The WaterFire Arts Center

475 Valley St, Providence
(401) 443-5553

Recent Reviews

Gary Antigiovanni

Attended a brew fest and had a great time. Plenty of space, nicely organized event.

Rene Handren

It is a great space, but it needs more bathrooms AND Art on the walls.

Gabe Curran

Really cool! All sorts of different and unique things too look at and buy here. The main thing that peaked my interest was the arcade table! Now that is what I like to call TOTALLY EPIC! (:

Wendy Miller

This is the second time I have been to The WaterFire Arts Center. Both times for an event and it is a great space in an up and coming location. Plenty of free parking on site.

Booboo Bingbang

Very busy on a cold wet Sunday but a flea market can deliver surprise gems.

Denise Garceau Stinchfield

Great venue but they need more bathroom for everyone who attends events like like this. Good parking and very clean.

deborah leong

Spacious event center. Easy access. Free onsite parking. Exterior is nicely finished. Interior rustic in appearance.

Sonya Langham

I attended a jewelry and craft show here. Very attractive and spacious. I was impressed with the creative genius of the person who designed this space. Nice

Faith First

Great to see Providence’s beautiful restoration efforts coming to life.

Dene Scotney

Super busy but only because it has awesome events on!

Kevin M.

Excited to finally visit this new venue. The Water Fire staff did an amazing job renovating this building while maintaining the character of an old industrial building. A great place to visit on a crisp winter afternoon Nice lobby arena and Waterfire gift shop, leads into a nice reception area and then to the event hall, lots of natural light, very clean and spacious allow for multiple vendors. Perfect location not far from highways, downtown and federal hill. Parking lots are brand new and a compliment to the first class venue. Can wait to comeback

Jennifer G.

Went here for the Yelp Event and it was pretty crowded. Parking was free, but you were definitely battling for a spot. Dirk's was on hand for some delicious BBQ. My biggest issue with the market is some things are money well spent, other items are really high priced for what you are getting. Artisan or not I am not interested in spending $50 for a small print or $85 for a pair of earrings. Too steep for me.

Ellen Scannell

Attended Witches Night Out Market, Winter Witchery. Great space. Great event.

Lynn McCarthy

Beautiful space...light and airy. Fabulous location for a wide variety of events.

Steve Kilpatrick

BEAUTIFUL space for art exhibits and fairs in an artsy area of Providence. I have been here three times, and each time it's different. Well worth the trip!

Tish DiPrete

It was a good Art sale. I go to lots of Art salesthis had some talented artists and quality & lovely items.

Andres R.

Nice venue where to find special holiday gifts while supporting the continuation of WaterFire. Good parking access which is free, as well as clean restrooms. You won't find many bargains in most booths, but you will be thrilled by their craftsmanship and the occasional sweet find in a discounted bin or rack.

Patricia M.

Came for the Yelp Elite hour for Saturday's Made-on-Honor Market. I didn't want my beer tickets since I was sick so I guess I missed the Yelp table as well. This location was great. It was jam packed with vendors and shoppers. The food smelled amazing and was separated from much of the shopping which felt like a good idea. I recognized some of the vendors from last year. It has been a great selection of artisans with quality products. I bought a few things for myself and a few Christmas gifts. Glad I went right around noon as it was super crowded already and there was a line out the door when I left.

Morgan C.

Hipsters of New England, gather 'round! You'll definitely want to add the Waterfire Arts Center to your list of must-visit places when you're in Providence! This multi-use events venue is home to some of the most creative endeavors in the city, from stage shows to artisanal craft markets, and it's worth checking out to see what's going on if you find yourself looking for something to do. We visited today to attend the Made on Honor Market, and had a fun time! The building, like many in the area, was once an old industrial factory. The space has been masterfully repurposed to retain some of its rustic charm, but with modern amenities and plenty of natural light that pours in from floor to ceiling windows in the main room. It's actually pretty awesome, and I could also see it as a great option for an offbeat wedding venue if anyone's looking to be creative with their reception space! However, I am not sure that WaterFire Arts Center was the best choice for the Made on Honor Market. Most of the vendors were packed into the main room, which looks spacious at first glance, but when it's jammed with 40-60 vendor booths and hundreds of people plus dogs and baby strollers, it can get real chaotic real quick. I found it hard to maneuver around the tables and chat to the vendors because there was just so much going on in such a cramped space. I actually ended up staying for less time than I initially anticipated because I got so overwhelmed by the crowds. To its credit, though, the fair was chock full of talented artisans and vendors from Rhode Island and beyond. Even though I was only there for about a half hour, I did get a jump start on some Christmas shopping with a few unique gifts from various vintage booths. It was also fun to see Celebrated Co, a local bakery, set up shop at the marketplace. I never get their baked goods since it's kind of a drive from me, so it was a pleasant surprise to nosh on one of their cake jars while I could today! Yum! I would gladly attend another event at WaterFire Arts Center, and recommend the space to friends who are looking for an off-the-beaten-path locale for their special day. With ample parking, this is an ideal spot for a gathering, albeit maybe one not as large or as bustling as the one I attended today.

Katelyn G.

I attended the Made on Honor Market today and it was fantastic! So many incredible booths with delicious or unique treats and gifts. I picked up some great gifts and could have purchased much more! The Arts Center is a great multipurpose facility with off street parking. It was very easy to get to as well!

Jonathan Tidman

Real class art in Providence. Culture in exhibits and events. A full schedule through the year will draw you in for special events. The area teems with history and local flavor. This only adds and supports the Arts Center. Very fortunate to have this quality so close. Worth several trips through the year, you won't be disappointed.

Jeffrey Munroe

Volunteers needed. Please give some time you will enjoy it.

Eglys Rodriguez

Great place to worship God. English and spanish.

Mark Alcarez

Performance center with many stages and a. Gift shop. Parking too. Fringe festival is incredible.all sorts of performances taking place. The parking lot is populated by vendors, a DJ, all sorts of amazing people there. A wonderland if you love art. Just go.

Paul Alexander

One of the best book stores in the state I believe. I was there for Fringe and I was there to see the moon exhibit. I wish I had more money so I could give them an annual gift. Maybe this year, maybe not.

Michael Donegan

Visited to see the Moon expo. Staff were very friendly and helpful. The exhibit was really something to see. Would definitely go back!

kathy Humphreys

Great space in old US Rubber co . Went to THE MOON EXHIBIT which was excellent the building itself is a work of art .

David Dovidio

What a wonderful space to hold a large audience symposium.

Viera Levitt

This place is HUGE and has so much potential.

Brandon L.

Beautiful venue and definitely unique in style and structure. Attended the play "The Large Jar," a short piece in connection to the Fringe PVD program. We were seated in the "Garage" which, by all means, is just a garage. But it's simplicity sort of allows you to fall into the performance at hands... similar to a Black Box theater, just with white walls. Plenty of convenient parking, and plenty of space for all types of programs. A hip vibe, but very inviting and casual.


... to see the Moon. It is 7 meters in diameter (really impressive) and is really just a very large air filled balloon! The exhibit ends on July 28 so see it while you can. The Moon Chats (interesting) are done but now there are a series of performances until the end of the run. See the web site for a schedule.The massive (37,000 square foot) building itself is also very impressive.

Trevor Levasseur

Great space for events or art exhibits. Saw their moon feature. They also frequently have events for free.

John Paul

Huge space. We saw the Museum of the Moon opening reception. Nice facility.

Donna Noonan

Best community organization I've ever volunteered with. Great people,. Barnaby, ithe Director, is a genius. Waterfire made Providence the City it is today. 25th Anniversary.

Liz C.

Beautiful venue, I have never been before but wanted to see the Museum of the Moon exhibit while it is in town. The exhibit is free and there are quite a few scheduled speakers and activities associated with it. This is a travelling exhibit and will be here in Providence until July 28th. I recommend going at night when it is illuminated; you can get some really great photos. I look forward to seeing more events at the location!

Gabumon Girl

Nice place. There was a trade show here when I went. Lots of cool handmade stuff.


It power is acceded only by its mystery. While I'm not sure if I understand what the WaterFire Arts Center is I can tell you that it is a very nice building. They have events here and some of them are free. There is also a very nice bookstore and they have art and stuff for sale.\n\nThe moss walls are gross and I don't get it.

Ken Sullenger

Attended a beer festival here and it was a great spot for an event. Lots of indoor space, never got too loud due to the fall ceilings, and ample parking.

Peter Mulberry

Great place for a wedding reception

Carla DeRuisseau

I love that place. it's fun, lot things to do , next to the mall and the best of all, lot of bars.