Gary's Hamburgers

410 Georgia Ave, North Augusta
(803) 278-1314

Recent Reviews

Sue Charlton

Food is always fresh and handed to you with a friendly smile!

D. Perry

We always try to give the little guy a hand making a buck. But Gary's just doesn't cut it when you have places like Five Guys. We tried Gary's again for the third time in seven years and was disappointed again. The burgers were lacking sauces which made it dry. Sandwich prep was sloppy, tomatoes and onions cut too large, pickles not placed evenly around, etc...The fries were warm and mealy. When you go to a place that specializes in one thing, such as burgers it should be spot on. There is just too much competition. It wasn't terrible, but it wasn't great!So, sad to say we won't be going back to our hometown burger joint anytime soon.

Katina Payne

Good food same friendly people working there for years and years. Always nice to see.

Buddy Cowan

Definitely a bigger burger but one must like their burgers well done ( not my preference as to me well done makes them dry) but over all a good burger

Darcy Sierra

We spent the day on the river, and Gary's was suggested by someone who lives locally. Ooof, I was expecting something delicious.. and ya... Definitely not up to even just basic standards. Chili dogs were uneatable, grey.. yes I said grey ..chili on the chilli dogs ( those did not get eaten) chicken strips were.. idk how describe them except squishy. Nasty texture with no flavor and in the south to not have good chicken?? What??? So basically dog food.. onion rings were bland, fries were soggy and the drinks were so full of ice ( literally to the top) that those were pointless too. We stopped and got something else after we left. Waste of money, and a waste of time. Garbage can was fed well though..

Keisha Jenkins

Horrible I was in line ordering and the little lady with the accent at the front desk told me to move over so she could take the next order then she’d finish up my order… she did 2 orders before she came back to me… if I’m ordering a group order there’s no reason I should have to stop my order to move over. Really didn’t want to give 1 star I’ll sick to the Gary’s in Augusta they have much better customer service.

nicholas greiner

Great food but the drive through wait is horrific. Waited 15 min in line and never ordered. I had to leave because I only had 30 min for lunch

Angela Burns

Great chicken strips and fries. I eat here at least weekly. Highly recommend.

Ryan Mann

Most of the time our food is pretty good, but this lady time the chili dogs were flavorless. I've had them before and they were great. Maybe it was a fluke. I hope so.

curlly laps

Going to this location in North Augusta is like night and day compared to going to the one in Martinez on Washington Road. Everyone at this location is nice they greet you they're so pleasant. The food even taste better.


I had a good experience and I don’t believe this place deserves all these single stars. Maybe they had some bad apples working there at one time. The food is good and it is also simple which I like. The burger is well done so if you want it another way idk. Everything was fresh and tasty and I believe in supporting locals. They even served my food which was nice. They were busy and handled it pretty good. Thank you

Aldo M.

The burgers are ot great. I ordered a 1/3 pounder cheeseburger. Not much cheese. Burger was not seasoned at all. I had to add salt and pepper to give it some flavor. Otherwise, the cheeseburger tasted bland. The fried tasted fresh with the right amount of salt. Wry good fries--tasty!

Lee Johnson

Always fresh and the best food around! People are very nice and in a great location! Will recommend this restaurant to all of my friends and new people in the area!!

Brian M.

The decline of this once iconic restaurant is hard to watch. Growing up, everyone knew Gary's had the best burgers and breakfast in town. The quality over the past few years steadily declined. The ownership may as well close the drive thru window, I've seen cars in that line for over 20 minutes. Hopefully they can turn it around before another chain restaurant comes and takes over.


Food quality is great, and the service was great. Would give 5 stars, but the good wasn't exactly as ordered, but it wasn't a deal breaker for what was ordered. Highly recommend!

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