Chestnut Coffee House + Market

325 Rocky Slope Rd #101, Greenville
(864) 412-8080

Recent Reviews

Fern Fox

Amazing drinks and very friendly staff. Came here for an event with food trucks and music and tried the assorted flight. Needless to say all of the sampled drinks were amazing. I will definitely be back to get these regularly instead of Starbucks if they are always this good. 10/10.

Lexi M.

I love this place! It's your typical modern coffee shop, but I am really impressed by the quality and taste of their coffee. I will say it is way over priced, like kinda insane for South Carolina. But it makes sense given the area that it's in. I would recommend their chai latte or the brown sugar latte (with half the syrup). And, if you're in to loose leaf, they have many options! Make sure to check out the little market/bakery in the shop--this will add a shwae factor to your experience:)

Elizabeth Conrad

I used to drive to the other Greenville location every month because the coffee and marketing design drew me in. This new location is the perfect blend of small town family owned coffee shop and aesthetic atmosphere. You can really feel the heart of this family’s passion to create a space where the local community can meet over delicious coffee!

Michelle K.

My iced oat milk honey latte was one of the best I've had! Add an extra espresso shot for a kick and 1/2 the amount of honey so it's not too sweet. Absolutely perfect! The interior of the shop was beautiful and the attached shop was so cute! I picked up a hand poured candle as a gift and my sister loved it. Wonderful quality and it smelled amazing!

Lauren B.

Great coffee! I think the sugar got left out on accident but the flavor overall was great! Super cute place and had a cute market inside to buy local food! Will definitely go back!

Rachel Wagner

I used to LOVE coming here, it was my favorite coffee shop. The last couple of months, each time I have come they are out of pastries by 10:00, but it seems they are always adding more and more other options in regards to their market or other random things to purchase at the register (granola bars, etc). I miss when this place first opened and it was a beautiful coffee shop with a great, clean vibe, delicious coffee, and wonderful pastries. Now it’s just overwhelming when you walk in.

Britt D.

Such a neat spot ! Coffee was excellent, and I will be returning. As a native pacific northwesterner, I appreciate a smooth latte!

Ellie R.

Amazing!!! It's so cute and friendly in here. There's also a little market with some snacks and things. We went twice on our trip and loved it!! I get a plain latte (no flavor/sweetener) because I like to taste the espresso, and theirs was definitely one of my favorites I've ever had. If I lived around here I'd definitely be a regular!

Lori L.

We go to legacy park a lot and decided to come here to get some coffee and hot chocolate. I'm going to make this review short and sweet. The shop is beautiful and inviting. Staff is friendly. Hot chocolate was probably one of the best I've ever had and I will continue to get it. The end.

Paloma Delgado

So chic and modern this coffee shop/market is such a pleasant experience!!! The employees are a delight and the variety they offer is off the charts. Definitely is one to check out ?

Stephanie Taylor

Literally the BEST coffee around! Also love the concept and friendliness of staff at Chestnut Coffee House. If you love iced lattes… make the drive, make the stop. They aren’t watered down like many shops make. You get the fullest flavor with the perfect blend of whatever flavor you select! @ediblejoy IG

Nicole G.

Best vanilla chai latte ever. EVER. This place is really delightful from the decor and plants and the friendly baristas. Parking was pretty easy since the park is right across the street and there are some street parking options. Please try this place, I need them to stay open fore

Aaron H.

Coffee is good. They use Methodical coffee. Staff is friendly and the ice cream is AMAZING! Great place to sit/study/relax. Tons of parking and a park with a playground across the street.

Theresa Hall

Wonderful coffee shop! Great atmosphere! I had the Meadows hot tea with a GF strawberry scone. Both were good!

Vasiliki B.

Such a relaxing atmosphere, awesome place and even better coffee. Never disappoints.

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