Moe's Southwest Grill

625 Main St, Columbia
(803) 256-9663

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James D

It’s alright, they’ll make 8 mobile orders in front of you and not take your order. Pretty mid on that front.Edit: Mondays are just really busy here because of the discount and being on campus. Went in the middle of the week and on a Saturday with no issues. Changing to 5 stars

Bryan McKinney

For a restaurant so close to a college campus everyone here has a hard time reading. I've ordered from this location multiple times online and every time it's wrong. Nothing complicated... a very simple burrito but it never fails. It has always been wrong. Not sure why NO beans is so hard to understand.

Swastik Mishra

Went to Moe’s for the first time in my life as a visiting friend wanted to go.Things which went wrong –1. The way one of the servers screamed “Welcome to Moe’s”, it was unpleasant and uninviting. I didn’t understand first, I assumed the person was special needs.2. A new server put little too much rice on mine I guess (I felt it was really a generous portion). The Screamer (apparently, he was the Manager) came and took over from him, told him not so much rice and removed rice from my order of 2 bowls (1 veg for a friend and chicken for me). He was rude. Service industry rule – never take food off a customer plate/bowl unless the customer requests. Go with normal portion on your next serving but what is in stays in.3. The following servers for my order (Manager took over the rice counter) served me as if they thought I am taking the food for free, literally 2 onion strands, 2 green pepper pieces, 10 corn kernel.4. I said at that time please at least do the order right and not fast, Manager in a rude voice said they are too busy, there were 5 customers behind me, that is opposite of too busy for a fast-food place in a busy location. He said if I wanted to argue I can step out.6. I had asked 2 tortillas on the side (one for each of my bowls), the lady server gave me 1, when asked where is the other, she said it is in there. I opened it, there was 1, she then got the other one.7. She billed me but did not bag it for me, gave me one bag of chips for 2 bowls, no salsa contradicting their own policy and her stare was also very unfriendly.8. All the while the manager shouting, keep moving, if you want to argue go outside. I tipped but I hated tipping for the horrible service.9. Worst part, they had flipped the container covers, so the chicken bowl went to my vegetarian friend. Luckily, I opened to eat my bowl first, found the chicken missing and then checked my friend’s and found the chicken.I know people have tough times, I know service industry workers work very hard for very little money, I do appreciate everything they do. But for me it was a humiliating experience. Next time if I have a choice of eating at Moe’s or staying hungry, I don’t need to think twice.Moe’s may taste better but this experience is worth me recommending to never go to at least this particular location. I spent 20 mins of my time to write this review so that if you step in there after reading my review, just don’t blame anyone else for the nightmare.

Frank Smith

Good folks, they're trying hard.. Most are college students, but they work hard.Frustrating though - they've had numerous/repeated issues with fountain drink systems.. I don't think it's so much THEIR fault as that of their vendor/maintenance contractor, because they seem to work one day and not the next....

Steve T.

This Moe’s has recently changed, but in a bad way. I went there twice a few weeks apart. The amount is incredibly little, the 1st time I questioned the service guy. Today once again the manager probably gave only 2/3 of normal amount with $11.5. I missed the old manager from last year.

Madelyn F.

Terrible service. Ordered 2 bowls and 1 burrito on Uber Eats. The receipt stapled to the bag was correct, but when you opened up the bag there were 3 bowls, none of which with the ingredients we selected. Seems like they just threw something random together and replicated that 3 times. I am lactose intolerant and on my bowl (which was supposed to be a burrito) they put sour cream. Was my first & last time at this place. Will definitely be telling everyone how much this place disappoints you.

Evan G.

Moe's Southwest Grill on Main Street in Columbia is a great place to go for delicious and fresh food. They have been consistent in their quality every time I have been here. The staff here is very friendly and efficient at getting everything together. Good experience coming here.


Moe's Southwest Grill on Main Street in Columbia is a great place to go for delicious and fresh food. They have been consistent in their quality every time I have been here. The staff here is very friendly and efficient at getting everything together. Good experience coming here.

Callahan Kraft

Just moved here after losing all my friends and family. First restaurant I go to and I get food poisoning and a headache. On top of that I was exhausted for two days straight. Really worsened my experience here in Columbia.

Adam C.

Dirty. Food, trash and drinks spilled all over the floor. Floor mat on customer seats.

Joshua Williams

One of the lesser Moe's I've been to. The service is good, but the food and the atmosphere are both below par as far as Moe's go.

Jessica Bullock

Visiting Columbia for work. The staff needs to focus on cleaning, it could look a lot better. We eat with our eyes first. Also the staff weren’t the most friendliest people.

Anna P.

The is the worst Moe's experience. This store should be closed. The staff is rude and refuses to restock drinks or salsa after 7pm, but they close at 9pm. Very unprofessional. Will not be returning to this Moe's location.

King Memories

A good spot to grab your food to go as metered parking is limited. The portion size is phenomenal if you like a lot of toppings, and it's definitely worth the price. However, the store and curb appeal are not very clean along with the other restaurants nearby. It is definitely college town, flourishing with student life during the Fall and Spring semesters.

Jacob M.

This location has always been quite hit or miss, but a pleasant surprise I had my best bowl yet the other day. Sadly it just seemed like some of the ingredients had been sitting there too long. Go enjoy it at the fountain near Tcoop!

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