Mangy Moose Saloon

240 Main St, Hill City
(605) 574-9093

Recent Reviews

Dyana Miller

Local Tap beers, a full bar, game area, great food and friendly faces.Parking: Big parking lot in back.

Teresa Bieri

Food was terrible. Service was not good. Don’t recommend.

T Ship

I'd rather eat at this dive bar than the fancy place across the street.

Julie Swenson

The Steak bites were delicious along with the French chips and beer cheese dip! Fun to watch the bikers go by on the patio!

Joe S.

Awesome place to come get food and drinks. Favorite bar in the black hills.

Kelly W.

We sat for over 10 mins no one took drink order and said anything so we left and went across the street to Bumpin Buffalo..

Joy M.

Service today "Saturday" was excellent. Nachos were good and huge. House margarita hit the spot. Not gourmet but still a good choice.

M H.

Very, very, disappointing. Waitress was nice but the food was simply overpriced and disappointing. Ordered the bison burger deluxe...dry, small, nothing special...and a $4.99 charge for a strip of bacon for the burger! (which just showed up on the bill) Two burgers w/fries, 2 glasses of water came to just under $40. I left a 20% tip because the waitress was trying her best. So....$48 bucks for two. If they could have done something...anything to dress up those burgers. It's like they weren't even trying. Will not be going back.

Charles Gervasi

My family stopped there on the way back to Madison, WI. We met other Wisconsin people there. There were so rightwing posters that showed some of the weird stereotypes they have of urban people. The food was good, and the people were nice. I wouldn't avoid then on account of the rightwing stuff because the signs indicated they won't be bullied by political liberals, and it's good for them to see people like my family in Madison have no thought or desire to do so.

Courtney Bayus

Great food and the bartender Jarrod had really good conversations with us! Highly recommend eating here.

Rachel Rehm

The waitress went out of her way to give us choices off the menu! She was quick, sweet, and very enjoyable to talk to outside of the food order. We had ham cheese balls and jalapeno poppers that has out of this world flavor! We went when there was football playing and she changed the channels on both TV so we could watch two different games.

Kathi Goins

We all enjoyed the food and the local tap beer was great. The employees were very friendly and attentive. We are visiting and will definitely return next time we are in South Dakota!

Glenn Kennedy

The sign said "Buffalo stew in a bread bowl $14.99" I got a bread bowl full of brown gravy. The first time in my life that I refused what was served. I paid for my beer, tipped the very nice waitress and moved on. To the owner, I would have spent a LOT more at your place. Your loss.

Cody Weatherly

Went in and there was only 1 table with people. We both thought it was fairly odd since everywhere else we went was completely full and had 1 hour waits. Couldn't find it on the restaurant search. I had a basket of onion rings as an appetizer. they were pretty decent, I thought we were safe. Proceded to order seafood roll with a salad and I got the Philly cheese steak sandwich. My sandwich was still fairly cold, and the seafood roll my girlfriend ordered was almost palatable in her words. That's saying something because I will eat almost anything, and she usually isn't that picky. We both left half our order in the cardboard trays, and now are laying in bed on vacation with our stomachs rumbling unhappily at us and the mylanta close by for red alert. Also were both fairly convinced that we were overcharged, but by the scathing rebuttals by the owner on the reviews we decided not to push our luck.

Katie Malin

We ordered a beer and an appetizer for dine in and dinner to go. We haven't even eaten yet, but our waitress is phenomenal!!! Best treatment we have gotten all week, while she was busy as all hell!

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