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629 Main St, Columbia
(803) 851-1118

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We ordered takeout. The food was ready within the 15 minutes we took to drive there, so it is pretty fast. We ordered the chicken shawarma- one on pita and one on rice. FYI, the pita is not a pita wrap - just pita chips. Both were overcooked and really dry - also rather bland. But paired with the tiziki sauce, it’s alright. There is some pickled cabbage with the salad, which is really good and refreshing. The portions were also smaller than I expected. The $12 plate is closer to what I expected with the $7 option. We got a large pita - very good and the bread is good too. Sesame seeds on it and a garlic flavor. If I went again, I would order the Damascus bread with it just to have a bit more. We also did a large order of grape leaves. They were identical to the kind we get occasionally in a can - nothing really exciting on that front. Overall, I found the food too expensive for its quality and quantity and would be hesitant to return, except maybe to get a hummus fix.

Renewed Joy

Although the prices have gone up, the food is worth it. I got the Curry chicken, Damascus bread, and stuffed grape leaves, it was all good. It was my first time having grape's my favorite now. Chicken was tender and flavorful, with a seasoned grilled taste. I make my own curry chicken which is hard to beat, but this came very close to beating it, lol. The grape leaves came with a dipping sauce, that complimented it well. As always, the customer service was on point. Will be back soon.


I got the spicy Pascha Lamb and it was delicious! The guy at the front counter was friendly and helpful when giving recommendations. No wait staff so you pay at the counter and pick up your own food when it’s ready.

Chelsea Delgado

This restaurant was our saving grace during our trip to Columbia. We went here quite a few times during our stay because the food was so delicious and consistent. The Damascus bread will make you never want to eat pita again. It’s both soft and crispy and has an amazing flavor. The grape leaves are also recommended as is the feta salad and the hummus. The kufta lamb over rice was so flavorful and the veggies were super fresh. We got to know Mahand, the owner, over our multiple visits. He is so welcoming, kind, and has such a passion for cooking, and it really shows. We will miss eating here!

Dianne Baughman

Me and my husband ate there about a week ago. It was hands down the best gyro and fries, and also the best greek salad and pizza around the area. The customer service by the owner was phenomenal.


Makes the best euro I have ever eaten. Fries are really good too, but their pizza is mediocre. Wait times are good.

Janie Mergler-Wolff

My husband and I came in for the first time and ordered the kafta platter and the chicken shwarma platter. We also got a side of hummus and bread. We were severely disappointed with the portion size of the hummus compared to the price. But, the hummus and bread were the best parts of the meal. The chicken shwarma was lacking the distinct spices that make chicken shwarma. My "kafta" was a joke to be honest. It was just ground beef with no spices at all. It was like they took a hamburger patty and cut it in half and cooked it on the grill and put it over rice. The portion size for that was small as well. I've been all over the middle east and have been hosted in the us by various Arab families and I've never had kafta or shwarma this bland. The hummus and fresh bread were the saving grace.

Jacko Vaght

It was nice. No Wi-Fi, but otherwise it was fine. The diet coke from the fountain machine had a weird taste, but could have been a one time thing. Price was reasonable. 7.69 for a lamb gyro with french fries. Drink was free as I was a first time customer.

Eboni Amór

Customer Service & Food Was Bomb ?... Worth The Try! Great Prices!!Update went back on 11/13 food wasn't as good. Gyro was doughy. Veggies & Rice not as crisp as last time. Fries were consistent. Travel far for this food and slightly disappointed. Customer Service is Always good.

Madame “Sama_” Xool

Love going here ont if my favorite restaurants in cola the people are nice and even when there is one cook on duty and they are packed he still has a calm demeanor. Service service service it makes a different. Definitely recommended if u want good Mediterranean food oh God and the pizza MAGNIFIQUE IT'S THÉ BEST

Tree Wookie

The food is amazing and prices are very fair. The customer service was great.

Revathy Ramanan

This is decent place with affordable meals. People generally get falafel wrap but their falafel platter is much better and filling. It's a go-to lunch place for me and many students.

Eric Burkholder

Highly recommended ✅First time here for lunch. I got the spicy shawarma wrap with fries. The wrap had a great blend of flavors: The savory chicken, spicy sauce, and the pickled cabbage to add some acidity to brighten it all up. Fries were well seasoned and perfectly crispy. They are reasonably priced and the service was quick. I will definitely come back to try more!As of yet, no complaints!

Dave A

The kufta burger, the lamb gyros, and the chicken shawarma -- filling, tasty, and plentiful. And the family running the restaurant are an added charm.

David A

The kufta burger, the lamb gyros, and the chicken shawarma -- filling, tasty, and plentiful. And the family running the restaurant are an added charm.

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