Pablo's Mexican Restaurant

1069 Edgefield Rd #101, North Augusta
(803) 599-5182

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Daniel M.

I got the pollo a la crema which is chicken with cream sauce and sour cream and i added beef. Very, very good. For dessert i had xango and the cheesecake with ice cream was absolutely wonderful. So delicious!

Paige J.

Pablo's is a good spot for delicious Mexican food. That have your usual tex-mex offerings. As well as a few authentic Mexican dishes. I had to try the birria quesadilla which was recommended by a friend. So I hopped on the Birria craze that's taking over and thoroughly enjoyed it. The meat was flavorful and tender. And the green salsa that was served with it was a perfect accompaniment. The consomé didn't have that deep flavor that I was expecting but it was still delicious and added even more richness to the cheesy quesadilla. I am hoping this dish remains on their menu.

Nancy Petrusek

Good food but make note that waitresses are allowed (but do not tell their customers!) to add their own gratuity to the bill in Fridays and Saturdays...Our waitress added an 18.5% tip!!! for our Friday lunch when the restaurant was NOT busy (only half the tables were occupied) and we each only ordered their lunch special and a glass of iced tea. Nothing cooked to order or made especially for us.We never asked for anything special, nor even refills for our iced teas or chips/salsa.What warranted an 18.5% Gratuity?Cashier told us that is just their policy but it isn't posted nor does anyone tell you that your tip has already been added to the bill,We like Pablo's food...but they lost our business because of a greedy waitress! ?

OhMyJessi ;D

Dont order delivery from them!!!!!! Spent $34 for a cheese quesadilla & 2 nacho plates. Only got the quesadilla & a nasty burrito that didn't order. Their phone number is useless!!!

Peace Sun Expats

We were shocked to have an 18% gratuity added to the bill for lunch for me and my husband on a slow (not busy or filled) Friday afternoon.. 2 iced teas, a lunch special and a carnitas burrito for my husband!I asked the cashier if 18% was a normal gratuity. She told us that on Fridays and Saturdays the waitresses were allowed to dictate their own tips.. WHAT??We really like the food at Pablo's, but 18% is waaaay above and beyond for a small 2 person lunch. Sorry Pablo's...your greedy waitress lost us as customers for you. ?

Kiki Chico

It’s alright, not authentic Mexican food but good service

valerie walters

This use to be such a great place until they decided to SCAM people!!!! They will use a so call “gratuity”of 20% for their servers added to your ticket, which is their tip and still have the nerve to have a tip line added to your receipt after paying. And if you confront them about it telling them you want to pay a different tip they will disagree with changing it.. your server.. even the MANAGER!!! Disgusting scam! Place should be shut down!

Jessica Nunnery

Respectful workers. It was a little crowded but not too bad. Great food!

Amber V.

Pablo's is probably the best Mexican restaurant in North Augusta besides El Jalisence. I like their food & Drinks over Monterrey's. The staff is great! But the tamales I do not trust because one side was rock hard and honestly my family and I make them from scratch and of one sie is hard as a rock it's microwaved. Other then the tamales the other dishes are great!


Let me tell you. This a must stop through if you are at Exit 5 off of interstate 20. I have been go next door to this place for years, but was forced to try something new due to the place next door being closed. Well I love the food and my waitress was great. Let's just say I had to take my 2nd dish.

Ryan Gabor

Arrived to a non-busy time of 740 it took five minutes to get seated. I was promptly bought chips and salsa ate the basket of chips and still no waitress to take an order. The service here has gone absolutely downhill all waitresses and waiters or standing in the back by the bar conversation I will no longer frequently visit this restaurant

Lauren Johnson

Our service was not how it normally is. Our serviced greeted us twenty minutes after we were sat, gave us our waters and dip, and we waited for at least 20 more minutes before asking someone for our server so we could order. She simply picked up our chips, brought us new ones, and didn’t say a word. After waiting fifteen more minutes thinking she would come take our orders or at least refill our waters, we walked to the host and asked for our tickets. Our server didn’t put our dip in the system and when the host went to talk to her the server yelled “they just got dip. I thought they were going to order!” Do better.

Sharon Ziemek

Stopped for takeout after golf. Been here before and every time we go we are again blown away by how good the food is. It's 50 min from home and worth the trip! Portions are generous and flavors fresh.

Sandra Newland

Sorry we waited so long to try this place. Dont visit for ambiance BUT OMG THE FAJITAS ARE FABULOUS. Price is reasonable. Portions generous. We will make it a regular stop for sure

star gainey

The best Mexican restaurant I have ever been to! We love the employees, the food tops Mi Rancho by FAR! PLUS the cheesesteak burrito not only cost less but comes with your choice of rice or beans! Definitely my #1 restaurant of choice for the past 3 years!

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