Pablo's Mexican Restaurant

1069 Edgefield Rd Ste 101, North Augusta
(803) 599-5182

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Slow service and Bad food


If your restaurant is open for business I expect the same service no matter what time it is. Obviously I don’t expect to walk in 5 minutes before closing but if I arrive at 9 pm and your hours are until 9:30 then your margaritas should still be available with salt, your TV should stay on at least while your customers are there eating. Don’t turn the football game off right at 9:30. I understand it’s part of closing but use common sense if your customer is obviously watching the game as they finish up their dinner perhaps you could flip the switch to that TV as soon as your customer walks out the door. Some things might be overlooked if you treat your customers like your glad they are there. I pay the same price and tip generously no matter what time it might be. Why not provide the same caliber of service?

Mike Crosby

I have eaten there many times. The last two times I've eaten there the lettuce seen like it's about to go bad or either it's the preservative they are using. I see it as a deterent for sure . Guess could scrape it off. Rest is great some the best . Hope they get it straight I'm consider going out somewhere else.Food: 4/5

James Jackson

My favorite Mexican restaurant ever! Pleasant staff, and great food! I had the burrito that has chicken steak chorizo and bacon peppers and onions cheese and sour cream. Best burrito I have ever had! ?Food: 5/5


Went on a Tuesday evening for dinner - service was quick and friendly. Good chips and salsa. Rice was a bit bland, but the rest of our food was delicious! Nightly specials seem like a great deal.

Bridget Bundle

First time ever eating there. Service was slow, waitress was rude, drinks were HORRIBLE. That WAS NOT a margarita!!!The food was a joke. My taquitos came cut up, as if for a child. The meat was dry and unseasoned.We were there visiting from Atlanta.The restaurant pickings must be slim in this town for this restaurant to survive.Save your money. Get fast food.


Walked in sat at bar...over 10-15min. One of the regulars told staff 2 separate times boone had even acknowledged I had not even been spoken to yet. Staff sitting around.....had to move last persons stuff before I sat at bar.... guessing they left too. Avoid this place. Forced to give 1 star...Google you should have option ofno stars

Kay R

Got there Friday night before the dinner rush but you would have thought that they were busy. Very slow service. We had to continue to flag waitress over to refill drinks and order food. Half the staff was just standing around being louder than the actual customers. Food did come out quick but wasn't the best. I had chicken tacos that I had to cover in salsa to add flavor. Our table was under the ac piping that was constantly dripping water onto our table and by our food. I told the waitress but she could care less. 2 stars bc the margaritas were good.

Jimmie Doolittle

Fantastic food, at a fairly reasonable price. Staff was polite and courteous, If you haven't already been here you should definitely try their Papas Locas.

Steven Morphew

Horrible experience - the waitress got our order wrong took forever to get food and the ticket. Spoke to the manager he was arguing with me - won't ever go back - they don't care

Jourdan D

Food is consistently delicious. Daily specials on food and drinks (changes monthly). Can get busy at peak dinning hours, but I’ve never waited more than 10 minutes to be sat at table. Covered patio is not pet friendly :( wide menu variety - something for everyone.

Kevin Wilson

Great food and terrific service. Food was delicious and the service was fast and friendly!!!!

Rhonda Edwards

Ordered 4 tacos to go . Shells old .Got 2 beef instead of 2 chicken ordered.Other 2 tacos to be steak . Meat dry.2 of the 4 tacos had nothing on them Except the meat !?

Buff F.

Well, Pablo's has just joined the ever-growing list of restaurants that upcharge seemingly just for the he$$ of it. One in my party ordered a quesadilla with rice, and we were charged for a combo. The two ladies on the register thought it was quite humorous for her to be concerned over a "dollar". If it's worth up-charging to you, then it's worth saving to us. Oh, and the salsa is barely edible now. So hot. At first we thought it was a fluke, but yesterday made two visits. Excellent strategy for reducing the number of chips people eat or increasing the likelihood of people ordering cheese dip. So very "Pablo's". Newsflash: I will not go to a restaurant where I can't enjoy the chips and salsa. Pablo's service has been slipping big-time for quite a while. Maybe if people didn't have to wait so long to be served, they wouldn't eat so many chips.


Needed to have a quick meal while on break at work. My taco salad was ok but service was very slow and once I had my salad the waitress never came back. Sat for 20-30 minutes with no drink and finally had to go to the register and pay without receiving the check. I let the person at the register know about it but they didn’t care.

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