Angelo's Steak and Pasta

2311 S Kings Hwy, Myrtle Beach
(843) 626-2805

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Theresa Myers Pagano

Angelo’s was a wonderful dinner! Our server, Marybeth, was friendly, knowledgeable and attentive. We wished we would have found this place earlier in our stay. The delmonico sizzler was delicious- juicy and hot the entire time I was eating it and that makes for an almost perfect dinner. We really enjoyed Angelo’s and HIGHLY recommend them! We didn’t have the Italian buffet so I cannot review that part of the restaurant.

Jesse Q.

Love this place. Always a stop when I'm in Myrtle beach. Great steaks! Don't be fooled by the buffet. Get the steak. Top notch, The family style salad before dinner is always nice a fresh. Staff is friendly.

Lewis Powell

We’ve been going to Angelo’s for 25 years now and it just doesn’t get any better than this!! Greatest steaks on the planet, for sure and excellent staff all the time. Finally got to meet and speak with Angelo last night and it was a real pleasure! Couldn’t help congratulating him on all these years of success! If you have not eaten with Angelo and his staff you need to get in there soon! You won’t find a better steak anywhere!!

Tommy Miller

The "Big Daddy" ribeye was excellent, as always. And Alysha is an amazing server with a great attitude!


Really enjoyed the food! You tell it was good since it was a wait...well worth it! Right away they brought a delicious bowl of salad and really yummy rolls! Enjoyed the buffet and the bacon rapped scallops were delicious!

Penny R.

We just arrived in town and looked for a place to eat. We found Angelo's steak & pasta. We were seated right away and we all decided to try the buffet. For the 3 of us it was $77 with change. I don't care how much something cost as long as it's good! The buffet food looked ok but eating it was a different experience. The last thing I got from the buffet was the Chicken cacciatore. Being Sicilian I'm very familiar with this dish. It looked ok till I took several bits out of the chicken leg and was met by a Putrid taste in the center of the chicken. I stopped eating... We paid our bill we left by the time we got back to our townhouse rental I was throwing up. Completely gross!! I am a executive chef of 34 years and never ever have I had such disgusting food or served disgusting food. If ya can't do a buffet right I am not ever going to try your other items! It was the first thing I ate in 12 hours of traveling. I do not recommend this place! Spoiled food needs to be thrown out and not served!

Megan Dowling

Good food and service, but nothing that really stood out. We had the lobster medallions, she crab soup, filet tips, shrimp fra diavolo pasta and shrimp lemon and Romano pasta. The shrimp was cooked well however the lemon and Romano sauce had extra butter sitting on top.


7 of us went as Angelo’s was recommended. None of us thought the buffet was that good. We were going to come back for the steaks but now are going to pass.


I ordered an 8oz filet and the server asked what 2 sides I wanted with it. I thought they were included when she asked that. I ended up getting a 12oz filet(which I was charged for) and also charged for 2 sides. The steak was tender but absolutely no flavor. My husband was also charged for his side. I won't be going back. Super disappointing and VERY OVER PRICED for the quality of the food.

Daisy k

I ordered the ribeye steak and my husband Alfredo with chicken. The steak was really good but expensive (steak and one side of small potato) Alfredo was pretty good too but not for the price they charge. They give you a pound of noodles and a half of the chicken breast. But it doesn’t worth 23$, I would not pay more than 15$. The salad did not look presentable, definitely not fresh , but the dressing was tasty. What I’m trying to say is that the food is overpriced, I do not think I will stop there again. But it was a good experience of coming there just once.

Margaret Honan

6.6.22 There was a 45 min wait but it was worth it. The salad and rolls were fresh and tasty. The "sizzlers" are the Steaks that come out sizzling on the cast irons. The 20 oz porterhouse was cooked perfectly. We also had the honor to meet the owner Angelo Antonucci who took the time to tell us about his family immigrating here and how he now sells over 100K Steaks a year. This restaurant also serves Italian dishes and offers an Italian buffet. There's also early bird specials. It's a really wonderful place.

Jessica G.

Saw this on Google when we were looking for Place to go with the kids! We checked this place out. We ordered the buffet which is "cafeteria"style. It was really really good, the line is a makeshift line with a tray, they could do some updates there. The food was hot and delicious. The salad and bread was good, we overheard the waiter telling a table that they charge extra for additional baskets of bread, I'm sure you can cut costs by making your own bread... The atmosphere is OK, outdated and something you'd see on kitchen nightmares! All in all, the food is good.. the waitstaff are extremely friendly so I can't complain too much!

Vina E.

We decided to try the buffet while on vacation in the area. Patriotic establishment, which I appreciated. Liam was out server and he was great. I had the chicken with baked potato and green beans and it was yummy, green beans were delicious! Kids menu was fairly priced and the buffet was good. Would go again.

Kristi P.

Good. Not great. Could be great though with a little more. We were party of four. I got grilled mahi, hubbie and 2 teenage sons got steaks. They enjoyed the steaks mostly, just not greatest cuts. My mahi was cooked really good, BUT had no seasoning . I actually asked for butter just for something and used a lot of pepper. The garlic mashed were sooo tasty but barely even lukewarm. Italian green beans super tasty, but again barely lukewarm. Service is GREAT, however. Super fast and responsive from seating to check out. Our waiter was fantastic.

Ryan H.

Great steak, loved it pasta wasn't the best but overall good food and friendly staff.

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