2223 W Main St, Rapid City
(605) 342-3483

Recent Reviews

Estelle H.

They sliced the peels of my apple slices without my permission and it was very devastating they took the best part of the apple away.


This is your basic unhealthy fast food junk food experience. High fat - high salt - high sugar. You get the idea. It's a death wish. Don't eat here too often.

Karly Orth

Literally got 4 out of 4 meals wrong! Went through the drive through. Also the sodas all cokes) tasted like water. Not cool mcdonalds, not cool!

Mern Klein

Very slow to get your orders and I'll also add prices have also greatly increased and not as qreat quality of the food. Has become kind of a letdown to be fair

Lewis Stewart

Very friendly staff! Food was served quickly and fresh. Thank you for a wonderful breakfast and great start to our day!

James Royal

Was amazed of the cleanest and professional service here, highly recommend to eat here ?

keeping up with the myers family matters

Will NOT bring going to this location anymore this had been the 5th time I’ve went here and believe me I’ve given them benefit of the doubt you know being busy and all so I went in and ordered. I asked for fresh fries, and two mchickens heavy on Mayo and lettuce and just Mayo on the mchickens and the fries were complete soggy and hard. Smh

Adventurous Prior

Great quick stop for a refreshing $1 soda when out shopping! Fast friendly service

Bill Gillen

The west main McDonald's is the only one that seems to get it right. The Cleveland store is a close second. They have it ready, you don't have to sit and wait after paying...

555XX Gaming

I go there nearly every weekday morning and have yet to have a messed up order, or see a single employee with a bad attitude. There are generally 10-20 cars in line, and it's never taken more than 7 minutes to get through the line.

Efream Baca

So on my to go order when I order fries with no salt my punishment is to be cheated 2 burgers the one I did get wasn't even what I you guys suck

Stephanie Guitron

We ordered ice cream cones. It was around 8 ish P.m. Walked in there it was pretty clean dining area. Friendly service.

Trevor Butler

I usually use the one on the east side due to proximity, have tried this one while out and about a few times and the quality is always subpar. Last time was a medium rare quarter pounder that did it for me.

Keynan “Flyingstream388” G

It's a McDonald's. It's the restaurant everybody goes to for a delicious and quick meal. Everything was fine and good, but I rated four stars because my burger wasn't that warm. It came quicker than any fast food place I've seen, even the other McDonald's, but other than that, pretty good.

Lydian Groon

Disappointing. Went here a few weeks ago, did curbside mobile order; less than 5 minutes and we got the food and it was fresh. Just went again today at 3pm for mobile curbside, food took 10 minutes that’s fine. But they missed half of our order, and all of the food was cold, old, dried out; and the cashiers don’t seem to understand English. We asked for the food that was missing and the condiments and they gave us the wrong ones. Just overall disappointing. Hard to understand how this McDonald’s has a few really good days, and a lot of bad days. Being the busiest McDonald’s in town I don’t understand how there’s old food still being served to customers.

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