Gardner's Market

262 Broad St NW, Cleveland
(423) 478-3906

Recent Reviews

Jackie Box

This place had an extremely wonderful and friendly staff. The food was great, and it was just generally a good time!

Spring Lawrence

I came here yesterday and was met with the most friendly staff and welcoming atmosphere. Turns out the food is phenomenal as well. I decided to come back in today and the gentleman behind the counter actually remembered my name. What a delightful experience and once again the food was just as amazing as the day before. I will be returning. Thank you!

Julia Sundberg

First time visiting and the service was excellent, friendly but kept the line moving, and the food was FANTASTIC! The shop itself was nicely laid out, and fun to look through. I will definitely be going back.

Jacqueline M

I love Gardeners! The sandwiches, soups a d bakery ite s are just delicious! The ambience is inviting and the owners and staff make you feel very welcome. You won't be sorry you stopped here!

Richard Chapman

Super friendly staff and laid-back atmosphere. Always fresh food that tastes really good. I never leave hungry.

Paul Roy

Excellent sandwiches and muffins! I also love the eclectic atmosphere. I will be back very soon!

Melissa Harleman

Amazing mouth-watering food great customer service great pricing and products definitely worth visiting every time I'm in the area if only for a quick lunch or to grab some groceries or to get a heat lamp bulb for my little baby chickens this place has got it all and growing everyday

Ben Skidmore

Fantastic sandwiches! Fresh ingredients, quickly prepared. Their Manhattan has become my favorite sandwich ever. Worth the drive from Chattanooga, and I swing by every chance I get.

Kurt Martig

Bottom line upfront: The owner the type of person who doesn't pay it forward and is the type of person who will berate someone in public. Would not recommend.My wife, 8 month old baby, dog, and I went here to get lunch one day when visiting Cleveland for a few hours. The dining room was closed (presumably to Covid concerns) but they had an open table on the sidewalk that we decided to use. I desperately needed to use a bathroom but since the interior of the restaurant was closed I couldn't use their bathroom. Ok well I decide my wife can get a sandwhich from Gardner's, so we can sit at the table and give our baby her noon bottle, and I'll go next door get a sandwich there and use a bathroom. Not ideal but best solution we could figure in the moment. (note, there's no public bathroom nextdoor, not sure how that's legal).After we both have our sandwiches and are about to start giving our daughter her bottle the owner comes out to unpolitely order me to leave. He said my wife, daughter, and presumably our dog could stay. But I had to leave. I was left speechless and a customer at another outdoor table was also left aghast.I get it, what we did was not ideal. But one would think that someone in the CUSTOMER SERVICE industry would see the big picture and pay it forward to a family and paying customer. Was it really that big of a deal to you? We could have been repeat customers, but we'll never go here again nor will I ever recommend this place to anyone. The owner's outburst may have even cost him the other customer seated nearby.Or he could've just let me use the bathroom from the get-go.Also, hope everyone enjoys this jerk's reply - I'm sure he'll have one.

Bryan Bismark

There's no place better in Cleveland for good deli style food. Everything I've had there is delicious, but I particularly like the BLT, and their sweet tea always makes my day better.

Pam Becktold

If you want reliable and delicious food, go to Gardners Market! Always fresh, great service and friendly welcoming smiles from owners Jimmy and Tonya!This family works together to give everyone excellent food - don’t miss out on this casual deli extraordinaire!!

Bryan Teasley

I love this place and try to visit as regularly as possible. It's by far one of the best places to eat in Cleveland and if you haven't tried it you're missing out on something truly special. The food has been fresh and amazing every time and the owner and staff are so friendly and seem to enjoy their work very much. Combined with a New York deli style theme and old jazz playing, this place has a wonderfully unique atmosphere you won't find elsewhere in this area. Try it out. You won't be disappointed.


Three adults stood outside in the rain, spending $52 for 3 sandwiches, 1 soup, 2 drinks, 2 bags of chips, a cookie and a muffin. Whether that was an appropriate price, I don’t know. But I can say for certain that it wasn’t all edible. The soup had enough salt to kill a horse. One sandwich was also thrown away, half eaten just out of desperation, because it was a tasteless mess. I wish we had gone to the place next door, which might have actually let us do something crazy like come in or possibly sit down…

Marie Cunningham

What a lovely small restaurant. I had the trailhead sandwich and it was delicious with fresh wheat bread and delicious high quality deli meat. They grow fresh herbs and salad lettuces and kale. If you like kale salad you should give it a try, fresh and delicious. Next time I'll go earlier so that I can check out their unique gift shop. They do close at 3 so get there early.

Matthew Kress

The Best sandwich shop in Cleveland! Thank you all.

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