ID SW, 117 Market Plaza Dr Unit 700, North Augusta
(803) 202-0075

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Gloria Weaving

Went. Well no problems with staff.

A Gold

They were curt at the drive thru. I do appreciate that my order was correct and the food tasted fresh.

jarrad young

The subway exit 5 in North Augusta... I will not go to any subway. I went in honestly just for a snack for me and my gf. Had mine made and was making hers. Tuna, mayo, and all the pickles I can get. The manager was there and some other ladies. When I got to the pickles and asked for more than the 3 I got. I was told they cannot do that. I like others said I'd pay for more and again was told they couldn't. I offered to buy steak to cover their cost which are pennies for more pickles. The lady making it understood my complaint and started to add extra when the manager stopped her and said they can't give us more cause their inventory was on a dock somewhere. Can't believe they'd get pickles from another country.I should be able to pay extra if need be and get every single pickle in the store. IT'S CALLED CUSTOMER SERVICE FOR A REASON!! Meet me half way, take my money and give me 3 more. To be one of if not the biggest company in the world I think they can afford giving extra pickles and/or teaching their employees customer service. I've been in customer service/food industry most of my life and they have no idea how to do it. I'LL NEVER GO BACK

Julie Lutz

Awfully scant sandwiches. All 5 sandwiches I ordered were so low on veggies it was awful..

Kelly Wilson

Back when covid restrictions were going on they refused me service and when I told them I have a disability and tried to show them proof of my claims and paperwork from my doctor they then told me to go through the drive thru even though i have well documented proof of my disability and customers were being serviced inside at the time which was the same as the 1960s discrimination of telling black people to use the back door which they ended up calling the police on me even though the covid guidelines from the states clearly say people with disabilities are protected from the mandates I will never return

Bonita Lee

My experience today wasn't too pleasant. I asked for extra onions on my sub, the staff said that she could not give me extra onions, so I said I'll pay for extra onions, she said she still couldn't give them to me....But ended up putting them on my sub anyway. A bit confusing, if I needed to pay for extra that's fine but don't say you can't and do it anyway. Some people Just want to be difficult, to begin with she had only put not even a whole piece of onion on my sub.

afton hall

this place is disgusting. the ingredients arent even fresh. screw this location.

meghan phillips

These women are rude and confrontational. I NEVER leave reviews, but I was verbally assaulted for wanting extra black olives. Said I threw things at them when I moved a bag of chips out of the way so I could pay. Were actively trying to provoke me when I just wanted to leave.

Zandra Butler

Ask for onions and she only put 3 lil pieces on there and i asked for more and she told me she couldn’t do it..

morrieo carswell

Line move fast food fix with care and professionalism and seasoned just right

scottie elliott

Very friendly young black haired lady. Sandwich was put together with the best.

annette shells

Had to ask them to wipe tables down. They were busy that day

Ellisa LaChé

There was hair in my sub.

Elizabeth Jimenez

Also quick and healthy. The young lady within were very nice

Daniel M.

I got a foot long chicken bacon ranch on Italian bread. I had the chicken microwaved first then toasted with green peppers and onions and bacon with provolone and cheddar cheese. Then i added lettuce and tomatoes and pickles and some smores cookies. 5 stars all the way.

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