Eggs Up Grill

McAlister Square, 225 S Pleasantburg Dr unit d-10, Greenville
(864) 362-8847

Recent Reviews

Mary F.

It was super slow so we decided to stop in. Chrissy was our waitress and we asked for the condiments to not be on our burgers and of course they were. It took her a while to come by and check on us - actually at the end of the meal. When she asked how our food was I showed her all the condiments on the napkin and all she said was that she told the kitchen to not put them on there and left. No sorry, no discount, no anything besides "see you again soon" Definitely will not be returning.

Kristina Hapney

I love this place. It’s always clean, kid friendly, the staff is kind and the owner truly cares. The food is great and they have some healthy options.


The atmosphere and food are excellent. I strongly recommend the philly cheesesteak omelette.

Jacob Fountain

fantastic breakfast-always good. Grilled muffins number 1 app

Sean S.

My service dog Ranger and I decided to try somewhere different for breakfast, Eggs Up Grill,McAlister Square. I was surprised to see an honor table set up. I was thinking about taking a picture but I decided not to. I asked to speak to the manager, Chrissy, who said that it's in honor of Lt Christopher Rhoton. He's tragically took his own life at Shaw AFB on August 13, 2019. His buddy started a website, and has set up Valor Tables in memory of Lt Rhoton. Along with a picture, a folded flag and a card with Lt Rhoton's information, is a card with information on mental health and where to get help. The website has a list of restaurants and businesses that have set up tables. If you're local to Greenville, please support these businesses for what they're doing to remember Lt Rhoton and putting a spotlight on military and veteran suicide. Thank you Eggs Up Grill. I forgot to say that the food was excellent, the restaurant was clean and the service was outstanding.

Kendra Brock

Cannot recommend this place enough. The food and the prices can't be beat! Plus, the servers are great.

Rick Turk

Great food great service reasonably priced

Tim N.

I was trying to think of what to grab for a quick lunch and headed in the general direction of Eggs Up Grill, which means passing right by the Waffle House and then that made me think that breakfast for lunch would be a good idea and then that made me think of corned beef hash (a favorite) and eggs and next thing you know, Bob's your uncle and here I was at Eggs Up Grill. I have visited the Woodruff Rd. location but this was my first visit to the McAlister Square location. The restaurant space is much brighter than the former Caesar's Restaurant that previously occupied the space and the interior has been completely gutted with an new open kitchen concept and a counter-top service with plenty of booths and tables. I hit the restaurant right at noon and was immediately seated, but I did take note that there seemed to be only one server initially. After about five minutes two more servers showed up and began taking orders. I had no real issues with the service but the waitress seemed bored, didn't offer refills on water and coffee and when my tab was around $11.50 and I left $15 she decided the change was her tip. I figured maybe she needed it and let it go since it wasn't a big difference, but it amounted to like a 32% tip. On to the food. Corned beef hash, two eggs over medium, two pieces of buttered wheat toast, and grits. The hash hit the spot. It is billed as the "owners original recipe," with the impression that someone went on a serious quest for the perfect corned beef hash recipe. Crunchy outside in enough places to provide texture and minced enough to retain some moisture but not being mushy. The beef was also more lean, less fat and less filler and the filler seemed only to be minced up potato. Portion size was about like the other pictures, burrito size. Two eggs over medium were done a little bit too much - one wants that runny yolk to combine with the corned beef goodness. Wheat toast was ....wheat toast. The grits were piping hot, good consistency, meaning not a solid mass, slightly flowable enough that you needed a spoon and not a fork and not loaded with cream. But they were a little bland because of it and though I love grits, these were the low spot of the meal. Overrall, this was an alright breakfast, but not stellar and the atmosphere is a notch up or two from diner, but so are the prices. The same breakfast at a diner style would be closer to $8 instead of $11 and you probably could set your own tip. But I will be back sometime, just not rushing back, only when it is convenient.

Em S.

If you're looking for a simple, quick dining experience in downtown Greenville, then Eggs Up Grill is perfect. Nothing fancy, but expect a hot meal and endless coffee refills. I appreciate the cute, festive decor and relaxed atmosphere. The total bill is also on the conservative side, so be sure to snag a couple of extra sides. I always like healthy options, and due to the typical diner feel, there weren't as many as I had hoped for. But, a nice breakfast.

Kent Cain

Very good tasting food, but a little on the pricey side.

Tania Ponder

I had a special scrambled eggs. They were made perfectly. I will continue going there for breakfast. It's delicious.

Larry R.

Don't expect the moon when you dine here. Service was good no excellent. Maybe the next time i am in i will have a better experience.

Michanna T.

Can't speak to the food as we never got to order. We were sat in one of two booths by the bar. As a result we were subjected to employees loudly singing 90s music. After several minutes our waitress said she would be with us (she was apparently handling a large party). By the time she returned we had decided to go eat elsewhere. Those who were sat in the actual dining area appeared to be receiving good service. Love the Eggs Up Grill on Augusta Rd.

LaTonya Alston

This my favorite breakfast place . I feel in love with the steak & eggs . Would definitely recommend for breakfast or brunch.

Juana Sosa-morales

Server wasn't very friendly and the food wasn't that good. I would stick to my I hop and cracker barrel. High prices for ok quality food.

David Hanor

Quintessential diner with just what you want for breakfast. The tables and eating area are clean, friendly staff, and delicious food. Not the first time to stop by and won’t be the last!

Ms. Sabrina Fletcher, LMT

I had the Greek omelette here I’m very familiar with eggs Up Grill moving here from Myrtle Beach I can say that the owners of this personal franchise take special interest to make sure everything is just perfect for their customers from cleanliness to making sure you have enough condiments and offering a drink to go!

Michelle Luna

I've been here twice, once with my church and once with my mom. All I have to say is the people are so kind and friendly and the food is delicious, first time I got pancakes and the second time I got an omelette and grits.

Tonya Jordan

Ordered steak and eggs, steak was so salty, I couldn't eat it. I asked for sausage instead, couldn't eat was loaded with red pepper. Still paid over 24 dollars for breakfast I couldn't eat..Should have went to Stax instead because this place is overpriced and food is perfectly horrible.

Tina Farber

I enjoying seeing a lot of the same faces when I come. I appreciate a restaurant for having low turn over.

Tammy O.

A great place to come to for great food & great service! I've tried different dishes & have enjoyed them all. My favorite server is Amber, she always goes out of her way to provide great customer service.

Nancy D.

Very good! Kayla was really nice and the kids really enjoyed their kids breakfast, choose 3 items from the list and a juice! We were full and happy!

Angelina Vita

Rude staff. Always act like you're in their way. Food is alright but they only bring you one tiny napkin and won't provide more which is difficult if you get finger food and dont want to be a slob. Also they close at two so good luck meeting your kids there after school ‍♀️

Angie Snow

I recieved a free birthday meal. Unfortunately I did not read the small print, I had to print out the email. I did not get my birthday breakfast. The waitress was very kind and said about three times a week this happens.

Carmen Cage

Nice flavor to most of food but the pancakes were a little dry. But their cafe mocha is the best I have found besides Duncan Donuts.

Anne Thommen-Rollins

Great food, friendly service, fast receiving of food after ordering and the cleanest place I’ve ever eaten in. Love that the cooks wear gloves while cooking too!!! Everyone pitches in and work together. Love team work and it shows!! Love trying new places while on vacation. This is one we will definitely come back to and refer our son to who recently moved here. My husband and I give you 5 stars

Angela Jill Boney

Food is always great. We had Amber as our waitress today. She immediately noticed my desperation for coffee and she kept it coming! She smiled and laughed with us in between coffee runs for me. I'll be asking for her again next time.

C E.

Super-helpful staff; a family member and I stopped in when this restaurant first opened and we were warmly greeted and the staff took time to walk us through the menu and otherwise be very welcoming and helpful. Glad to see a hopefully thriving business at McAlister Square, too.

Walter W.

Chrissy, was first class and very responsive today when I was in the restaurant. When I wanted to try something new she helped me choose what to get and by the way it was great. When my drink got low she filled it up fast. She is also very friendly to all her customers that I can see. I would recommend her to anyone that walks in the door. She will give you great service, and always a smile.

Beau Sanders

Eggs Up at McAlister Square is my favorite breakfast spot. It is on my way to work. Plenty of parking. Great food. Fair prices. Professional staff. Great meetup place in their private meeting room, or in the modern, spacious dining area.

Beau S.

Eggs Up at McAlister Square is a great place for breakfast or lunch. I like it as a meetup place. They have a private dining room for groups or the main dining area is modern and spacious. The staff is top-notch. The food is fairly priced and always fresh. The menu has many breakfast and lunch options. The grits are always good! I highly recommend Eggs Up at McAlister Square.

John Hornby

We have a group that meets here every Wednesday morning. The food is great and the staff are even better. Paige usually serves us, and she has learned our routine (we have to leave by 730am to get to work). She's thoughtful and accommodating, and always helpful. She makes sure we have our food and checks in plenty of time to eat, talk, and get out the door for work every week.

Dr-Gary W Jackson

Great food, friendly service, the restaurant was very clean and the food was fresh and very tasty

Stanton R.

Eggs Up Grill is a great place for breakfast. Amber, my server was so kind. Cheerful service and great food! Awesome coffee, too!

Ariella R.

I rarely use five stars but in this case it is really deserving. The food was fresh, well prepared and served with class. Clean restrooms. Friendly and personable staff. Amber our server is awesome

Dwight A.

Had an excellent breakfast at Eggs Up Grill! The service was great. Honestly, I was expecting more food for the price, but this is a solid breakfast cafe, and I would return. :-)


Difficult to find if you don't already understand what McAlister Square already is, needs a street sign or something. The staff was friendly and not overly attentive. The grits and sausage links were quite tasty. I appreciated the coffee not being burnt.

Richard Sullivan

Awesome breakfast spot.

Zackary Smith

Good food. Had a grumpy hostess. A bit of wait for the food. Had to ask a few times for same thing

Scott Robertson

Home fry platter was great! Service was fast and attentive