Flower's Bakery Outlet

4101 Holmestown Rd, Myrtle Beach
(843) 399-7990

Recent Reviews

Jason Martin

Great deals.

Tammy Storey

I love this place. The store is always clean and they have good sales too

Zack Goulet

Great deals on bread and baked goods.

Pam Smith

Good prices great selections

Lisa Olito

Daves Killer Bread..2.00 great prices.

Carrie Mitchell

Smaller store but they have the stock, even the expensive seed breads at a reasonable price!

Garey Edwards

Good products and a friendly staff!

Tiffany Everson

I love this place. Our favorite bread and sweets. And always great prices.

John Myers

Great place to stop and pickup great name brands, and prices.

Tish Joyce

Excellent service

The Martins

Great place for Tastee Cake brand treats and many other baked goods and bread choices. Bread is an average of$1 a loaf. Raisin bread, rolls, thick sliced bread etc. Some items in there are a little higher in price as they don't seem to be part of the outlet close to outdated items....new deliveries come in every night so first thing in the morning would give you a better choice of popular items.

Gail Barnhorst

Variety of breads and other bakery items. Very good prices.

Butch Barnes

Great deals! 20% off bread on Wednesdays....

Jonathan V.

Some pretty good deals on sweets. Donuts were a good deal. Bread 99 cents. Check this place out.


Been shopping there since they opened since I live a stone’s throw from the store. The older female clerk, shaped like an apple, is RUDE almost every time we’re in there. Today she literally dropped my loaves of bread into the bags, slung the bags onto the counter, then roughly put my change in my hand. I dread seeing her gray Jeep lopped over onto the sidewalk, right at the entrance. My husband and I are always pleasant to her but it’s rarely reciprocated. Lady, if you hate your job that much, go elsewhere. Everyone else there is very nice.

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