Wok & Pot

333 Westminster St, Providence
(401) 274-0276

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Ryel Romero

Comfort Korean Food.If you’re looking for Korean-American food this place isn’t it. The food here is very good, the spice and the flavor wonderful. Try everything as is and ask for recommendations, you won’t be disappointed

Allis Ly

My husband and I love coming here for the Budae Pot!! A beautiful atmosphere paired with delicious comfort food & drinks is a recipe for a great night

Christine Li

Nice service, clean interior, tasty drinks, and delicious food. Definitely recommend this spot if you want some Korean and Chinese fusion. I feel like it’s mainly Korean with a hint of Chinese cuisine. The Kkanpung Mandu is in a spicy soy garlic sauce which is DELICIOUS. The Budae Pot is pretty good. They give you a package of ramen which we didn’t think would be enough for four people but it was! There’s just so much to the pot. Watercress, sausage, spam, rice cakes, etc. the chicken fried rice is pretty tasty too. Also definitely recommend the Brown Sugar Bubble Tea which is a popsicle cocktail or the refreshing non alcoholic mango coco.Now for my standard COVID comments as of August 2022. Everyone is still wearing masks. Seating is well spaced out. Really enjoyed having dinner there.

Laurie de Leonne

Yum! Family of 4 had fun sharing apps, entrees, and desserts. We all enjoyed it.

Patrick Beaugrand

The food and service here was excellent but they could certainly work on their bathrooms being better quality. We REALLY enjoyed the Korean barbecue and had a fantastic server!

Vicki Y

Lovely place with very friendly people. The dishes are so delicious and we actually had our dinner two days in a row when visiting Providence. True gem in downtown Providence?


If you want somewhere to just drink and vibe with friends on a casual night, I highly recommend this place. They have a pretty wide range of asian drinks, like rice wine/makgeolli, soju, and that popular drink with the korean popsicle (if you know you know) ʕっ• ᴥ • ʔっThe staff are also very friendly and attentive.

Michelle C.

I’m from out of town and decided to check out this restaurant upon reading the reviews but was met with a huge disappointment. Arrived on a Monday afternoon only to find out that the kitchen was closed and will be reopened at 4:00 pm which was not updated on Google map. The restaurant’s door was left opened with a signage on it. The public garage parking was also expensive, as expected.

Sybil Castellone

Lazogi and Yaki Udon Spicy beef were delicious! Can't wait to come back!

Alyssa K.

the food here was very good. i wish that the was a bit crispier though. everything was still very yummy.

Krystine D.

Hi, stopped here during PVD fest. Made us wait around for 10 minutes and then the girl realized she never told us our table was ready. Had to stop a waiter so they could take our order( and she seemed annoyed she had to take it). Really should have realized the food was going to be bad from all the leftover food on the tables. Ordered the Mango Coco and Bibim Mandoo, and they were the best (and only) thing our party of 6 ate. When the entrees arrived, the Japchae was not what I thought it would be, just a mess. The fried rice was terrible in both consistency and flavor. On top of everything, the waiter got one of the orders wrong, and forgot an order all together. The veggie and chicken rice were terrible in flavor. Had to ask for the check, as nobody was paying attention to our table. The service wasn't sufficient for the auto gratuity they added, and that's probably why they didn't care to treat us well, as the tip wouldn't be affected. $157 down the drain, have never left a restaurant with an empty stomach, and had to order Big Tony's right after.

Nicole B Garcia

Very large multiple page menu with a ton of variety of mostly Korean dishesPopsicle cocktails are really fun. Korean popsicles inside a drink so you can either melt it into the drink and have like a smoothie or eat the popsicle and have a drink separate.

DeWayne Boone

One star because they was way under staff.We had to leave because no one was able to serve us. We sat at the table for 15 minutes and no one came to are table, with menus or cutlery. I have been here before the food is excellent. The shortness of staff was the issue.

Meay S

We just ordered deliveries from Wok&Pot twice in a week! All items were very delicious, good portion, and well packed. Beef bulgogi is a must try and its broth goes perfectly with rice. Definitely recommended!I finally got to dine it here! Everything was amazing - food, vibes, services. The portion and presentation were just perfect. I love my Takoyaki balls which came sizzling and generously covered with bonito fish flakes. The fried dumplings were very tasty too. My husband had bulgogi again and he said it was as delish as when we had it delivered. Overall very consistent quality and plus the staff was attentive+friendly. The korean music was relaxing and just easy to ears. We will come back for sure!

Alex K.

Extremely skimpy on ingredients, and their dishes have nooo flavor. Seriously, the soon tofu soup had one piece of beef in it, very little amount of onions and zuchinni. I'll never order from this place again

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