Outback Steakhouse

536 Paul Huff Parkway, Cleveland
(423) 339-1630

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Doug B.

Stopped for lunch. It took a long time to be greeted at the door. I asked to sit at the bar, where I was ignored for another considerable length of time.

I ordered the braised beef sandwich from the lunch menu, I believe it's called the "Bonzer." Outback's lunch entrees are more expensive than those at similar restaurants in town, which would be understandable if you received something of higher quality, but this was not the case. This was a half-sandwich with a very small, and I do mean very small, amount of shredded beef which was overwhelmed by the thick toasted bread. There was a sauce provided for the sandwich that was extremely bland. The Aussie fries were good, hot and well seasoned.

I had to ask for silverware  and the usual condiment items, neither of which had been provided. The service was not rude, but definitely not friendly.

Overall, I'd say this lunch was pretty much the definition of over-priced mediocrity.

DH 1399

The food is always good and the staff are polite but as of late I feel like the to go orders might be prioritized over dine in customers. The last 3 or 4 visits have been at least an hour between placing our order and entree delivery. Please don’t forget us who have been there with our dollars through it all.

Lauren F.

We had never been to this location, but are new to the area & wanted to try it. We arrived a few minutes before 12 on a Saturday. There were only THREE other tables of people when we arrived (2 of couples and 1 of a small family). Our drinks order was promptly taken & filled, warm bread arrived & we placed our order.... & then we waited & waited... & waited. It took 25 minutes before a starter side salad arrived & that was brought by someone else. It was freezing inside (despite the fact that snow was dusting down as we left) & the extra bread we were promised twice never came.

Our meal was one kids meal & 2 chicken tender entrees and it took an HOUR for our food to come. An HOUR! In freezing AC, no extra bread & needing water refills. And the entire time we were there 2 tables finished up and only 4 more people came in so I have NO idea what the hold up was. The fries were warm, not hot. The plates were HOT but my mashed potatoes were cold. Child's burger was hard & dark & it took 5 more minutes for ketchup to arrive (though we asked for it while ordering & as food was dropped off). The chicken was tasty & a generous portion, but unless it was alive in the kitchen when we got there, I can't see why it took an hour for this meal to get to our table. We aren't complaining type of people but this was insanely slow service, food speed & weak cooking skills. Maybe it was because we ordered water & no appetizers? But we ONLY saw the waitress on the floor when food arrived & we had a view of the entire place. Maybe she was the chef as well?

Either way, we don't think we want to return- it's expensive for what you get & the dining experience wasn't nice when you are huddled in jackets with hands inside the sleeves and hoping some more bread & water show up  before you starve. We will go back to Buffalo Wild Wings when we want chicken tenders and food that arrives in less than 15 minutes no matter how busy the place is.

Chad Porter

This was my medium rare steak that was purple rare the first two times. Of course this is the 3rd time they cooked the same steak. Burnt it to keep me from saying it was raw. I give 2 stars because the other 2 people dinning with me had a great experience and food cooked correctly as I watched them enjoy their meals. Didn't honestly know they could put a steak you ate off of back on the grill where they are cooking other people's food. So, learned something new today.

Michael Clayton

My girlfriend took me here for my birthday today and we loved the service our waiter was awesome and the food was great to.


Much better than we remembered. Will definitely be going back.

Andrew Russo

My wife and I came to the outback steakhouse in Cleveland Tennessee everyone was real friendly when we went in but by the time we left after eating our meal we both got a massive case of diarrhea we spent nearly $70 in that establishment we treated the waitress right we gave her a good tip we complimented her to the manager and when we called back and had a problem they're acting like well there's nothing we can do for you I told them I was going to put the entire bill into dispute we don't pay $70 for a massive case of diarrhea and I'm pretty sure it was the blooming onion sauce because both of us ate that and both of us had a massive case of diarrhea if I could give them a negative 5 I would cuz they certainly weren't in any kind of a hurry to help us out we don't pay that kind of money for diarrhea and I'm pretty sure I'll never eat out another outback again

Samantha Newman

Great food & even better service!

Cheryl Barnett

My Husband and I went to Outback to celebrate our Anniversary. I put our name on the list, through the website. When we arrived we gave our names and were told they needed to clear off tables and to wait for a text to let us know when our table was ready. We went to the car where we waited for 45 minutes and still have not been texted to tell us to come in after being told we were next.

Amanda Gray Peticolas

AMAZING Steaks, appetizers, and desserts!

Brian Shayvon Johnson

Was able to walk right in and be seated, I now know why! Service was VERY slow had to ask if appetizer was coming out, also the salads and soup that we ordered had to ask where those were when I finally got my steak it was over cooked and tasted like it had taco seasoning on it. The blooming onion was under cooked and tasted bad. I usually don’t do reviews unless they are good but this is a poorly ran restaurant for what you have to pay to eat there.

Kimberly Sue Marioth

The service was great and the food was delicious

L Warrior

I haven't been to this restaurant chain in over 10 years. After my long hiatus I was quite pleased with the service and quality of their entrees. The bloomin onion did not disappoint. I'll be visiting again after a rewarding day of shopping at the nearby Home Depot.

Janice Tuggle Barnes

Good food and good service !

Juan Soto

We were celebrating wife’s birthday. We were seated quickly. Waiter was awesome he recommended a mix drink and nailed. Food was great, ribeye steaks

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