Pizza Hut

2631 APD 40 HWY 64, Cleveland
(423) 472-0111

Recent Reviews

Dixie Sandlin

The order came quickly, it was correct, and it was the perfect temperature.

Kim Crawford

We never have issues with pizza hut. Our order is on time every time if not early. We never have any issues with customer service or our delivery

Matthew Eller

This was incredibly awful. Customer service was great. But the food was awful, I have never in my life received a pizza from Pizza Hut that was as terrible. The Pepperoni was over cooked, and the Cheese pizza that I specifically ordered for my 4 year old daughter as that is her favorite pizza and it was looked and tasted like a Cheez-It cracker. It was a joke, and not fit for anyone to eat.

Sharron Quimby Shàrron Quimby

Bring back those edge pizzas you had a few months ago...those were fantastic.

Wendy Hicks

The app told me my order was ready. It was another 10 minutes after we went inside the store. The employee stated at least 10 more minutes. Wrong crust than what was ordered and pizza and breadsticks were not even hot when we got to the car. Disappointed

Angie Stinnett

Online ordering was easy as well as pickup. The food was hot and delicious.

Quran Nalory

My pizza was cold and not filled with the extra toppings I requested and paid for, normally good but this pizza was horribleUpdateSpoke too the manager about my pizza mishap he was very apologetic and helpful and offered to make things right!! Appreciate him making it right he was sincere and thoughtful. I will be ordering again.

Derrick Wagner

The last 3 or 4 times I ordered pizza from you it was 10 to 15 mins later than what the app said not to mention the drivers are really rude

Jonathan Potts

Had a great experience. Only thing is they always forget the dipping sauce for the bread sticks. Bad on my part I forget to check before I leave .

Jane Moore

Everything was good except the cheese pizza was too greasy.

Jen Evers

The pizza is delicious! (brisket) and it was delivered in a timely fashion. Also, the Cinnabon dessert is TO DIE FOR!!

Alisa King

I made my order on line. Was told my order was not ready. After sitting there 25 minutes longer, went to ask about it. It had been sitting in the holding ben the whole time. So i guess i would recommend them to pay a little more attention to their job.

Linda Sue Green Kennedy

Cashier was extremely helpful as she carried the Pizza out and put it in my car. She saw that I was handicapped and would need help. Pizza was hot and ready. I will definitely be back.

Mike Jones

Quality of the crust and pizza is poor. The bread sticks were awful as well. Don't know what happened but they used to be the best. Now little caesars is better.

Angalina Bundy

The guy at the register also answered the phone and took my order he needs a raise he was super nice and helpful

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