1267 Knox Ave, North Augusta
(803) 202-3202

Recent Reviews

Steven Lace

Drive through only. Quick.

Lady Kayak Angler

Very reliable and consistent. Great food!

Jessica Martin

Always the best experience here. Everyone is so police and efficient

Seth Schwartz

These people have service down to a science. They were moving cars through the drive through better than TSA can screen passenger. You could walk into the dining room and order but couldn't sit inside, several hosts were carry trays to car side pick-up. As always the food was hit, fresh and delicious!

Mitchell Dardar

Drive thru was fast and easy. Food was hot and fresh. It's Chick fil a, either love it or hate it and I love it.

Michael Bozzone

It was a chik-fil-a. It met expectations with no food poisoning or long wait. The order was correct.The workers were very polite and efficient and three tiers above the workers of any other national fast food chain. It was just like every chik-fil-a I've ever been to.

A Angie S

There's no dine in currently, only drive thru and delivery. It was very busy but their process works. Other fast food places should adopt their pretty much contactless service. Breakfast minis are delicious as always.

TJ Usry

Very fast and friendly service. They really have the concept of fast food!

Jackie Prather

I love this place so much. I eat here at least 2 a week. Amazing staff. Food is always fresh and hot. They have the best chicken sandwiches I've ever had. 10/10 if you haven't eaten here you are missing OUT!!!

Barry Bartlett

Food was excellent. Service was fast and friendly. Great location. You must try it!!

Donna Barton

Great food Great employees fast service nothing but good to say !

Marianne Wenzel

Great service as always. You have the most amazing people working for you and also the best food.

Michelle Prydz

Market fresh salad is amazing (minus the blue cheese). The spicy apple cider vinegar dressing is the perfect fit. Love it!!

Daniel M.

Very delicious and their service is always excellent. They have some of the best mac n cheese i've ever had. Their chicken sandwiches and the chick fil a brand mayo is very, very good. 5 stars

Todd Heath

Long line that moved fast as usual. Friendly staff and the order was right. Not much else you can ask for from a fast food restaurant. The chicken and fries were both good.

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