Millstone Family Restaurant

2010 W Main St, Rapid City
(605) 343-5824

Recent Reviews

Mad Mike0082

Moved to the area a few months ago and so far this is the best place I’ve found for diner style food and more. Great prices , incredible service , super friendly staff. Been here 3 times and every time was the best service I’ve had in years at any level of dining.

Matt W.

The Millstone is a great place where you can feed the whole family a delicious meal and it won't cost you a whole paycheck! Their menu has a wide variety of options for everyone and their salad bar is delicious! Some of the best home style food in Rapid City.

Darrell S.

Great food, reasonable prices, and excellent service. The "cake of the day" is always good and a low price for a large piece of cake.


It was our last morning of a 7 day vacation in Rapid City. 4 of us. We had some issues with a couple of places for breakfast and some mornings it was muffins and coffee where we stayed. This was a wonderful way to end our vacation. We were greeted and seated promptly. Our beverages arrived right away, order taken and tasty food arrived. The server was smiles and polite. Checked on us often and brought refills. The thing that impressed us the most was watching the staff. They were courteous to customers, but also each other. As we watched, they helped each other with whatever needed to be done. There were smiles and pleasant words among them. They didn't wait for someone to pick up the slack. They stepped in and did it themselves. This is an obvious result of good management. The food was very good and priced right.

Jim M.

Down home cooking and excellent service. Salad and soup bar is top notch and some of the best chicken around.

Vin Bro

I have never had "Swiss steak" covered in a mushy vegetable (chili style) sauce before. After the first few bites of the sauce I had to scrape the rest off. The sauce might have been alright, if it weren't so over cooked. Even the mashed potatoes were smothered with this sauce. Seems a little strange to me. LOL

Lynn R

Coke products!Homemade pies!Home cooking!Fresh salad bar!Great waitress!

Beau Hesketh

Great diner with plenty of seating. We did not have to wait on a busy Sunday morning despite the place being nearly full. We had great service that was quick and attentive. The Rushmore skillet and ranch breakfast are worth ordering. Overall a great breakfast.

Dennis C.

Just "fair" on our visit. Liver and onion could have been better. Liver cooked correctly on one end, but 1/3 was "rare" and onions were underdone. Wife's pork chops had great flavor, but one was overcooked and tough. Service was friendly and prices were reasonable.

Brit Hull

The roast beef dinner special was delicious and big portions. The breakfast food is served all day. The eggs and bacon were pretty bland but the sausage gravy was good. My oldest son had the sweet pancakes and loved them.

Andrew W.

My flight in to Rapid City was delayed, so there were limited dining options after 10PM that were close-ish to my hotel. I chose this place for my to-go order. I ordered the tuna melt with a side salad, and a side of fresh fruit. When I got back to my hotel and opened it all up, I was met with what can only be described as the most pathetic excuse for a tuna melt I've ever seen. Not only was the portion size small, almost "kid-size", but the bread was burned black. It's inconceivable to me that any self-respecting restaurant would let something like that out of their kitchen. The salad was totally non-descript: all lettuce, with a couple of cucumbers and radishes, and a pre-packaged dressing. Best part of the meal was the fresh fruit, which consisted of strawberries, pineapple, and honeydew. The honeydew was under ripe, hard and tasteless, but the strawberries and pineapple were delicious. If I'd have known what I was getting myself into, I would have just bought a sandwich from a convenience store. It would have been better quality, more satisfying, and a hell of a lot cheaper. Never again.

Ted D.

Been here twice, both times we had a very good breakfast. They were busy on both occasions and had a short wait to be seated. Once seated the service was efficient and courteous. I really enjoyed the sweet cakes.

Connor P.

We had incredible service and our food was just as good! A classy little diner that we will visit again!


Whatever you order for breakfast, it will be tasty - and order it with pancakes! Light, fluffy, wonderful pancakes! Eggs, bacon, hash browns were all very well prepared. The pancakes took it to the next level!


We often eat here, but the quality of the last few months seems to be declining. I had liver on one visit (I know it's not that popular) but it was over-fried and crisp around the edges. We had 6-oz steaks yesterday; one was very thin and over cooked and the other would have been great. However, it had not been trimmed and some of it was very tough. What happened to the older, very friendly waitresses? Seems like that they are now all young and are leaving for a break half-way through your meal. We hope things improve.

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