steak is my favorite. The salad with the tangy dressing is superb. I highly recommend this place. Yummy

Andrew H. Meyer

This place is amazing, omg best food truck ever.

Franklin Avila

Absolutely the best food truck sandwiches I've ever had. Discovered by accident, first night had the chicken sandwich. It was so good I had to come back a second night and have the pulled pork sandwich and beef empanadas. Staff was more than friendly and welcoming. The food was beyond amazing. Strongly recommend.