The Bean Counter

4956 5th St, Rapid City
(605) 391-7000

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Ben Thomas

Always a great experience at The Bean Counter. The coffee is awesome, the breakfast burritos are some of the best I've had and the seating is nicely spread out so you can have a private conversation in a public place.Food: 5/5

Killer Ken

Whent thru the drive thru this morning just to try it out since its near where I live and let me tell you I ordered the chorizo burrito and I was stunned shocked and amazed someone's mama is back their making magic cus let me tell you that burrito was outta their I'm mexican from Mexico raised in Texas and that felt like home that burrito right their was just beautiful, props to all the beautiful people their doing their job with Love.

Maggie B.

Service was excellent! Coffee shop is connected to a bank, which makes the name very clever. Good place to work. Coffee was average but cheap and the soup was great! There is a different soup flavor each day of the week in fall and we had the tomato and red pepper on a Monday.

Rebecca Reed

This place is a gem! The chorizo burrito is EPIC! huge and delicious, down to the last bite. The mango smoothie was out of this world, and the lavender latte was so well done. And a drive thru, too! I’m in love!

Yvonne G.

Mediocre coffee and breakfast burritos but even worse is the service. I've been a few times through the drive thru hoping it would get better. Yesterday I walked there and went inside. Owner or manager not sure who she is has horrible customer service. Rude no explanation I would need to wait fifteen minutes for the burritos to be ready. Do I need to mention there were no other customers at the time? When I walked up to counter and inquired politely she pops out from the counter where I couldn't see her and simply says here you go, just rude and with attitude. Really, why? Makes you wonder, especially when you're not from this area. Hmmmmm. I most definitely can get better coffee and service elsewhere. You've been warned! I won't be back.

Rebecca Vandine

Love the London Fog and yogurt parfait!!! The coffee and people are great! Its my go to coffee stop in Rapid City!!!

Alex Michael

I came to Rapid City and planned to work during the day and then hang out with my family at night. Truly glad to find The Bean Counter as it is by far the best "remote office" I have ever experienced. You can see this is not your normal "coffee shop", but instead has a very professional feel, is quiet and connected to a credit union. I had full ability to plug into a power outlet and was able to take multiple meetings here due to how quiet the shop is. In one meeting in particular, they even turned the music off completely to ensure I had complete focus and no distractions for those I was meeting with. In sum, they know how to handle remote workers and have an amazing atmosphere and environment to support them. Oh, and did I mention they have a conference room that you can schedule if needed just by asking the baristas to add you to the list? Truly a top notch facility!Now let's talk about the coffee and food! I loved their coffee / latte's and believe the flavors were rich and exactly as I would expect from a gourmet coffee shop. They had oat milk and I never had an issue with any of my orders (I ordered a lot in four days). The breakfast burritos were large (1 lb) and my only complaint is I was 1 lb heavier after eating them. :)I could tell from the time I was here that the working environment was very awesome as well. The manager seemed to have a great rapport with the baristas and everyone seemed to work together amazingly well. I mention this because I really love supporting local businesses and especially those were the staff are treated well.In sum, if you are visiting Mt. Rushmore and need a place to work for a bit, do not pass this place by! If you're just looking for a great coffee to get your day started then head over here as well.I know when I bring my family back next year exactly where I'll be during the day!

Matt Grago

Chorizo burrito was legit and messy. Coffee was excellent. Drive through window is available. Great local joint worth the stop. Did I mention it's a nonprofit?

Rhianna Wickett

I’ve always had great experiences here! Every drink I’ve tried has been great, extremely reasonably priced and very friendly service! Highly recommend!

kassidy Hames

BEST LONDON FOG!! This seems to be the local hidden gem! Bomb breakfast burritos too!! If you’re needing to find a new spot for coffee and food this is it!


All the baristas are cool! Coffee is good and they're always willing to help you try new drinks!

Sergio Colicheski

I love this place! The coffee and food is wonderful. The atmosphere is great and the people working are even better. This is my favorite coffee house for food, coffee, and meetings!

Berkeley B.

This place has an amazing variety for breakfast food and almost everything on the menu is amazing. There coffee menu has a lot of new and interesting flavors for their lattes that I would most likely pick over their regular latte flavors. My favorite is the banana bread! This place is worth a try!

Dan Anderson

Great Place I found this morning, Espresso Drink was fabulous! Not sure the Barista uniform was appropriate, but I enjoyed the view....

Greg W.

Extremely slow service . Burritos too large and not that tasty . I think the coffee would have been good if I could have tasted it over the half cup of cream they put in there .... which I didn't order . That's a all . Not going back . Other better options

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