Medina's Mexican Restaurant

615 E Martintown Rd, North Augusta
(803) 599-7961

Recent Reviews

Mike Crosby

Hey they rank great . The California burrito is a hunk plenty of food to eat. Young waitresses need to work a little bit on that area but overall great I'll eat there again. They haven't been open too long they need beer on draft.. they probably give you more food than their competitors that's been here for years.

Shy Symone

This was my first time eating here And I honestly wanted to like this place but the customer service is horrible. The cashier (older lady/possible owner ) over charged us and when I pointed it out, she couldn't understand me anymore and started speaking Spanish to the younger girl. Then she gave us a different price but no receipt. She also told me my meal would came with rice and beans but i only received beans. I asked for beef chicken and carne asada. (Which is usually steak) It was shredded pork. They asked which tortillas I would like then attempted to charge extra for flour tortillas vs the corn. Smh I'll never come here again or recommend it to anyone else.

Summer Nichole

This was our first visit and the food was amazing. I have nothing bad to say about this place. Food was sooo good. I would recommend eating here. The servers were outstanding and very nice and kept asking if we needed anything. The place is clean and nice I loved my first time there and I will be going back.. Thank you so much. If I could give more than 5 stars I would.★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★

James Johnson

This was our first time here. We got an order to go, and when we got home it was perfect. Good prices and a really friendly staff. We will definitely be back a lot more times.

Teriann Leblanc

Delicious food, great atmosphere. Awesome prices. Really sweet wait staff. Best around. Can't wait to go back.

Gary L.

The Mexican food here is really better than the average. We got 3 hard tacos which were much bigger than they usually are. The chorizo dip appetizer was very tasty. And best of all, majarro, which is crispy fried while tilapia is absolutely delicious!!! It's so hard finding a place that will serve the whole fish. I enjoy the crunchy fins. The meat is delicious. I can't say enough about this dish!

Regina B.

I love Medina's. My favorite Mexican restaurant in North Augusta and surrounding areas. The staff is very friendly. The food is fresh and yummy. The quantity is great! This is the only Mexican we eat anymore!

Christina Weaver

Food was the best I've had in awhile anywhere. Service was excellent. You have to try them.

Mike Riley

Eaten here several times and not been disappointed. Meals are huge, prices reasonable, service good, people are friendly.

Daniel M.

I got the enchiladas supreme and it was a slam dunk. Lettuce, tomatoes, and sour cream. They give you one cheese, one chicken, one bean, and one beef enchilada and they all taste amazing especially the beef and the cheese. Yum!

Allise L Riney

The food is always great. Friendly staff. Oh and great Margaritas too! Definitely one of our favorites.

Jennifer F.

Food was nice and warm, we got a taco salad, pollo con crema, and queso! Everything was prepared fresh and tasted great. It was overall tasty! Would go again!

Nyssa Zippler

I’ve never been inside, but I order from them a lot through Uber eats/Postmates, so it has to travel a tiny bit. The changa fajita is always sooo good

Cheryl Johns

. Absolutely no complaints there. However service was mediocre. And me and my mother, it was my birthday dinner but however my mom wanted extra beans on her taco salad and the waitress didn't seem to get it and I finally said can you just bring her extra beans. She never did that. I got the chimichanga mixed up and I like sour cream so I also said I want extra sour cream and she said well it comes with sour cream, I replied but I want extra sour cream please. Neither one of us got what we asked for as far as our extra beans or extra sour cream. And even though she forgot to do both at the end I had a whole chimichanga to take home and I said is there any way I can have that extra sour cream now and instead of saying I apologize for forgetting to bring it to you. She just told me well I'm going to have to charge you extra for it! So definitely a communication problem between the waitress and the customers I don't know if they're just being stingy about giving anything extra but we were willing to pay extra but they just refuse to bring us extra. And again my mother had to eat her whole taco salad and finally got to the beans at the very bottom and my mother does well she's not a big complainer and she tries to keep me from complaining so I just had to sit there and let her eat her Taco salad, even though it was my birthday, still most concerned about her and her not being happy with what she got. So that's a big to do there in my opinion listen to the customers! If we ask for extra of whatever if you have to charge us charges it doesn't matter it's a well-known fact that if you ask for extra you're going to be charged therefore give us our extra and charge us for it. We're not idiots. Other than that again food was pretty good did not get to see the waitress too terribly much as far as getting refills on drinks and asking her we about finished our meal before she even came back to the table for us to again sorry to keep repeating this to ask for our extra beans in sour cream. We were just so hungry we were tired of waiting on her we had done got up twice to ask for a drink that never came and to ask for three extra plates. Yeah I forgot about that part. Other than that just fine like I said pretty good food if you can get your extras that you ask for.

Angelina Warren

Maybe they were having a bad day but that's not the customer's fault. We sat for 15m and no one came to offer a drink, chips, salsa... nothing. We watched a couple people walk out before we followed. I wanted to give these guys a try but we ended up at Monterey's, down the street, whose always great!

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