Ultimate California Pizza

4003 Deville St, Myrtle Beach
(843) 839-9880

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Andrea G

We came here on a recommendation from someone at work. Service was poor, our server was unfriendly. We were given dirty plates twice. The pizza was just ok, undercooked, no color on the crust or the cheese. But what we were really appalled at was that we were actually served these carrots and cucumber slices with the hummus. These vegetables should have never left the kitchen, let alone have been served to a table. I will never return.

Shawn Strang

Pizza was very good, and employees were great. Would give five stars, but the bar is really lacking in some necessities.

Peter Ruth

Friendly and efficient staff. We had the Hawaiian pizza. Pizza crust was done and the rest of the pizza was very tasty. Good place to go after the movies.

Jack Martin

I love boneless wings but these were the worst I have ever had. Really tasted like frozen soggy nuggets. I hate to do a bad review but this was a bad experience to say the least. On the positive side my wife got a pizza that she liked and the people were very friendly.

Daniel A.

Really good pizza, and super friendly service. Restaurant was clean and a pretty cool place.

Mary Moose

UCP was our favorite pizza place for the past 11 years. We always ordered the local large 3 top pizza because we got a great locals discount and we really liked the pizza. Recently, however, at the Market Common location the quality of the pizza has been hit or miss so we returned to the Myrtle Beach location where the pizza was as good as always. Now we decided to give the MC location another try and when we called to order the pizza we found out they have increased the locals price by 35%. We know businesses are struggling but so are their customers and that amount of price increase is way out of line in our opinion so we will not be returning to UCP sadly. We could accept a slight increase, but 35% is outrageous.

Mark D.

don't waste your money!don't waste your money!don't waste your money!!!!!!!!!!!!dont waste your money!!!!!!!!!!

Wendy R.

A place that has ultimate and pizza in their name should have good pizza. Pizza was just Meh! Sad that this company has so little respect for us the consumers.

Sunny Day

My husband said the Cuban was delicious. My pp Hawaiian pizza was the best! (I left off the dates and coconut) our server was nice and attentive and we didn't have to wait long for our food.

Jerrin H.

We got a large pizza and did half of 2 signature styles. It was really good! Beer prices looked decent and mixed drink variety looked good too! We would definitely come back! Great spot to stop in and eat!

5 Star Frenzy

Great pizza, great service, clean bathrooms. It's Across from the movie theater and we had an hour before the movie started. Stopped in ordered, enjoyed and we were still 20 minutes early to see Jurassic World! #5StarFrenzy


One of the worst experiences I’ve ever had! Waited so long that customers waiting to be seated left, it was an absolute travesty. A terrible dining experience for all involved. Do not recommend!!

Tracey Bourassa

My husband and I would have ultimate California Pizza as I go to Pizza we've eaten there probably eight times in the year we've been here. He gets the Hollywood meat lovers with mushrooms I get the Santa Cruz with extra toppings. For the most part we've been happy with the pizzas until today. Order the same not sure if it's a different pizza maker but the pizza crust was soggy it didn't have great flavor I couldn't even finish my pizza. So unfortunately ultimate California Pizza is no longer or go to pizza ?

Rob Charest

Slightly above average pizza for Myrtle Beach, however the service was lackluster—from the hostess to our server—and the place had an overall unfriendly atmosphere. Also, the booth that my family was seated at featured a wooden seat (without a cushion) and was immediately uncomfortable. Okay for takeout, but I would not recommend dining in.

Chris Smith

Delicious food, really enjoyed the California white pie.

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